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‘Fine Me’: Texas Trump Supporters Defy COVID-19 Curfew near the Alamo

A group of Trump supporters in Texas came out to the Alamo Friday night in defiance of a COVID-19 curfew put in place by the mayor of San Antonio. The group chanted “fine me!” to the city’s mayor, who put a 10 p.m. to 5 a.m. curfew in place. The order bans any social activity […]

Donald Trump Urges Georgia Supporters to Vote for Kelly Loeffler and David Perdue in Senate Runoffs

President Donald Trump on Friday told his supporters to defend the Republican Senate majority by backing Sens. Kelly Loeffler (R-GA) and David Perdue (R-GA) in the Georgia runoff elections. The president reacted to a Newsmax article about Trump supporters in Georgia considering a boycott of the election. “No, the 2020 Election was a total scam, […]

Freed British-Australian academic thanks supporters after Iranian release

A British-Australian academic on Thursday thanked her supporters and diplomatic efforts to secure her freedom after she was released from jail in Iran following more than two years of imprisonment. Kylie Moore-Gilbert, who was detained in Iran in 2018 and sentenced to 10 years in prison on espionage charges, was released in exchange for three […]

Supporters Rally Around Meghan Markle After Duchess Writes About Pregnancy Loss

In addition to Meghan, two other members of the royal family have experienced and spoken about their own pregnancy loss. Sophie, Countess of Wessex, who is married to Queen Elizabeth’s son Prince Edward, also experienced pregnancy loss in 2001.  “I’m obviously very sad — but it was just not meant to be,” she said at […]

Alyssa Milano Extends ‘Olive Branch to Trump Supporters’ After Years of Smears, from Klansman to Misogynist Bigots

It was just a couple months ago that Alyssa Milano was calling for Republicans to be “tried for treason.” And now, just weeks removed from the election, and after years of smears and attacks, the left-wing activist and actor is ready to “extend an olive branch to Trump supporters.” “I am ready to move #ForwardTogether,” […]

Netanyahu supporters attack bereaved family, causing uproar

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Bad News For Trump Supporters & White Americans

November 17, 2020 | Categories: Guest Contributions | Tags: | Print This Article The America Republic as a functioning nation is finished, and there can be no electoral resurrection A Britisher who knows us better than we know ourselves has bad news for Trump supporters and white Americans. Whither America? The Moment the Republic Died NICK GRIFFIN • NOVEMBER 16, 2020 The […]

UFC Fighters to Attend MAGA Events to Protect Trump Supporters From Domestic Terrorists

UFC fighter Jorge Masvidal has promised to assemble some of his teammates to attend MAGA events following reports of Trump supporters being violently attacked by BLM and Antifa terrorists. The UFC star was responding to footage emerging online of Antifa and Black Lives Matter Biden supporters attacking vulnerable Trump supporters with violence. One particularly gruesome clip […]

Donald Trump supporters descend on Washington, call for ‘four more years’

Donald Trump’s supporters staged a rally in Washington D.C. on Saturday more than ten days since the country’s election and having yet to concede to Joe Biden, who won the November 3 poll by flipping a number of states from Republican to Democrat. Chanting ‘USA’ and ‘Stop the Steal’, protesters gathered in the city’s Freedom […]

Trump Supporters Finally Face the Truth Foreign Leaders Have Long Known; U.S. Gov’t is an Organized Crime Syndicate

By infostormer -November 10, 20201 Alexander Lukashenko the President of Belarus has called the American election a travesty of democracy. RT: America’s long-running and heavily disputed presidential election has made a mockery of democratic values, says Belarusian President Alexander Lukashenko, who himself is no stranger to wrangles over electoral legitimacy. Speaking on Saturday, Lukashenko, who has run […]

Democrats are Compiling Lists with all Trump Supporters for Future Retributions

    A sinister new campaign aims to collect the names of all those who worked for Donald Trump with a view to canceling them in future. There is no chance of the US ever healing when such biased, bigoted attitudes prevail. Since the mainstream media declared Joe Biden the next president of the United […]

‘Tolerant’ Biden Supporters Yell ‘F*ck Facist USA!’ at Trump Supporters

A group of Joe Biden supporters yelled obscenities at President Trump supporters as they sang the National Anthem on Saturday in Austin, Texas. Video footage shows the Biden supporters standing on one side of the street with one man yelling “Fuck fascist USA!” while another person screams “Fuck Trump!”: Biden supporters vs. Trump supporters: Biden side screaming […]

Nolte: Biden Fails First Leadership Test, Silent as Supporters Refuse to Social Distance

While prematurely claiming victory in the 2020 presidential election, Joe Biden failed his first leadership test by refusing to address the troubling fact his supporters are openly gathering in large groups all around the country and violating social-distancing rules. What was most striking about Saturday’s premature victory speech in Wilmington, Delaware, is what Biden did […]

‘This isn’t over!’: Trump supporters refuse to accept defeat after Biden declared winner

Chanting “This isn’t over!” and “Stop the steal,” supporters of President Donald Trump protested at state capitols across the country on Saturday, refusing to accept defeat and echoing Trump’s unsubstantiated allegations that the Democrats won by fraud. From Atlanta and Tallahassee to Austin, Bismarck, Boise and Phoenix, crowds ranging in size from a few dozen […]

Trump Supporters Question Why Biden Has So Many More Votes Than Democratic Senators in Swing States

Trump supporters are questioning why Joe Biden has so many more votes, in the case of Georgia nearly 96,000, in key swing states compared to the number of people who voted for Democratic Senators on the same ticket. Usually, voters will choose both their preferred president and that president’s corresponding political party when it comes […]

Trump Supporters Question Why Absentee Ballots Were Filed For People Up to 120 Years Old

Trump supporters are questioning why Joe Biden has so many more votes, in the case of Georgia nearly 96,000, in key swing states compared to the number of people who voted for Democratic Senators on the same ticket. Usually, voters will choose both their preferred president and that president’s corresponding political party when it comes […]

Videos: Trump Supporters Demand Access At Arizona Counting Station

A large group of President Trump’s supporters have gathered to protest outside the Maricopa County Elections Department office, where some 600,000 votes are still to be counted, with the media painting them up as a violent mob. Just walked out of the Maricopa County Elections Office to this where a large extremist group has re-gathered, […]

FBI Goes After Trump Supporters As They Are Crime Syndicate Employees of the ZIONIST Crime Syndicate

By infostormer -November 1, 20203 The FBI is actually looking into an incident involving Donald Trump supporters surrounding Joe Biden’s bus in Texas. The FBI will investigate this non-crime but won’t do anything about the rampant corruption we’ve seen from people like Hillary Clinton, Joe Biden and others in the Democrat Party. They also won’t do anything […]

Jemele Hill on Reaching Out to Trump Supporters: ‘F*ck. No’

Jemele Hill communicated in no uncertain terms that she is unwilling to reach out to Trump supporters who feel like their vote was suppressed during Tuesday’s election. Hill, who has frequently spoken out about perceived Republican efforts to “suppress” the black vote, seems to have changed her tune now that she thinks her side has […]

Trump Supporters Question Record High Turnout in Wisconsin

President Trump has warned that Democrats are attempting to steal the election as vote counting has been stopped in several key areas, with officials declaring that people need to ‘go to bed’. With the election still on a knife edge this morning, Trump told reporters “We were getting ready to win this election. Frankly, we […]

Drag Queen ‘Lady Maga’ Attends Rallies to Show That ‘Trump Supporters Are Not Homophobic’

<span data-mce-type=”bookmark” style=”display: inline-block; width: 0px; overflow: hidden; line-height: 0;” class=”mce_SELRES_start”></span><span data-mce-type=”bookmark” style=”display: inline-block; width: 0px; overflow: hidden; line-height: 0;” class=”mce_SELRES_start”></span> SALT LAKE CITY — A homosexual drag queen from Utah, who goes by the name “Lady Maga,” has been attending Trump rallies and other conservative events nationwide to personally generate support for the president […]

Biden Supporters Panic Over Size of Trump’s Rally Crowds: ‘That’s NOT Photoshop?’

Shell-shocked Biden supporters are voicing their concerns about losing Pennsylvania and other swing states after the sheer size of President Donald Trump’s rally crowds have forced them to face facts — the polls are lying and POTUS is far more popular than Biden. Over the weekend, Pennsylvania Democrat Lt. Gov. John Fetterman expressed the anxiety […]

Mad Maxine: I’ll NEVER Forgive Black Trump Supporters

Democratic Rep. Maxine Waters has slammed black Trump supporters, calling those who intend to vote for him “shameful.” During SiriusXM’s “The Joe Madison Show,” Waters declared: “I don’t even know where any Blacks would be coming from that would be voting for Trump.” “It just hurts me so bad to see Blacks talking about supporting […]

Video: Trump Supporters Surround And Escort Kamala Harris Out of Texas

by Natalie DagenhardtRIGHT Journalism The state of Texas reported on Friday that more than 9 million people have already voted so far, surpassing the total vote count from the last presidential election in 2016. Yesterday vice presidential nominee Kamala Harris had a day-long campaign run through Texas that took her to Fort Worth, McAllen, and […]

Trump Supporters Fill Streets of Beverly Hills: ‘The Silent Majority is Silenced No More’

The final MAGA rally transpired in Beverly Hills, California on Saturday as thousands of Trump supporters gathered three days ahead of the 2020 presidential election. Whitney R. The final Beverly Hills pro-Trump rally ahead of the widely anticipated November election started with some conflict with protesters, but that didn’t stop Trump supporters from rallying in […]

Minnesota Democrats Try To Ban Huge Crowd of Trump Supporters From Rally — EPIC FAILURE!

Minnesota Democrat leaders tried to use their power to stop President Trump holding a huge rally with all of his supporters. After thousands of patriots signed up to attend the rally on Friday in Rochester, Democrat state party poopers announced only allowed 250 people would be allowed to attend the Trump event. So a huge […]

Joe Biden on Minnesota Trump Supporters: “They’re UGLY Folks”

Vice President Joe Biden slammed Trump supporters in Minnesota on Friday, labelling them “ugly folks.” During the course of Biden’s drive-in rally, Trump supporters drowned out the former vice president by honking in their cars. “These guys are not very polite, but they’re like Trump,” Biden fumed, raising his fist towards the pro-Trump crowd. “They’re gonna […]

Video: CNN’s Lemon Says Trump Supporters Are Like Drug Addicts

CNN clown Brian Stelter was ridiculed Wednesday after he claimed that analyst Jeffrey Toobin’s decision to masturbate before properly finishing a Zoom call with his now former New Yorker colleagues was merely “an accident”. Who on earth finishes a professional zoom call and then, within seconds and barely moving from their desk within full view of the […]

CNN’s Lemon Compares Trump Supporters to Drug Addicts — Have to Hit Rock Bottom Before Facing ‘Truth’

CNN primetime host Don Lemon equated supporters of President Donald Trump to drug addicts during his Thursday night broadcast. Discussing a surge in coronavirus cases in less populated states, Lemon said, “I have many people who I love in my life. I come from a red state, and I’ve lived in several red states. There […]

Cardi B: Trump Supporters With ‘Big Ass Trucks’ Are EVERYWHERE, ‘I Don’t Like This Sh*t!’

Rapper and Joe Biden cheerleader Cardi B was terrified when she recently ventured into the real world and found there are Trump supporters everywhere. The Hollywood rapper expressed her horror at Trump supporter’s “big ass trucks”, declaring “I don’t like this shit!” Cardi B posted a series of clips to her Instagram Stories on Saturday in […]

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