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Supremacists Demand Punishment of High School Students for Combating Supremacy

    Nearly 6,000 people have signed a petition urging school authorities in Marin County, California, to take swift action against a group of high school students who were organizing to combat pernicious Jewish power — or “semitism” — by compiling names of Jews who may be enemies of the people: The petition — addressed […]

At Behest Of Jewish Supremacists YouTube Censors Black Leader Who Warns Blacks Of Jewish Supremacy

Powerful Jewish supremacist organizations applauded the news this week that Jewish-owned social media giant YouTube had banned the Nation of Islam (NoI), a Black advocacy organization led by Louis Farrakhan, from its platform for warning Blacks about “satanic” Jewish power: The removal of the NoI’s channel was part of a broader move on YouTube’s part […]

jewish Supremacists Argue “Neo-Nazi Imagery and White Supremacism Deserve to be Classified as Terrorism”

There was a webinar recently held by the AJC (American jewish Committee) wherein three “experts” (jewish supremacists) kvetched about how awful it is now that lots of “goyim” are speaking about against jewish power. From Algemeiner: On the “Advocacy Anywhere: Coronavirus, Conspiracy Theories, and the Current State of Global Antisemitism” webinar held via Facebook and […]

Trump Kisses Jew Ass & ‘Condemns All White Supremacists’

Trump continues to plant slobbering wet kisses on the collective ass of jews. The Hill: President Trump on Thursday condemned white supremacists, attempting to put to rest an issue that has dogged him since the first presidential debate earlier in the week when he told a far-right group to “stand by.” “I’ve said it many times, and […]

Trump: ‘I Condemn all White Supremacists’ ‘I Condemn the Proud Boys’

On Thursday’s broadcast of the Fox News Channel’s “Hannity,” President Donald Trump stated “I condemn the KKK. I condemn all white supremacists. I condemn the Proud Boys.” And called on 2020 Democratic presidential nominee former Vice President Joe Biden to condemn Antifa. Trump said, “I’ve said it many times, and let me be clear again, […]

Child Trafficking jewish Supremacists – MEGA, NXIVM, Bronfman, Epstein, Wexner

Is it just a “coincidence” that all these high-level jews are connected to each other and also connected to the trafficking of children for sexual abuse? Bitchute link Hits: 8

Fact Check: CNN Falsely Claims Trump ‘Refuses to Call Out White Supremacists’

CLAIM: CNN claimed that President Donald Trump refused to call out white supremacists in the first presidential debate. VERDICT: FALSE. He did so explicitly, and has done so before. CNN ran a headline Tuesday evening specifically claiming: “Trump refuses to call out white supremacists.” The headline on — Jon Passantino (@passantino) September 30, […]

Kamala Harris: Trump ‘Will Not Condemn White Supremacists’ — It Was Not a Dog Whistle, He Talking Through a Bullhorn

Democratic vice presidential nominee Kamala Harris said on Tuesday night’s broadcast of MSNBC’s “The 11th Hour” that President Donald Trump’s refusal to condemn “white supremacists” was a “dog whistle through a bullhorn. Anchor Brian Williams said, “The president held an event recently at the national archives, and the centerpiece of that was to make a change […]

DHS: White Supremacists Are Greatest Terror Threat

Above photo: None of the DHS drafts POLITICO reviewed referred to a threat from Antifa, the loose cohort of militant left-leaning agitators who senior Trump administration officials have described as domestic terrorists. Manuel Balce Ceneta/AP Photo. The documents are slightly different drafts of the same annual threat assessment, which is not yet published. White supremacists present […]

Oregon Gov. Brown Blames ‘White Supremacists’ for Portland Violence; SILENT on Antifa, BLM

Oregon Democrat Gov. Kate Brown has blamed “white supremacists”and “vigilantes” for the violence and rioting in Portland, while refusing to condemn, or even mention, Black Lives Matter or Antifa’s role in almost 100 nights of riots in the leftist city. The whole country has watched in horror as far-left Black Lives Matter and Antifa radicals have terrorized and […]

Greatest Threat To Jews Today Not ‘White Supremacists’ But The Radical Left, Their Own Creation

The recent arson attack on the Chabad House at the University of Delaware has forced some Jews to come to terms with an uncomfortable reality — that the greatest threat to Jews today in America is something of their own creation: the violent radical Left, led by BLM and Antifa, not so-called ‘White supremacists’ that […]

(((Anonymous))) Declares War on ‘White Supremacists’ (Again)

I doubt anyone here ever believed that Anonymous was ever a legitimate organization of hackers dedicated to taking out corruption in high places, as they have framed themselves. It has been obvious to most that the hacker “collective” is actually a group working with (and for) multiple intelligence agencies in order to achieve a variety […]

(((Anonymous))) Declares War on ‘White Supremacists’ (Again)

I doubt anyone here ever believed that Anonymous was ever a legitimate organization of hackers dedicated to taking out corruption in high places, as they have framed themselves. It has been obvious to most that the hacker “collective” is actually a group working with (and for) multiple intelligence agencies in order to achieve a variety […]

Report: White Supremacists And Militias Have Infiltrated Police Across The US

Above photo: Militarized police. Egan Jimenez, Woodrow Wilson School of Public and International Affairs. NOTE: Below are excerpts from the Brennan Center report on right-wing militants in US law enforcement. The excerpts do not include footnotes. See the full report here. The author of the report is Michael German. The Guardian writes “a former FBI special agent […]

Virginia: Faggot Cops Scapegoat ‘White Supremacists’ for Antifa Terror

This is why we shouldn’t defend these faggot cops. They’re literally trying to frame ‘white supremacists’ for terror caused by Antifa degenerates. WSIS: Riots in downtown Richmond over the weekend were instigated by white supremacists under the guise of Black Lives Matter, according to law enforcement officials. Protesters tore down police tape and pushed forward […]

Black Rapper Wiley Feels the Wrath of jewish Supremacists After Not Apologizing for “Anti-Semitism”

Honestly I have never heard of this guy, perhaps because I don’t live in Britain, but hopefully he has gotten some more Black people to start paying attention to their jewish overlords. You can tell he is genuinely mad at how he has been screwed by jews. Now he’s banned from Twitter and they’re trying […]

Bill in Congress Targets “White Supremacists and Other Right-Wing Extremists” as Greatest “Domestic Terrorism Threat”

The largest terrorist organization in the world, the federal government of the US, is trying to label White people who have any sense of racial pride as the greatest domestic terrorism threat. Congress finds the following: (1) White supremacists and other right-wing extremists are the most significant domestic terrorism threat facing the United States. (2) […]

George W. Bush Defends Open Borders Globalism from ‘Nativist White Supremacists’

By Chris Menahan George Bush came out of retirement Thursday to “indirectly decry Trumpism” and label all those opposed to open borders globalism as bigots, nativists and white supremacists. While Bush was fine staying silent throughout Obama’s hyper-divisive eight years, he gave a speech attacking Trump one year ago during the election while pushing his 1 percenter […]

How Netanyahu’s son became the poster boy for white supremacists

By Jonathan Cook in Nazareth The eldest son of Israeli Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu has found himself an unlikely poster boy for David Duke, a former Ku Klux Klan leader, and the neo-Nazi website Daily Stormer. Last week these cheerleaders for Jew hatred described 27-year-old Yair Netanyahu as “awesome” and “a total bro” for posting […]

Trump signs Congressional resolution condemning white supremacists

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Trump’s Arpaio Pardon Signals To White Supremacists: “I’ve Got Your Back”

Above Photo: Sheriff Joe Arpaio speaks to supporters of Donald Trump at a rally in Phoenix, Arizona, June 18, 2016. (Photo: Gage Skidmore) On Friday, less than two weeks after refusing to unequivocally condemn the white supremacists and neo-Nazis in Charlottesville, Donald Trump granted former Arizona Sheriff Joseph Arpaio a rare presidential pardon, calling the notorious racist […]

Stop Using The Word ‘Goy’: You’re Empowering White Supremacists

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Why do Police Riot Squads Target Protesters Instead of White Supremacists?

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How They Do It– Trump Says ‘Very Fine People’ Among White Supremacists At Charlottesville

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Following Backlash,Trump Finally Condemns White Supremacists

WASHINGTON – President Trump denounced the KKK and other hate groups Monday after declining to do so on Saturday after deadly violence in Charlottesville, Va. at a white supremacist rally. “To anyone who acted criminally in this weekend’s racist violence, you will be held fully accountable. Justice will be delivered,” Trump said during a brief […]

White Supremacists in Canada Enslave Blacks at Parade

JoejonesjoeDaily Stormer June 26, 2017 The Fête nationale (national holiday) parade in Montreal is proof that Canadians are just as racist as they were during colonial times. The Star: A Fête nationale parade Saturday afternoon in Montreal has lit up the Internet for the wrong reasons, with more than 200,000 views of […]

INSANE! Trannys Now Allowed in US Military

“Don’t worry Gringos, we Latinos (aka “Beaners”) hate the damn negritos too! Yes, I am second generation Latino born in this great country (damn anchor baby), and I am a also veteran (retired First Sergeant, U.S. Army 1988-2008) and I fully understand the misery caused by blacks. My family appreciates the White American tax payers […]

Major Irish firm CRH divests from Israel’s cement industry

Adri Nieuwhof Activism and BDS Beat 11 January 2016 CRH has admitted that cement from its Israeli affilitate was probably used in the apartheid wall.  Issam Rimawii APA images One of Ireland’s largest companies has divested from Israel after coming under sustained pressure from Palestine solidarity activists. In a statement, the Dublin-based building materials firm […]

Major Disruption Across UK Hospitals As Junior Doctors Go On Strike

Hospitals in England face major disruption as junior doctors have gone on strike in a dispute with the government over a new contract. In the first walkout of its kind over the past 40 years, the junior doctors are providing only emergency cover during a 24-hour walkout which started Tuesday at 0800 GMT. The strike […]

Seven Steps to Changing Your Life In 2016

\ “Now there are more overweight people in America than average-weight people. So overweight people are now average. Which means you’ve met your New Year’s resolution.”  Jay Leno It is important to make New Years Resolutions, because people are 10 times more likely to achieve their goals if they set measurable goals and New Year’s […]

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