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Lemon balm is excellent survival medicine: Review of its medicinal properties and how to use it

(Natural News) Lemon balm (Melissa officinalis) is a medicinal herb that belongs to the mint family. It has many health benefits, and it can be used to treat fevers or make soothing lemon balm tea. (h/t to Despite what Big Pharma would have you believe, prescription drugs have been shown to worsen […]

Iran Rising: The Survival and Future of the Islamic Republic

When Iranians overthrew their monarchy, rejecting a pro-Western shah in favor of an Islamic regime, many observers predicted that revolutionary turmoil would paralyze the country for decades to come. Yet forty years after the 1978–79 revolution, Iran has emerged as a critical player in the Middle East and the wider world, as demonstrated in part […]

New survival gear videos from the Health Ranger: Muddy pistols, knife skills and "smart" self-defense training

(Natural News) Part of my promise to reader is to not only share wisdom about nutritional healing and disease prevention, but also help you stay healthy and alive during collapse scenarios that may place you at risk of personal injury or assault. The No. 1 best tool for self-defense that can aid […]

Being unafraid of powers, secret to survival of a nation: IRGC commander

Tasnim – Islamic Revolution Guards Corps (IRGC) Commander Brigadier General Hossein Salami highlighted the Iranian Armed Forces’ braveries and self-sacrifices and said being fearless in teh face of world powers can help a nation to survive. The current power, dignity, and security of Iran have been achieved thanks to the braveries and sacrifices of the […]

Self-sufficiency and self-discipline: Be practical and use your survival preps daily

(Natural News) Civilians are bound to forget their survival instincts due to modern conveniences, but preppers know that survival habits can also be applied to various aspects of your life. From your kitchen to your home garden, your prepping and survival skills can hone your readiness and even help you save some money. (h/t to […]

Wireless Technology: Ultra Convenient. But Not for Survival.

By Peter Tocci Introduction Obvious as it is that no significant issue ‘exists in a vacuum’ (or anything at all, for that matter :-), most analyses of wireless tech are quite tightly focused, while some critical considerations rarely appear, if at all. Unfortunately, in the age of information overload, many people want a bottom line […]

Prepping basics: 4 Lists of essential survival supplies

(Natural News) When SHTF, do you have enough food and supplies to keep your family comfortable? If the answer is “no,” check out the lists below and start preparing the items that you still need. Don’t wait until it’s too late before you stock up your pantry and pack bug-out bags for […]

Survival strength: Here’s why every prepper needs to be physically fit before SHTF

(Natural News) An often neglected aspect of prepping is physical fitness. It is crucial for improving your chances of survival when SHTF. Even if it weren’t, taking good care of your body can improve your overall quality of life. In a survival scenario, being physically active can allow you to better engage […]

The EU In 2019 – The Problem Of Survival

Authored by Rostislav Ishchenko (translated by Ollie Richardson and Angelina Siard) via The Saker blog, Source: The European Union enters 2019 with a mass of unresolved problems, in addition to being torn apart by the most severe contradictions… The first and main problem is that the EU was created as one of the mechanisms of […]

Russiagate Smashes Human Survival Attempts

Russiagate Smashes Human Survival Attempts Jill Stein speaking at the Green Party Presidential Candidate Town Hall hosted by the Green Party of Arizona at the Mesa Public Library in Mesa, Arizona. Image credit: Gage Skidmore/ flickr. “There’s millions of commies in the freedom fight “Yelling for Lenin and civil rights “How do I know? I read […]

Survival scavenging: 10 Items you can re-purpose when SHTF

(Natural News) In the event of a large-scale disaster, you may be forced to scavenge for survival. Some people might not agree with this, but in a matter of life and death, preppers should be able to do anything to survive. Survival scavenging isn’t just about taking whatever you want. It’s about […]

Scientists Plan "Sun Dimming" Experiment with Smog Pollution – Mankind’s Survival is at Stake

Now we come to the end game for humanity. This is it, folks: They have a plan to collapse global food production, kill off over 90% of the human race, devastate natural ecosystems and pollute the Earth’s atmosphere… and it’s all being sold to you under the banner of “environmentalism.” The scheme is called “global […]

Time, Space and Survival

Christopher Jon Bjerknes I am making a documentary about time, space and the survival of the White Race. I believe our minds deceive us with various conceptions of time and space that permit us to survive moments, while ignoring the consequences of our decisions across broader spans of time. When we establish beginnings, endings and […]

Survival of the fittest has become survival of the fascists

A week ago, Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu told Likud officials that “occupation is nonsense”. This is a continuation of a right-wing spinning of history that says that Israel is not an occupying power. Then Netanyahu went further, to speak with clear fascist eliminationist undertones: “Occupation is nonsense. Empires have conquered and replaced entire populations and no […]

At The Border; When Survival Becomes A Crime

At The Border; When Survival Becomes A Crime For decades, US policies have created economic crises and violence that drive people from their homes in search of a place where they can work and live. Rather than recognizing that US imperialism causes migration and changing US foreign policy, the US has increasingly militarized its borders […]

Israel Invokes Its “Fight for Survival” As It Descends Into a Racist State

TEL AVIV, ISRAEL — Israel’s former Chief Justice Aharon Barak stated in a recent lecture that “what happened in Germany [the rise of the Nazis] can happen here [in Israel].” He went on to say that a regime that does not respect the separation of powers or human rights cannot be called democratic. This statement […]

Prepare yourself for SHTF: Exercises you’ll need for survival

(Natural News) Preppers need not restrict their preparations to stockpiling, building shelters, and making bugout plans. They also need to strengthen their bodies and their minds. An article in Survivopedia recommends several types of physical and mental training that will put you in the best shape for escaping and surviving when SHTF. Calm your […]

Survival tips when collecting potable drinking water in the wilderness

(Natural News) If you ever find yourself lost in the wilderness, one of the first things you need to have is water. This article will show you the different ways to collect clean and safe drinking water. (h/t to Look to the skies — Rainwater is the easiest way to collect […]

Human Extinction by 2026? A Last Ditch Strategy to Fight for Human Survival

Human Extinction by 2026? A Last Ditch Strategy to Fight for Human Survival Above Photo: ProSession/Flickr There is almost unanimous agreement among climate scientists and organizations – that is, 97% of over 10,000 climate scientists and the various scientific organizations engaged in climate science research – that human beings have caused a dramatic increase in the […]

Survival Of The Richest

There’s nothing wrong with madly optimistic appraisals of how technology might benefit human society. But the current drive for a post-human utopia is something else. It’s less a vision for the wholesale migration of humanity to a new a state of being than a quest to transcend all that is human: the body, interdependence, compassion, […]

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