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No more Deus vult? Swedish developer reportedly censoring cult CRUSADER KINGS game over ‘fascism’ concerns

Gaming website RockPaperShotgun broke the news that Swedish developer Paradox Interactive is removing the phrase “Deus vult” from the third installment of the game, expected next year, after the phrase gained currency online. After asking how Paradox plans to deal with the phrase, which “has become a vile meme beloved of racists on the internet,” […]

Photos: Zarif meets with Swedish deputy FM, Japanese and Mexican diplomats

ISNA  | Samad Kordi:  The Iranian Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif held separate meetings with visiting diplomats from Sweden, Japan and Mexico in Tehran on Wednesday. Zarif held separate meetings with visiting Japan’s Senior Deputy Minister for Foreign Affairs Takeo Mori as well as Annika Söder, Deputy Foreign Minister of Sweden, and also Alfonso Zegbe, […]

Video of Swedish cop riding toy horse was meant to spark giggles & build trust… in a crime plagued area, what could go wrong?

The clip published on the police department’s Facebook page last Sunday shows a patroller named Martin performing a humorous equestrian jumping routine in Gottsunda, the area in his charge. “If there is rain on Monday morning, maybe this video will cheer you up,” the description says, adding that building trust with local residents and workers is […]

Swedish School Forced Children To Take Part In Climate Strike

A Swedish school has come under fire after forcing pupils aged 6 to 11 to take part in a climate change protest during school hours. Västangård school in Umeå, Sweden, notified parents that participation in last Friday’s climate strike was compulsory, despite the fact that the Swedish constitution forbids mandatory participation in political movements. RT […]

Swedish school under fire for forcing kids to take part in climate strike

Västangård school in Umeå, Sweden, notified parents and guardians that participation in last Friday’s climate strike was mandatory. According to local media, some school principals in Sweden have given approval for students to step out and attend the climate strike, once their permission was sought. However, the school in Umeå said that its students must […]

Swedish Man Fined $2,000 for Someone Else’s “Hate Speech” — And Other Weekly News from the Twilight Zone

By Simon Black, Sovereign Man Happy Friday everyone. I’m en route to Las Vegas today where we begin a wonderful weekend gathering with our Total Access members. But I wanted to send you this quick roll-up of the most outrageous (and comical) stories we’re following which affect your liberty and finances. Let the absurdity begin! Swedish man […]

A$AP Rocky’s Swedish Lawyer Gunned down in Stockholm

The Swedish layer who represented A$AP Rocky in his assault case has been shot in the head and chest in an ‘ambush attack’. Henrik Olsson Lilja was leaving his apartment building in downtown Stockholm at 9am Friday morning when a gunman approached and shot him. According to witnesses, a person wrestled the lawyer in a […]

Swedish Behavioral Scientist Suggests Eating Humans to ‘Save the Planet’

A Swedish behavioral scientist has suggested that it may be necessary to turn to cannibalism and start eating humans in order to save the planet. Appearing on Swedish television to talk about an event based around the “food of the future,” Magnus Söderlund said he would be holding seminars on the necessity of consuming human […]

Weaponized benefits: Ex-ISIS fighter abuses Swedish social security, demands $20K for UK jail time

The man, formerly known as Bherlin Gildo but who has since changed his identity upon returning to Sweden, was one of the country’s first jihadists to travel to fight alongside Islamic State (IS, formerly ISIS). And now he is trying to use Sweden’s benefits culture to to his advantage, demanding SEK 200,000 (about $20,600) from […]

Trump: A$AP Rocky Has Been Released from Swedish Prison

A$AP Rocky has been released from Swedish prison and is on his way home to the United States, President Trump announced on Friday. “A$AP Rocky released from prison and on his way home to the United States from Sweden. It was a Rocky Week, get home ASAP A$AP!” POTUS tweeted. A$AP Rocky released from prison […]

Uproar after Swedish woman ordered off bus for not wearing enough clothes

Amid Sweden’s blistering heatwave (local media say the Scandinavian nation experienced temperatures as high as … 27 degrees Celsius, or 80 degrees Fahrenheit), Amanda Hansson boarded a bus in the Swedish city, which has a large migrant community, wearing weather-appropriate shorts and a camisole top. Her bus ride was cut short, however, after she was […]

Trump Vows to Free Rapper A$AP Rocky from Swedish Prison

President Trump has vowed to free detained American rapper A$AP Rocky from Swedish prison. Trump made the announcement in a tweet, saying he had spoken with Kanye West about Rocky’s imprisonment, after he and his team got into a street brawl earlier this month. The President said he would speak with the Swedish Prime Minister […]

Trump Says Swedish PM "Assured Me That A$AP Rocky Will Be Treated Fairly"

In yet another series of tweets that thousands, maybe millions, of Americans will probably mistake for a meme-account photoshop job, President Trump confirmed Saturday morning that he had, in fact, spoken with the prime minister of Sweden, and assured him that rapper A$AP Rocky wasn’t a flight risk. A$AP Rocky In fact, Trump said he […]

Swedish Prosecutors: ‘It’s Not on the Cards’ to Interview Assange – After Hanging Arrest Warrant Over Him for Seven Years

Nina Cross 21st Century Wire Swedish prosecutors have this week announced that for the time being they will not be issuing a European Investigation Order (EIO) to interview Julian Assange, founder of Wikileaks.  According to Sweden’s Deputy Director of Public Prosecutions,  Eva-Marie Persson,”…it is currently not on the cards to issue a European investigation order…” […]

Swedish police shoot ‘threatening’ man at Malmo train station, check suspicious object

The station was evacuated and a bomb squad has been called to the scene. No other injuries have been reported. It’s too early to say whether the incident is terrorism related, police said. The man reportedly threatened to blow up the train station and said he had weapons and explosives in his bag, Expressen reports. […]

Swedish Government Wants to Ban Ancient Viking Symbols, Claiming they “Constitute Incitement to Hatred”

The Swedish Government is trying to make certain runes from the runic alphabet, as well as some old Norse Scandinavian symbols illegal. Their official reason for banning the runes is that Nazis used some of them during the second world war, for example the Odal rune that means O and the Tyr / Tiwaz rune […]

The Extraordinary Swedish Extradition Of Julian Assange

The Extraordinary Swedish Extradition Of Julian Assange Above Photo: Thomas Edward Shehu/Flickr In Sweden, prosecutors have applied to the Swedish courts to issue a warrant for Julian’s arrest. There is a tremendous back story to that simple statement. The European Arrest Warrant must be issued from one country to another by a judicial authority. The original Swedish […]

Swedish feminists up in arms over ‘dangerous’ sex robot brothels

Sex robot gets 92 Tinder matches in 2 hours Writing in the Expressen newspaper on Wednesday, the heads of three Swedish feminist organizations argued that the appearance and attributes of today’s sex robots bore the same “objectifying, sexualized and degrading attitude” that was found in mainstream pornography. The organizations behind the letter were the Sweden’s Women’s Lobby, the National […]

‘F***ing migration agency’: Callers to Swedish govt service baffled by ‘rude‘ greeting

Instead of the familiar female voice which usually addresses those phoning the agency, early-morning callers, ringing between 8 and 9am, were greeted with what was described as a man with a “threatening voice” who hissed “f***ing migration agency” at them, according to Swedish broadcaster SVT. Citing “technical problems” with its switchboard, the agency apologised to […]

Swedish Doctor of Theology: Islamism is ‘Evil’ & We Must ‘Change Our Attitude’

Islamism is responsible for much of the “evil” in Western society in 2018, according to Swedish theologist Hannah Arendt who warns that unless Western societies change their attitude towards radical Islam it will soon be too late. Theologist Ann Heberlein sounded the warning about the dangers of Islamism in Western societies in Swedish newspaper Nyheter […]

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