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Syrian army announces ceasefire in Idlib but terrorists continue to attack

   The Russian Centre for Reconciliation in Syria reported on Sunday that militants had violated the ceasefire regime in Idlib de-escalation zone 13 times in one day, injuring 3 Syrian servicemen. Besides Idlib, the militants continue shelling the government’s forces in Hama, Latakia and Aleppo provinces, the statement issued by the centre reads. The centre […]

Syrian War Report – May 17, 2019: Syrian Army Eliminated 45 Militants In Recent Clashes

South Front The Syrian Arab Army (SAA) and its allies in northwestern Hama eliminated at least 45 militants during the past few days, according to pro-government sources. Lt. Col. Mohammed Mahmoud Al-Shamali of Jaysh al-Nasir, Captain Ahmed Ismail and Mohamad Najar of the Idlib Free Army and Mohammed Abdul Karim and Muayad al-Jasser of Jaysh […]


South Front Clashes between the Syrian Arab Army (SAA) and the Hayat Tahrir al-Sham-led coalition of militant groups continue in northwestern Hama and northern Lattakia. 4 SAA soldiers were killed and 7 others  were injured in a failed attack on Hayat Tahrir al-Sham positions near the town of Kabani, according to pro-militant sources. Militants captured […]

‘Refugees are a tool of war’ — the view from the Syrian border

March 26, 2019 In late March and early April 2019 I traveled to Jordan and the West Bank (Palestine) with two colleagues, Sonia Dettman and S. Komarovsky, first to attend the Lancet Palestine Health Alliance conference in Amman and then to explore and better understand the lives of refugees and the workings of UNRWA, with […]

Renowned violinist teaches music to Syrian kids

Layth Sidiq has found worldwide fame with his musical talent. And now he’s going back to his Middle Eastern roots. But today, his audience isn’t the usual crowd found in concert halls – he’s playing for Syrian refugee children in the Bekaa Valley. The leading violinist and composer, who now lives in the US, […]

Syrian Army Rolling in Southern Idlib, Seizes 2 More Towns from Jihadist Rebels

AMN The situation for the jihadist rebels in northwestern Hama and southwestern Idlib is progressively getting worse as they have lost a total of five towns on Monday. Led by the Tiger Forces, the Syrian Arab Army seized two more towns this afternoon following an intense battle with the jihadist rebels. According to a military […]

Syrian society and secularism, by Thierry Meyssan

A centre for Jewish, Christian, and Muslim pilgrimages, the mausoleum of John the Baptist in the Umayyad Mosque, or the Great Mosque of Damascus. Sunni General Hassan Turkmani had imagined defending Syria by counting on its inhabitants [1]. According to him, it was possible to take care of one another and to involve each community, with […]

Turkey openly fighting Russia and Iran in Syrian Hama advance

Ankara Sends Hundreds of Terrorists, Advanced Military Equipment to Hama to Back Up Tahrir Al-Sham …from FARS News, Tehran [ Editor’s Note: Russia and Iran are going to eventually be asked why they looked the other way on Turkey’s playing the role of a divisive spoiler in Idlib, with its long support of proxy terror […]

Terrorist massacre of children in Syrian Christian town of Al Suqalibiyah on borders of North Hama and Idlib

Vanessa Beeley 21st Century Wire This morning, the 12th May 2019, the remnants of terrorist groups still embedded in the countryside of northern Hama and Idlib targeted the Syrian Christian town of Al Skeilbiyyeh. 6 children have been martyred, many others have been injured, some critically. At least one was taken to Hama National Hospital […]

200,000 Syrian refugees have returned from Lebanon since 2017

Lebanon’s General Security Directorate says 200,000 Syrian refugees have returned to their homeland, in full coordination with authorities in Syria, from various areas in Lebanon since 2017. The directorate stated on Saturday that the repatriation took place faster in 2018 than the recent past in 2019 due to the beginning of the holy fasting […]

Resistance report: Syrian Army kicks off long overdue Idlib offensive and Washington intensifies Iran threats

May 09, 2019 By Aram Mirzaei for the Saker blog On May 6, the Syrian Army finally kicked off the long awaited Idlib offensive to expel the US-backed Jihadists from the Idlib demilitarized zone. Having postponed the offensive for months due to Ankara’s reluctance to allow the Syrian Army to reclaim the area, Moscow and […]

Syrian War Report – May 8, 2019: Syrian Army Liberates Another Town In Northwestern Hama

…from SouthFront By May 8, the Syrian Arab Army (SAA) and its allies had repelled a series of counter-attacks by Hayat Tahrir al-Sham-led forces keeping control of all the positions captured in northwestern Hama. Especially intense clashes took place near Tell Ottman where, according to pro-government sources, the SAA eliminated at least 5 militants. Despite […]

Falling off the edge: Iraqi and Syrian refugees

March 23, 2019 Amman, Jordan The day begins at The Evangelical Philadelphia Nazarene Church of Marka, a church in Amman that has a particular focus on refugee care. I am told that the number of refugees has doubled since 2010 with mostly Syrians followed by Iraqis (who are classified by the Jordanian government as “guests” rather […]

Video: Israel Strikes ‘Iranian Targets’ in Homs. Only Syrian Missile Launcher Found to be Destroyed

Overnight on April 13, warplanes of the Israeli Air Force delivered strikes on targets near the town of Masyaf in the Syrian province of Homs from Lebanese airspace. According to the Syrian version of the events, most of Israeli missiles were intercepted, but the rest of them destroyed several buildings and injured at least 20 […]


SOUTH FRONT 01.04.2019 Over 50 ISIS members were eliminated by strikes of the US-led coalition in the outskirt of the town of al-Baghuz al-Fawqani in the Euphrates Valley over the past few days, local sources reported. The airstrikes were a part of the operation of the Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) and the coalition in the […]

Syrian Golan Representative to Al-Ahed: Armed Resistance in Face of Trump’s Decision

By Sara Raad Beirut – Away from any context and based on the US President Donald Trump’s track of buying and selling everything in the market of politics, the man decided to sell the occupied Syrian land in Golan to the apartheid “Israeli” entity. However, the price is paid by the Arab’s silence and some […]

Syrian War Report – Feb. 21-22, 2019: Iran Took Control Of Several US Drones Flying Over Syria, Iraq

South Front 22.02.2019 The Syrian Arab Army (SAA) and the National Defense Forces (NDF) have finished their combing operation in the central Syrian desert, the NDF media center said in a statement. According to the released statement, the SAA and the NDF eliminated several ISIS members and seized loads of weapons and equipment in the […]

Syrian air defense ‘thwarts’ Israeli ‘aggression’ – state media

The Syrian air defense systems “thwarted an Israeli air aggression” and “prevented it from achieving any of its goals,” a military source told state-run news agency SANA. The IDF declined to comment on the alleged attack. The military, however, stated that they intercepted a rocket which was launched at the northern Golan Heights. The IDF didn’t […]

Turkey, Hayat Tahrir al-Sham Work To Defend ‘Syrian Revolution’

January 15, 2019 South Front Leader of Hayat Tahrir Al-Sham Abu Mohammad Al-Joulani declared his support to an expected Turkish military operation against Kurdish armed groups in northeastern Syria during an interview with Amjad Media on January 14. He stressed that his group supports “the operation to liberate the eastern Euphrates”. He also rejected criticism […]

Trump, Bolton and the Syrian Confusion

It’s a messy, though typical picture.  US President Donald Trump wants to pull out forces in Syria.  When announced in December, jaws drooped and sharp intakes of breath were registered through the Washington establishment.  Members of the military industrial complex were none too pleased.  The President had seemingly made his case clear: US blood and […]

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