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Sandia Labs Employee Pushes Back on the Narrative of Modern Systemic Racism & White Privilege

Sandia National Laboratories recently hosted a segregated seminar on how evil White people are. Casey Petersen is an employee at the company who objected to critical race theory being put forward by his federally-funded employer, so he made a video response and a lot of his co-workers apparently agreed, which caused his employers to quickly […]

Michelle Obama Claims ‘Systemic Racism’ Coming from White House

Following the violence in Kenosha, Wisconsin, where a 17-year-old used deadly force to defend himself from a group of Antifa thugs, former First Lady Michelle Obama blamed the Trump administration for stoking the flames of division. In a post uploaded to Twitter Friday promoting the Obama Foundation, Michelle O. claimed kids are seeing systemic racism […]

Arizona Rep. Paul Gosar: “Child Trafficking And The Deep State Are Real, ‘Systemic Racism’ Is A Hoax”

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Historically, white Americans have failed to see racism as a systemic issue. Is that changing?

he first wave of the Black Lives Matter movement, which crested after the 2014 police killing of Michael Brown in Ferguson, had the support of fewer than half of White Americans. Given that Americans tend to have a narrow definition of racism, many at that time were likely confused by the juxtaposition of Black-led protests, implying that […]

Systemic racism or systemic rubbish

ٍSource August 09, 2020 By Ilana Mercer, posted with permission of the author The “systemic racism” refrain is a meaningless abstraction. Operationalize the nebulous abstraction that is “systemic racism,” or get out of my face! To concretize a variable, it must be cast in empirical, measurable terms, the opaque “racism” abstraction being one variable (to […]

A Hollywood Insider Speaks About Systemic Atrocities Committed Against Children

I don’t know who this young man is and I have not seen his movie, but the message in this video is something everyone doing their best to raise children in this jewish controlled nightmare of a world should see. He doesn’t mention the jew, but we here know who is behind the system that […]

Why Didn’t President Obama Tackle this Systemic Racism in the USA?

Here’s a pic of that savage racism that so saddened this QB, he started taking the knee…AFTER he was benched. I’ve spent some time searching for all the speeches Obama gave on this racism. Not many speeches or public policy on this racism, except a speech from March 2008, during the race for the White […]

Seeing the Tree But Not the Forest: Systemic Racism in American and Israeli Policing

July 31, 2020 By Benay Blend Since the murder of George Floyd by the Minneapolis police, his name has (or should have) become a household word. When Mawusi Ture, an activist with the Black Alliance for Peace (BAP), asked if I would write about a similar incident, I was embarrassed that I had to look up the particulars of the case. […]

#ICEOnTrial: Advocates Rally To Hold Federal Agency Accountable For Systemic Abuses

#ICEOnTrial: Advocates Rally To Hold Federal Agency Accountable For Systemic Abuses Above Photo: Immigrant rights organizations will hold ten people’s tribunals nationwide focused on a wide range of issues. Spencer Platt/Getty Images As the #AbolishICE movement gains steam, immigrant rights organizations are coordinating a series of “people’s tribunals” to hold Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) accountable for, advocates say, its “culture of […]

Digital Denied: Systemic Discrimination Keeps Communities Offline

Above Photo: by Flickr user WOCinTech Chat Google is blocking our site. Please use the social media sharing buttons (upper left) to share this on your social media and help us break through. Internet access is a necessity for engaging in our communities, searching for employment and seeking out educational opportunities — but too many people […]

New report details Israel’s ‘broad systemic abuse’ of East Jerusalem minors

A new report released  by Israeli human rights groups, HaMoked: Center for the Defence of the Individual and B’Tselem, with support from the European Union, revealed “broad, systemic abuse by Israeli authorities,” against hundreds of Palestinian teens detained in occupied East Jerusalem. The report, titled Unprotected: The detention of Palestinian Teenagers in East Jerusalem was […]

Food nutrients in apples and grapes found to halt the systemic inflammation that causes cancer

(Natural News) On the surface, you might think inflammation isn’t such a big deal. It might not sound like a walk in the park, but it doesn’t sound like a death sentence, either. Unfortunately, however, chronic inflammation due to autoimmune disease, infection or even obesity damages your cells, thereby raising your cancer risk. That’s why […]

Gaza on brink of "systemic collapse," ICRC warns

Ali Abunimah Rights and Accountability 16 May 2017 A Palestinian woman receives dialysis at al-Shifa hospital in Gaza City, 16 April. Gaza hospitals are operating at minimal capacity due to the ongoing energy shortage.  Ashraf Amra APA images Gaza is on the brink of a “systemic collapse” as the electricity crisis deepens, the International Committee […]

NC House NBA Fans Draft New Bathroom Bill After Threat

Susanne Posel ,Chief Editor Occupy Corporatism | Media Spokesperson, HEALTH MAX Group   The North Carolina bathroom bill appears to be getting a makeover thanks to pressure applied by the real possibility that the 2017 NBA All-Star Game might not come to their state. The Charlotte Hornets tweeted a statement condemning “discrimination in any […]

Calais mayor wants French migrant camps moved to UK after Brexit vote

LIVE UPDATES: British politics in post-Brexit turmoil after vote to leave the EU “The British must take the consequences of their choice,” mayor of Calais Natacha Bouchart said on Friday. ‘Beyond comprehension’: Global reactions roll in as UK shocks world with Brexit vote “We are in a strong position to push, to press this request […]

Another huge chemical plant fire in China – black smoke engulfs Yichangon in central Hubei Province

     A massive fire at a chemical plant in China’s central Hubei Province has injured at least three people, while covering the area with dark, thick clouds of smoke. The fire, which reportedly started in the city of Yichangon on Tuesday afternoon, has been successfully extinguished, according to China’s CCTV agency. Video footage from the […]

SURPRISE: New Rule on Banks’ Ability to Liquidate Assets During a Crisis

Susanne Posel ,Chief Editor Occupy Corporatism | Media Spokesperson, HEALTH MAX Brands   The Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (FDIC) has proposed the Net Stable Funding Ratio (NSFR), a way to strengthen bank liquidity during financial stress in order to “ensure liquidity over a one-year horizon, compared with the liquidity coverage ratio of […]

National Group of Prestigious Doctors is Pushing to Legalize Recreational Cannabis

Elizabeth Montag | True Activist A new group of over 50 doctors around the United States is calling for the legalization of marijuana, not only for medical use but for recreational purposes. The nonprofit organization, Doctors for Cannabis Regulation (DFCR), is the first national medical organization to advocate total legalization, […]

Irish Folk Music Revival

A revival of Irish traditional music took place around the turn of the 20th century. After a lull in the 1940s and 1950s, when (except for Céilidh bands) traditional music was at a low ebb, Seán Ó Riada’s The Chieftains, The Clancy Brothers and Tommy Makem, The Irish Rovers, The Dubliners, Ryan’s Fancy and Sweeney’s […]

This Simple Bag Trick Will Keep Your Lemons Fresh for a Whole MONTH

Lemons are an ideal way to perk up early spring cuisine; from salads to fish and desserts, they are an easy flavor booster to keep on hand. We all like to have our lemons in a bowl on the table in our kitchen or in the living room because, they are simply beautiful and exotic! […]

Eleven Years Ago: December 26, 2004: Indian Ocean Tsunami. Why did the Information Not Get Out? Was There a Hidden Agenda?

This article was first published in February 2005. The tsunami warning system was also examined by the author in two texts published in the immediate wake of the December 26, 2004 tsunami Foreknowledge of a Natural Disaster , (29 Dec  2004) and Discrepancies in the Tsunami Warning System (14 Jan 2005). The text below examines […]

Castaway survives 15 months at sea, gets sued for $1mn, accused of ‘eating’ his crewmate

     A fisherman from El Salvador who was lost at sea for 438 days but miraculously survived is being sued for $1 million by the family of his dead crewmate, who accuse him of eating their son’s remains in order not to starve to death. Salvador Alvarenga, 36, is the only man in the world […]

Trump Didn’t Vote to Kill 1 Million Muslims in Iraq, Hillary Did

Thanks to Glenn Greenwald for pointing out that the U.S. media is acting as though Donald Trump just invented bigotry this week (one of those ugly details I’m happy to miss by never watching television). But not only is explicit bigotry toward Muslims not new, implicit bigotry toward Muslims has been the foundation of the largest […]

Facebook Class Action Privacy Case Goes to Austria’s Supreme Court

More than 25,000 people have so far signed on to join privacy advocate Max Schrems’ complaint against Facebook. However, it will be up to the Austrian Supreme Court to decide whether they can make their cases jointly as a class action lawsuit. Schrems, an Austrian citizen, filed a lawsuit aganst Facebook Ireland in July 2014, […]

Chemical, bacterial attacks ‘among risks to consider’ – French defense minister

This kind of attack is “among the risks that we must consider,” he said on Sunday in an interview on Europe-1.  But “it is very complicated to use chemical weapons from one territory to another,” Jean-Yves Le Drian said. “Every precaution has been taken to prevent this kind of risk,” the minister added. On Thursday, French […]

Naval Academy Reinstates Celestial Navigation: “After All, You Can’t Hack a Sextant”

Naval Academy Reinstates Celestial Navigation: “After All, You Can’t Hack a Sextant” October 14th, 2015 With regard to the statement below, about shutting down GPS during a national emergency: The U.S. can Via: Capital Gazette: Officials reinstated brief lessons in celestial navigation this year, […]

International Day Of ‘Cheeky’ Climate Actions

Print Friendly Monday saw a huge day of international, coordinated action against the fossil fuel industry and corporations fuelling the climate crisis — from the UK where grassroots activist network Reclaim the Power launched a record-breaking 18 creative actions in a day to big events in Luxembourg, France, Switzerland and Germany. Reclaim the Power Round-up: […]

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