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Zarif says Iran has no intention to hold talks with US

MNA – In a press conference with his Finnish counterpart Pekka Haavisto, Iranian Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif said that Iran is not inclined to conduct negotiations with the US and any mediatory act should be focused on returning Americans to JCPOA. “Mediatory measures should be focused on bringing the US back to the negotiating […]

N. Korea rejects further peace talks with Seoul in protest over joint war drills with US

   Pyongyang has signaled its unwillingness to continue negotiations with its southern neighbor, blaming the diplomatic deadlock on South Korea’s decision to participate in joint military exercises with the United States. In a statement, North Korea said Seoul’s military posturing made dialogue impossible. “Even at this moment, South Korea continues its joint military exercise and […]

Russian comment on the cancellation of a new round of talks between the government of Venezuela and the opposition

The Foreign Ministry expresses deep regret over the cancellation of the round of talks between the government of Venezuela and the opposition that was to take place in Barbados. Regardless of who initiated this decision, the main reason for the breakdown in the negotiating process is obviously Washington’s irresponsible policy regarding Venezuela and its legitimate […]

Trump is ‘waiting in vain’ for Tehran’s phone call to start talks – Iranian foreign ministry

Sputnik – The statement comes in response to US Department of State spokesperson Morgan Ortagus, who earlier said that President Donald Trump is waiting for a phone call from the Iranian government about whether the Islamic Republic wants to start talks. Iranian authorities won’t call Washington to beg for negotiations, spokesman for the Iranian Foreign […]

Talks ahead? Trump’s "beautiful" letter from Kim excusing missile tests, says drills with South are ‘expensive and provocative’

   President Donald Trump has said that North Korean Leader Kim Jong-un wants to meet again for negotiations, after Kim reportedly apologized for missile tests and complained about US military exercises. Spilling the beans on the contents of the “beautiful” letter he received from Kim on Friday, Trump said that he “would like to meet […]

Why SAA Resumed the Military Operation to Clean Idlib Post Astana Talks

August 6, 2019 Arabi Souri The latest 13th round of talks in Astana between the Syrian state with Russia and Iran as its guarantors on one side, and Al-Qaeda and the Turkish regime as it guarantor on the other side, would have slowly but steadily resolved the odd situation in the Al-Qaeda occupied Idlib province through the […]

Amb. Jaafari’s Interview Sums Up Latest Developments after Astana Talks

August 4, 2019 Arabi Souri Astana (Nur-Sultan) – Kazakhstan: The Turkish regime under instructions from the US has increased its level of supporting armed groups designated as terrorist entities by the United Nations Security Council, such as Nusra Front aka Al-Qaeda Levant, instead of abiding by its own obligations to disarm and remove these terrorists from […]

If US serious about talks, who but Zarif can be their interlocutor?

In a tweet a few hours after the US imposed sanction on Iranian Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif, Iranian President Hassan Rouhani noted that Zarif’s “designation indicates that White House is frightened by his diplomatic capabilities.” He went on to maintain that if the US is serious about negotiations, “who other than the FM can […]

UAE, Iran hold rare talks in Tehran on maritime security

TEHRAN, Iran (AP) — Officials from the United Arab Emirates and Iran met to discuss maritime security for the first time in six years amid a spike in tensions in the Persian Gulf, both countries confirmed on Wednesday. The meeting is significant because the UAE and Iran are regional rivals. The UAE downgraded ties with […]

12th Round of Sino/US Trade Talks Falls Flat. US Rage for Global Dominance

Over a year of Sino/US trade talks failed to resolve major differences because of unacceptable Trump demands. On matters of statecraft, China, Russia, Iran, and other countries have outwitted the US. Sino/US disagreements have little to do with the trade deficit favoring China. It exists because corporate America relocated much of its manufacturing and other […]

Iran says it sees no ‘sincerity’ in Pompeo’s offer for talks

Bloomberg – Iran doesn’t think the U.S. is seeking talks or an agreement with the Islamic republic, Abbas Mousavi, a spokesman for the Foreign Ministry in Tehran, said days after Secretary of State Michael Pompeo expressed willingness to travel to Tehran to address the Iranian people. This is a “defensive move” by American officials in […]

Talks only possible with ‘tangible results,’ but US does not ‘seek dialogue’ – Tehran

“Dialogue and negotiation can be held when we have a certain agenda in place, and when we could get some tangible and practical results out of it,” Abbas Mousavi said on Monday, as cited by Reuters. The Americans “are not seeking dialogue,” he added. Problems have been piling up between the US and Iran over […]

Taliban says no direct peace talks with govt in Kabul until foreign troops leave Afghanistan

Negotiations will start only after the withdrawal of the US-led NATO mission from Afghanistan is announced, the spokesman for the Taliban’s political office in Qatar, Suhail Shaheen, said. The Taliban has held seven rounds of direct talks with US officials in Qatar’s capital, Doha since October, but refused to do the same with the government […]

Holding talks with one not fulfilling commitments is stupidity: Shamkhani

MNA – Iran’s Supreme National Security Council, Ali Shamkhani said on Wednesday that conducting negotiations with a person who does not fulfil any of his commitments [Trump] is foolishness and a sign of weakness and helplessness. “In November 2018, it was decided to respond US’ lack of commitment and Europe’s inactiveness with taking measures in […]

China welcomes US-Russia talks on arms control but sees no reason to participate in negotiations

Washington hopes to begin drafting a nuclear weapons treaty with Moscow at a meeting in Geneva on Wednesday. China, however, will not take part in the summit, according to Foreign Ministry spokesman Geng Shuang. “At the moment, we see no reason or preconditions for China’s participation in such discussions,” he said at a press briefing […]

Iranian Tanker Piracy talks: Zarif insists on immediate release, Jeremy Hunt gives conditions

   London vowed to “facilitate” the release of the Iranian oil tanker captured in Gibraltar if Tehran guarantees its destination is not Syria while Iran said it would continue to export oil “under any circumstances.” The UK would agree to set free the Iranian tanker the British marines seized in Gibraltar if Tehran reassures it […]

Tokyo accuses Seoul of mischaracterizing talks amid trade row

Japan and South Korea traded further acrimony on Saturday, with Tokyo accusing Seoul of mischaracterizing talks the day before that did not mend a dispute that could threaten global supplies of microchips and smartphone displays. Tokyo lodged a protest against Seoul, said it had broken an agreement on what the two sides would disclose […]

Can Putin Zelenskiy talks on Ukraine succeed without Western permission?

Russia’s Putin discusses ending conflict in eastern Ukraine with president Zelenskiy [ Editor’s Note: These talks are of course a long shot, but Moscow has been consistent in its policy of always being open to talks no matter how bitter the issue. Zelenskiy’s motivation, a large part of it, would be to have the ex-comic […]

Bolton and Netanyahu killed 2005 Iran talks, ‘lured’ Trump into shredding 2015 deal – Iranian FM

Russia Today – National Security Adviser John Bolton and Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu scuppered a 2005 nuclear agreement between Iran and the west, and did the same with President Trump, Iranian Foreign Minister Javad Zarif said. “Bolton & Netanyahu killed Paris agreement between E3 & Iran in ’05 by insisting on zero enrichment,” Zarif […]

Reindustrialization: What the New U.S.-China Trade Talks Mean.

The eyes of the world – especially the eyes of Wall Street – were on President Donald J. Trump and China President-for-life Xi Xinping as they met at the G-20 summit in Osaka Japan on June 29. China agreed to resume negotiations with the U.S. for a comprehensive, enforceable agreement that achieves […]

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