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Timing of Gulf of Oman Attacks: Washington Aimed to Kill Historic Iran-Japan Talks in Tehran, Oil Tankers en Route to Japan

Hell-bent on isolating and suffocating Iran, the Trump administration derailed Japan’s historic talks by accusing Tehran without any evidence whatsoever of attacking oil tankers in the Gulf of Oman. *** Since entering office, the Donald Trump administration has been itching for a war on Iran. And it may have found an excuse to justify an […]

Mnuchin says Trump could ease up on Huawei if trade talks advance

   U.S. Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin said on Sunday that President Donald Trump might ease U.S. restrictions on Huawei if there was progress in the trade row with China – but absent a deal, Washington would maintain tariffs to cut its deficit. “I think what the president is saying is, if we move forward on […]

UNSC talks on UAE oil-tanker attacks wraps up with no result

The UAE, along with Saudi Arabia and Norway, presented on Thursday the initial findings of the investigation during a briefing to United Nations Security Council, which will also receive the final results of the probe to consider a possible response. In a document on their briefing to the Security Council members, the three countries did […]

Why Trump now wants talks with Iran

June 05, 2019 By Pepe Escobar – posted with permission   If Tehran blocks the Strait of Hormuz it could send the price of oil soaring and cause a global recession Iranian soldiers take part in National Persian Gulf Day in the Strait of Hormuz on April 30, 2019. There is concern about a blockade […]

Ukrainian President open to peace talks with Russia but committed to NATO membership

   Ukraine’s president said he is ready to negotiate with Russia to end the war in eastern Ukraine, but he also reaffirmed his country’s course toward NATO membership — a move strongly opposed by Moscow. Volodymyr Zelenskiy made the comments on June 4 during a visit to Brussels, where he met with top European Union […]

Top security official: US call for talks malevolent

FNA – Secretary of Iran’s Supreme National Security Council (SNSC) Ali Shamkhani underlined that Tehran has come to the conclusion that Washington is after talks not for the sake of conflict resolution, but for exerting more pressure, adding that the US does not deserve to be joined at a negotiating table. Shamkhani said, on Thursday […]

Spokesman: Trump not competent for talks with Iran

FNA – Iranian Foreign Ministry Spokesman Seyed Abbas Mousavi underlined his country’s preparedness for talks with all the world states, but meantime, said the Trump administration is an exception to this rule as it has already discarded the nuclear deal. “Here in Iran, the Islamic Republic, its diplomats, government, the judiciary, the parliament and our […]

Taliban say progress made in Afghan talks in Moscow but no breakthrough

The Taliban say “decent progress” has been made in talks with senior Afghan politicians in Moscow but that there has been no breakthrough towards ending two decades of the US occupation of Afghanistan. Mohammad Sohail Shaheen, the chief spokesman for the Taliban delegation, told reporters in the Russian capital Thursday that the meeting was the latest step in efforts to […]

Embassy in Baghdad rejects speculations on Iran’s demand from Iraq to mediate for talks with US

FNA – The Iranian embassy in Baghdad dismissed media reports claiming that Foreign Minister Zarif has demanded Iraq, during his recent visit, to mediate for talks between Tehran and Washington. “The recent positions of the Iraqi government and nation about Iran proved much good will by them, specially after the US imposed a cruel (economic) […]

Iran not interested in ‘empty’ talks while US conducts ‘economic terrorism’

“Iran is not interested in empty rhetoric and pays more attention to behaviors and will decide and act upon them,” Foreign Ministry spokesperson Seyyed Abbas Mousavi said on Tuesday. Also on US ‘not looking for regime change’ in Iran, says Trump, beefing up military in Middle East Earlier in the day, Foreign Minister Mohammad […]

Trump says US inclined for talks if Iran is too

US President Donald Trump said he and Japanese Prime Minister have talked about Iran amid rising tension between Tehran and Washington, AP reported. The US president also said that “nobody wants to see terrible things happen, especially me.” “I do believe Iran would like to talk and if they’d like to talk, we’ll talk also,” […]

Iran denies report on talks with US

Tasnim – Iran’s Foreign Ministry denied a report quoting a Kuwaiti official as saying that Tehran and Washington have launched direct talks. In a statement on Sunday, Foreign Ministry Spokesman Abbas Mousavi categorically rejected the report that has quoted a Kuwaiti diplomat as announcing the start of talks between Iran and the US. “There is no […]

‘Negotiating with devil’ bears no fruit – Iran’s Revolutionary Guards on talks with US

“Negotiating with the devil, the Quran says, bears no fruit,” the deputy commander of the IRGC, Rear Admiral Ali Fadavi, said, as cited by Fars News Agency. Fadavi made his remarks while talking about the longtime lack of effective negotiations between Tehran and Washington. He also did not mince his words on the state of […]

Actor John Cleese talks to reincarnation researcher Dr Jim Tucker about children’s past life memories

   Regular readers of the Grail will know that legendary comedian and Monty Python alumni John Cleese has a deep interest in research into the survival of consciousness beyond death. And if you’re interested in that topic, the place to go is the Division of Perceptual Studies (DoPS) at the University of Virginia, which has […]

North Korea warns no more talks until US backs off ‘impossible demands’

US President Donald Trump and North Korean Supreme Leader Kim Jong-un held summits in Singapore in June 2018 and in Hanoi in February of this year, but talks broke off after the two sides were unable to bridge an impasse between their respective positions. On Friday, North Korea’s state-run Central News Agency published comments by […]

Iran’s SNSC rejects US talks

Tasnim – The spokesman for Iran’s Supreme National Security Council (SNSC) categorically dismissed the notion of talks with the US government unless Washington changes its behavior. In comments on Thursday, Keivan Khosravi reiterated that Tehran would not hold any talks with Washington. Pointing to the rising number of visits by officials of different countries to […]

"No Talks, Only Resistance": Iran’s Rouhani Slams Door On Trump’s "Call Me" Overture

At a moment the US Navy conducted provocative military exercises in the Arabian Sea on Monday, Iran’s president responded to overtures by Trump that Tehran should “call me” with a firm line of, “No talks, only resistance.” US military statements highlighted the Arabian Sea drills were specifically in response to heightened unspecified threats from Iran, and […]

Ministers okay expanding cabinet as Netanyahu bemoans coalition talks impasse

With time running out to finalize a deal to form a new government, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu complained Sunday that his potential coalition partners were unyielding in their demands, obstructing any significant progress in talks. At the same time, in a bid to appeal to the six parties vying for seats around the government table, […]

US speaks of peace talks, while ‘holding a gun’ at Tehran – top Iranian official

“The actions of American leaders in exerting pressure and launching sanctions […] while speaking of talks, is like holding a gun at someone and asking for friendship and negotiations,” Rasoul Sanai-Rad, a political deputy of the armed forces command said as quoted news agency Mehr. US President Donald Trump has been recently insisting his country […]

Iranian reformist magazine shuttered after urging talks with US

TEHRAN, Iran — Iranian authorities shut down a reformist magazine that had urged negotiations with the United States, local media reported Sunday. The weekly magazine Seda was handed a suspension order Saturday by a court in Tehran, the reformist newspaper Arman reported. Seda’s most recent front page had shown a US aircraft carrier fleet and […]

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