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Walmart and Target Pull Bottled Water Said to Contain Arsenic, But WHOLE FOODS Keeps Selling It

By Daisy Luther Back in April, we reported that 11 different brands of bottled water were shown to contain arsenic. Consumer Reports said that three brands, in particular, had potentially concerning levels of the toxic element. And two of those water brands still contain high levels of arsenic. Now, new independent testing shows that […]

UK COLUMN: New Tory Game Show, Target Iran, WikiLeaks, Cyber War on Russia and more

The UK’s Tory leadership race is fast descending into the political version US-style game show, in a series of vapid television debates designed to promote the individual careers of the candidates, and meanwhile US politicians and UK ministers are setting their sights on Iran with a wave of aggressive comments, threats and war cries over […]

Does Israel Target Journalists? — Rebel Voice

Does Israel target journalists? This may appear to be the most redundant question ever asked. The behaviour of the Zionist state towards members of the Fourth Estate has been well documented by this time. They have been filmed attacking journalists with tear gas, armoured vehicles, nasty language, harassment and bullets. Now it seems that Israel […] […]

Yemen’s Houthis Deliver on Promise to Target Saudi Soil With Drone Strikes on Najran Airport

NAJRAN-SAUDI ARABIA — The Saudi-led Coalition’s war on Yemen shows little sign of dwindling, and now over four years after it began, its borders are increasingly fluid as Yemen’s Houthi movement increasingly takes the fight to Saudi Arabia’s soil. Last Monday, the Houthis announced that amid increasingly grim prospects for peace they would begin a […]

Iran has been target of US imperialism since 1979: Scholar

Iran has been a target of US imperialism since its inception in 1979 as a result of the Islamic Revolution, says Dennis Etler, an American political analyst who has a decades-long interest in international affairs. In an interview with Press TV on Friday, Etler said, “For all intents and purposes, the US under Trump […]

Turkey says end of US preferential trade deal contradicts $75bn target

Turkish Trade Minister Ruhsar Pekcan says the United States’ move to terminate its preferential trade agreement with Turkey will be against the $75-billion target for mutual trade laid out by the two countries. In a post on her Twitter account on Friday, the minister, however, welcomed Washington’s decision to halve its tariffs on the […]

77 Civilians Killed or Wounded in Sana’a as Saudi Airstrikes Target Yemeni Capital

SANA’A, YEMEN —  “Where am I?” muttered 50-year-old Ahmed Sharf al Adeini, as neighbors pulled him from the rubble of his home after it was hit by a Saudi airstrike. Al Adeini lost his wife and children in the attack and later died after succumbing to his injuries at the al Thwarah General Hospital. Al […]

Flow of Crude Oil Halted as Drones Target Major Saudi Pipeline

By Staff, Agencies Two pumping stations on a major Saudi oil pipeline were targeted by drones Tuesday, halting the flow of crude along it, Saudi Energy Minister Khalid al-Falih said. He said targeting the pipeline from the oil-rich Eastern Province to the Red Sea took place early Tuesday. Earlier on Tuesday, Yemeni Ansarullah revolutionary movement […]

Target Iran!

The author delivered this speech at the Perdana Global Peace Forum 2006 in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, on June 22, 2006. That year the U.S. had deployed aircraft carriers to the Persian Gulf and tensions then, as now, were high.  Little has changed in the imperialist tendencies of American foreign policy since the founding of the United […]

The South Dakota Legislature Has Invented A New Legal Term To Target Pipeline Protesters

The South Dakota Legislature Has Invented A New Legal Term To Target Pipeline Protesters Above Photo: From The government of South Dakota has made it very clear that it does not like people who protest the Keystone XL pipeline. The state’s governor has dismissed them as “out-of-staters who come in to disrupt.” And other officials have […]

Imperial America: Humanity’s Scourge-Latest Target Venezuela

Imperial America: Humanity’s Scourge by Stephen Lendman ( – Home – Stephen Lendman) Washington’s criminal class is bipartisan, at war on humanity at home and abroad for world dominance, targeting all sovereign independent governments for regime change – Venezuela in its crosshairs for the last 20 years. A slow-motion US coup against its democratically elected […]

Sana’a Civilians Killed as Saudi Airstrikes Target Yemen’s Capital

SANA’A, YEMEN —  “Saudi fighter jets were hovering above our head and launching very violent raids, the likes of which we haven’t seen since the war began three years ago,” 52-year-old Ali Abdul Salam Damesh told MintPress News. “The neighboring houses shook so much we thought an earthquake hit the area.” Damesh was one of […]

Angela Davis Is Latest Black Target Of Israel Lobby

Angela Davis Is Latest Black Target Of Israel Lobby Above Photo: Angela Davis (Columbia GSAPP) Statement written by Angela Davis The Birmingham Civil Rights Institute has canceled its annual gala at which iconic Black scholar and activist Angela Davis was to receive a prestigious human rights award. Randall Woodfin, the mayor of Birmingham, Alabama, expressed his “dismay” at the decision, which […]

Brazil’s Bolsonaro Says He Will Target Venezuela, Cuba

youtube twitter facebook rss Source Article from Related Posts Dead On Arrival: A Brief Post-Mortem On The US’ Regime-Change Operation In Venezuela We understand that there are ultimately only three ways to attack a target state Putin: Trump Can’t «Steamroll» Russia into Accepting US Stance on Iran & Venezuela By Staff, Agencies Russian […]

Israel propaganda trips target ‘Pacific Progressive Leaders’ – no one will say who’s going

The Israel lobby is working to woo people like Andrea Beth Damsky, second from right. Damsky, active in numerous progressive causes, is a member of the La Mesa, California Environmental Sustainability Commission and on the California Democratic Party Executive Board. She was taken on an all-expenses-paid trip to Israel. An $85 million Israel advocacy organization is […]

What missile exactly? Reuters misses the target as it spreads fear on Iran expanding missile range

The story ran by the news agency on Wednesday cited Iran’s Brigadier General Aziz Nasirzadeh as saying: “One of our most important programs is increasing the range of missiles and ammunition,” and “We don’t see any limitations for ourselves in this field.” Sounds scary? Sure, because, Reuters added, the Iranian military say the range of […]

The Real Target is Iran #RT #news CrossTalk: Indefensible Defense Future historians may look back at Donald Trump’s handling of the murder of Jamal Khashoggi as a case study of the lack of leadership and outright folly. His reasons for giving the Saudis – or rather the Crown Prince – a free pass simply don’t make sense. Why? Because it’s all about Iran. CrossTalking with Jonathan Steele, Afshin Shahi, and Hamed Mousavi.

Online researcher and columnist Staś. View all posts by Staś Source Article from Related Posts Walmart and Target Pull Bottled Water Said to Contain Arsenic, But WHOLE FOODS Keeps Selling It By Daisy Luther Back in April, we reported that 11 different brands of bottled UK COLUMN: New Tory Game Show, Target Iran, […]

Israeli Government Target Educational Institutions, Escalate Settlements Activities

Israeli settlers in the southern West Bank [Mamoun Wazwaz/Apaimages] Israeli settler violence – with IDF complicity – is becoming more and more commonplace, even targeting elementary schools. The government has also approved extensive Israeli settlement expansions and Jewish-only roads to be built on Palestinian land, which will result in isolation of Palestinian communities and loss […]

With “Troika of Tyranny,” Bolton’s Long Standing Push to Target Cuba, Venezuela and Nicaragua Finally Pays Off

MIAMI – On Thursday, National Security Adviser John Bolton inaugurated the Trump administration’s version of the Bush-era “Axis of Evil” by singling out the three left-wing governments in Latin America – Cuba, Venezuela and Nicaragua – as the “Troika of Tyranny.” Bolton — who also used the terms “the three stooges of socialism” and the […]

Researchers Warn Hackers Could Target Memories Of Those With Brain Chip Implant

By Aaron Kesel Scientists and security experts are warning of the potential for a person’s brain to be hacked, who have had “brain implants” to treat Parkinson’s disease, according to cybersecurity firm Kaspersky Lab and the University of Oxford Functional Neurosurgery Group, ZDNet reported. The problems of medical device vulnerabilities were first brought up by Barnaby Jack, […]

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