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San Francisco college’s student gov’t passes resolution targeting settlements

(J. the Jewish News of Northern California via JTA) — The student government at San Francisco State University has approved a divestment resolution targeting Israel that would have the school pull out of investments in companies that do business in Israeli settlements. Following a lengthy and contentious public comment period, Associated Students passed the measure in a 17-1 vote […]

Facebook removes ‘inauthentic’ Iranian accounts targeting anti-Netanyahu protests

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jewish Lawyers Are Targeting Bitchute for Termination

Let me be frank, I do not exactly love Bitchute. It’s UI is alright, but their search feature is terrible and the MGTOW, jew shill and Trumptard videos featured on there are a bit annoying. They also have been blocking videos from being seen in whole countries once a complaint is received, making it really […]

Pentagon’s Top Spy Agency Turns To AI for Targeting and Operations Planning

By Raul Diego Source Reminiscent of the 1983 sci-fi classic WarGames, the DIA’s new MARS program aims to create a system that uses AI to scour volumes of foreign intelligence and make decisions on how to act on it. The U.S. Defense Intelligence Agency (DIA) is getting ready for the “next battlefield” and counting on […]

Yemeni Resistance Scores New Successful Operation Targeting Saudi Abha Int’l Airport

Posted on September 7, 2020 by martyrashrakat By Staff The Yemeni resistance announced a new major achievement in retaliation to the five-year long Saudi war against their nation. In a statement read by the Yemeni Armed Forces Spokesman, Brigadier General Yehya Saree, it was revealed that the latest operation targeted Saudi Arabia’s depth, particularly the […]

Cops admit to targeting citizen after he filed complaint against them

Accused of targeting a citizen who filed an internal affairs complaint against them and destroying his property, two New Jersey police officers recently pleaded guilty to fourth-degree criminal mischief. In addition, the officers agreed to pay restitution to the victim and permanently forfeited any future public employment in the state of New Jersey. Between 3 […]

Iranian FM on US Targeting Passenger Jet: ‘These Outlaws Must be Stopped’

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VIDEO: Keene Police Prove it’s Business As Usual By Targeting Peaceful Nightcap Event

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Deep State tool Robert Mueller has a long history of targeting innocent people, which explains why he was picked to go after POTUS Trump

(Natural News) By now it should be patently obvious to anyone who retains even a modicum of fairness in this highly charged, highly-partisan political environment in which we find ourselves these days that special counsel Robert Mueller isn’t interested in finding “Trump-Russia collusion.” After nearly a year’s worth of investigating — a […]

"Tolerant" Leftists now targeting climate change "deniers" with escalating wave of vicious death threats

(Natural News) Rabid climate change fanatics are now sending vicious death threats to those with whom they disagree, including Marc Morano of Climate Depot, a climate truth website affiliated with the Committee For A Constructive Tomorrow (CFACT). On April 25, 2018, Morano reportedly received a hate-filled email from someone with the handle […]

Israeli targeting of skilful Arab, Palestinian scholars

Israeli Mossad has been known for targeting effective Arab and Palestinian characters, including skilful scholars. Dr Fadi al-Batch was number four of those assassinated since start of 2018. On 25 February, the Israeli occupation Mossad assassinated the Palestinian engineer Hassan Ali Khairuddin, a Lebanese PhD student. He was conducting his PhD studies on the Jewish […]

Targeting Palestinian unity

Omar Karmi Power Suits 23 March 2018 Rami Hamdallah, the Palestinian Authority prime minister, is escorted by bodyguards upon arrival to attend the inauguration of a waste treatment plant, after an explosion targeted his convoy in the northern Gaza Strip, 13 March. Ashraf Amra APA images The political fallout from the bomb attack in Gaza last […]

In a first, Church of the Holy Sepulchre closes to protest Israeli bill targeting Christian lands

Land, property theft & destruction / Ethnic cleansing / Settlements / Judaization Video: Christianity’s holiest site closed in protest 25 Feb — Church leaders in Occupied East Jerusalem have closed the holiest site in Christianity, in response to what they call discrimination by the Israeli government. Leaders of the Church of the Holy Sepulchre – […]

Ghouta: Terrorists Fire Over 70 Missiles into Damascus, Targeting Humanitarian Corridors

#SAVE GHOUTA: Staged photo as part of a seemingly endless stream of expensive western-backed propaganda designed to lend legitimacy to the terrorist occupation of East Ghouta in Damascus. As the Syrian Government continues its operation to liberate the Damascus suburb of East Ghouta from terrorist occupation, the western media, along with foundation-funded hashtag campaigns, continue […]

Social media campaign against Facebook over targeting Palestinian content

Activists will launch social media campaign against Facebook for its deliberate targeting of pages which support Palestinian rights. Social media users will use the hashtag #FBfightsPalestine to draw attention to their campaign. Coordinator of Sada Social Centre, Iyad Rifai, said the campaign is scheduled to begin tomorrow evening will be the first step against Facebook’s latest actions. […]

UK MoD: "Practice of targeting suspected terrorists" with drones outside of war zones – officials then delete statement claiming ‘mistake’

     THE UK Government has been urged to make an urgent statement after an official defence document declared that lethal drone strikes had been used to kill terror suspects outside warzones. Ministry of Defence (MoD) officials published a report which claimed that the UK has a “practice” of using remotely-piloted aircraft to target terrorists outwith […]

Laws Targeting Israel Boycotts Fail First Legal Test

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McCarthy-Style Targeting of Jill Stein Proves Democrats Have Truly Lost The Plot

The news was met with delight by some pro-Hillary Clinton Democrats who have long expressed a visceral hatred of Stein simply because she had the audacity to run for president — an act which they say hurt their candidate’s chances of winning by unnecessarily splitting the vote on the left. In the greatest democracy in […]

Washington’s Pre-War Demonization Formula Is Targeting Iran, Again

WASHINGTON (Analysis) — The United States has had Iran in its crosshairs for decades and current media coverage indicates that US-Iranian relations are only getting worse. In 1953, the CIA overthrew Iran’s democratically elected leader, Mohammed Mossadegh, and replaced him with a brutal U.S.- and U.K.-backed dictator, Shah Mohammad Reza Pahlavi. As is typically the […]

Finnish govt. fumes over leaked papers on long-running spy program targeting Russia

An explosive report published by the Helsingin Sanomat daily on Saturday, based on secret documents obtained by the newspaper, focuses on the signal surveillance complex in the city of Tikkakoski in central Finland. The paper based its findings on top secret documents, some of which date back as far as 1999. The intelligence center’s surveillance […]

Innocent Woman Knocked Down By Israeli ‘Skunk Cannon’ Targeting Ultra-Orthodox Protesters

A crowd of protesters staged yet another sit-in, obstructing traffic at the corner of Jaffa Road and Nordau Street in the center of Jerusalem in protest against the compulsory military draft of ultra-Orthodox Jews. To disperse the gathering, Israeli police resorted to the so-called “skunk” cannons loaded with stinking fluids. Not without some collateral damage, […]

Pivot to, or Brawl in Asia? West Already Targeting Thailand’s New King

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Global Warfare. Preparing for World War III, Targeting Iran

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“Canadian Man” Pleads Guilty to Terrorism in plot Targeting NYC Landmarks

A 19-year-old Mississauga, Ont., man is awaiting sentencing after pleading guilty to terrorism offences in a 2016 plot to detonate bombs in New York City. The charges against Abdulrahman El Bahnasawy were made public Friday when the U.S. Attorney’s Office (Southern District of New York) revealed the details of the plan that allegedly included detonating bombs in Times Square and in the […]

Georgia Deputy Fired For Racist Facebook Posts Targeting Black Motorists

A white Georgia sheriff’s deputy has been terminated and another white officer abruptly resigned following an internal affairs investigation that uncovered racist and sexist messages they sent each other on Facebook, including one that described what appeared to be an effort to target black motorists. The two officers — both former McIntosh County sheriff’s deputies […]

BREAKING: Statin drug-pushing doctors now targeting blacks and low-education patients for medication prescriptions

(Natural News) As more people start to learn about the dangers of a particular drug and seek alternative remedies, those who make and market these money-making pills shift gears and start targeting less-educated people in hopes of finding new customers. Case in point: A new study has found that most of the people who are being […]

Delusional Poroshenko launches army rearmament program targeting Crimea and Donbass

     Ukraine is launching a rearmament program of its Armed Forces, Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko announced Wednesday. At a televised opening of a defense exhibition in central Kiev, Poroshenko stated: We are now starting the armed technical modernization program of the army, we must bring our weapons to the level of the 21st century. He […]

UN relief officials condemn targeting of civilians, infrastructure as airstrikes hit Raqqa

nsnbc : Senior United Nations humanitarian officials for Syria, yesterday, expressed deep concern over many civilians reportedly killed in airstrikes and other attacks in […]

Net Neutrality Activists Launch Crowdfunded Billboards Targeting Key Members Of Congress

Above Photo: From … During August Recess FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE, August 15, 2017 Contact: Tiffiniy Cheng, 413-367-6255, Billboards in six states single out lawmakers who support the FCC’s plan to gut key safeguards preventing ISPs from charging new fees, slowing traffic, or blocking websites Today digital rights organization Fight for the Future unleashed a […]

CrossTalking – Bullhorns: Targeting RT (EXTENDED VERSION)

CrossTalking – Bullhorns: Targeting RT (EXTENDED VERSION) By The war against freedom of speech continues and you guessed it – RT is being targeted again. Also, has Russia given up on Trump? And will anything stop the leaks in Washington? CrossTalking with Dmitry Babich, Victor Olevich, and Mark Sleboda. FACEBOOK: Like CrossTalk on Facebook […]

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