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Carnivorous pitcher plants have an occasional taste for vertebrates, study finds

(Natural News) While the northern pitcher plant (Sarracenia purpurea) is well-known for consuming insects and other invertebrates as supplementary food, a recent study published in the journal Ecology points out that about one in five pitcher plants in Ontario’s Algonquin Provincial Park has upgraded its menu to include juvenile salamanders. While Asiatic pitcher plants such as […]

‘Grandparents soon won’t be around. Why do they talk to us?’ Fridays for Future Germany fall flat on face with poor taste joke

That was the lesson that the German branch of an international movement spearheaded by teen climate change speaker Greta Thunberg learned the hard way this week. “Why do grandparents talk to us each year?” Fridays for Future (FFF) Germany tweeted. “They won’t be around much longer.” This generation-bashing attitude would probably be cheered if it […]

Frozen harvest leaves bitter taste for U.S. sugar beet farmers

   Weather during harvest season in the U.S. Red River Valley, a fertile sugar beet region in Minnesota and North Dakota, has to farmers felt like a series of plagues. Rain and snow pelted crops in September and October. That was followed by a blizzard, and then warm temperatures that left fields a boggy mess. […]

Cells that ‘taste’ danger set off immune responses

Taste and smell receptors in unexpected organs monitor the state of the body’s natural microbial health and raise an alarm over invading parasites.    When the immunologist De’Broski Herbert at the University of Pennsylvania looked deep inside the lungs of mice infected with influenza, he thought he was seeing things. He had found a strange-looking […]

Taste of freedom: Paris chocolatier tears down towering edible Berlin Wall (VIDEO)

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Saudi Arabia now getting ‘a taste of own medicine’

Press TV – Iran marks the first anniversary of an attack by Saudi-sponsored terrorists in the southwestern city of Ahvaz that left 25 people dead and over 60 others wounded last year. Both al-Ahwaziya and Daesh terror outfits, which receive backing mainly from Saudi Arabia, claimed responsibility for the September 22 terrorist attack on a military parade in the provincial […]

Going Underground – Wonking-class Heroine Rita Tushingham on ‘A Taste of Honey’ & ‘Doctor Zhivago’

Going Underground – Wonking-class Heroine Rita Tushingham on ‘A Taste of Honey’ & ‘Doctor Zhivago’ Going Underground with Afshin We talk to iconic British actress Rita Tushingham about the relevance of A Taste Of Honey 60 years since it was first written. LIKE Going Underground Going Underground Afshin Rattansi on Instagram […]

10 Quick & Nourishing Smoothie Recipes That Taste Great

It seems everyone is seeking happiness. For me, I prefer to look at it as the search for peace and joy in life, as I find happiness can be too conditional, and anytime we have to look for or chase something, we are looking outside of us. Surely some of this is just semantics, but […]

‘I taste like buffalo’: Man cooks amputated leg into taco feast for friends

Reddit user IncrediblyShinyShart made the unimaginable admission in a thread entitled; ‘Hi all, I am a man who ate a portion of his own amputated leg. Ask me anything.’ Offering some background to the incredulous confession he explained that he chose to have his foot amputated after a motorcycle accident, two years ago, left him […]

Thanks to Israel, F-35 Stealth Fighter Jets Get First Taste of Combat

There is a running joke that while the US is the world’s biggest maker and exporter of weapons, no other country uses military equipment and weapons as much as Israel. And, when it comes to state-of-the-art fighter jets, this is now officially the case: an Israeli military official said Israel was the first regime in the […]

Spain running out of jamon after Chinese develop taste for it, prices soar

Jamón ibérico – the culinary pride of Spain – has finally found its “right place in the market, alongside high-end caviar and truffles,” René Lemée, the head of exports for the Cinco Jotas brand, told El Pais on Saturday. He said that the economic crisis in Spain has pushed the country’s exports, allowing many people, […]

Companies from 26 countries explore Iran’s taste buds

Press TV- American companies are in Iran on a sweet mission, exploring taste buds of a nation with a history in sugar confectionery even though things are getting bitter diplomatically between the two countries. Along with companies from 26 countries, three American firms are taking part at Tehran Cookies and Chocolate Exhibition, being billed as […]

Dulled sense of taste found to promote obesity; exposure to fragrance in laundry products dulls ALL senses

(Natural News) Your sweet tooth may actually be indicative of dulled taste according to researchers from Cornell who found that those with a diminished ability to taste choose sweeter, and more likely higher-calorie, food. This, they warn, could lead to the downward spiral of obesity and associated conditions such as diabetes and cardiovascular illnesses. […]

UK: Stamford Hill Jews Get a Taste of Their Own Vibrancy

Andrew AnglinDaily Stormer June 21, 2017 No idea if any Jews were injured during this enrichful event. But surely, the mustn’t enjoy it happening outside their windows? RT: At least one person was stabbed during a mass brawl in Stamford Hill in which dozens of violent youths clashed using bats, knives and […]

VIDEO: RT’s “Bad Taste” Holocaust Propaganda

Hello Zionist Report Followers! As you know, our mission is to EXPOSE THE TRUTH. And, we need your help to achieve it. We are a team of two journalists that are tirelessly working on this mission. We have grown tremendously since we launched in January. And now we are looking to take our growth to […]

Iran Oil Show 2017 with taste of JCPOA

IRNA – The 22nd Iran International Oil, Gas, Refining and Petrochemical Exhibition was held in the Iranian capital last week while the European states had stronger presence in the event due to the July 2015 nuclear deal known as the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA). Iran Oil Show 2017, attended by 4,500 national and […]

R&D could save Iran’s car industry

Given the new measures taken by Iran’s carmakers in the area of research and development, local auto manufacturers will be able to export a third of their products by the end of the 20-Year National Vision Plan (2005-25), said the minister of industries, mining and trade. Mohammad Reza Nematzadeh made the statement on Sunday during […]

German nudists told to cover up as asylum seekers home opens near skinny-dipping lake

The birthday-suited members of the Family Sport and Naturist Association Moritzburg in eastern Germany asked for funds to build a fence shielding them from the prying eyes of residents in the new facility. Instead they got a letter back from authorities saying they would no longer be allowed to skinny dip in the lake that […]

Western states block Kurdish participation in Syria peace talks proposed by Russia

Churkin warned that if the Syrian Kurds do not in the peace process, international efforts to bring peace to Syria could be undermined. READ MORE: Lavrov: Kurds must be invited to Geneva peace talks to preserve Syria’s integrity “We are concerned that the Syrian Kurds, historically woven into the social fabric of the country, still […]

Bird’s-eye view of Russia’s westernmost city will take your breath away… & maybe leave you dizzy

26 spherical panoramic shots of the city provide a full-on immersion effect.  “Unlike viewing a traditional photograph limited by its frame, or watching a film that follows its director’s idea, a spherical panorama gives you a freedom of being on location, where you can turn around 360° and have a closer look at every detail,” […]

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