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Trump’s Middle East ‘deal of the century’ is ‘occupation plan’, Turkey’s Erdogan tells Pakistani parliament

Erdogan railed against Trump’s much-touted roadmap for Israel and Palestine while addressing Pakistan’s parliament on Friday. “The plan… is not a peace project but in fact, a project for occupation,” he said, as quoted by local media. The Turkish leader noted that Ankara “gave the biggest reaction” to Trump’s initiative, which was quickly rejected by […]

‘Stop your cyber intrusion & surveillance,’ China tells US after indictment of Chinese military in Equifax hack

The US Department of Justice has formally charged four members of China’s People’s Liberation Army of stealing personal data of some 147.9 million Equifax customers after getting access through a software vulnerability which the company failed to patch. The Chinese government denied any involvement in the Equifax hack, saying its civilian and military personnel “never […]

Full-Of-Schiff! Adam Schiff Tells Reporters, “I Don’t Even Know Who the Whistleblower Is”

Impeacher-in-chief Adam Schiff told reporters on Saturday that he doesn’t even know who the alleged whistleblower is. Schiff’s dubious statement came after President Trump’s team destroyed three days’ of Democratic lies in just two hours. GOP Senator John Barrasso confirmed that Schiff was so triggered when Trump’s lawyers confronted him about his fake call and […]

‘I want to open new fronts with Russia & China as US lived off the fat of our land,’ Philippines’ Duterte tells RT 

“America is not the Philippines and the Philippines is not America. It ain’t that way anymore, and I refuse to dovetail under American foreign policy,” Duterte proclaimed in a candid interview with RT. Although Washington – which acquired the Philippines from Spain for just $20 million in the late 19th century – had “lived off […]

Warning of Iran, PM tells Holocaust forum: We remember the world turned its back

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu on Thursday told Holocaust survivors and world leaders that the world turned its back on Jews during the Holocaust, teaching the Jewish people that under threat they can only rely on themselves. Speaking at the World Holocaust Forum’s memorial to commemorate the 75th liberation of the Auschwitz-Birkenau death camp at Yad […]

‘I received an invitation to the US. Will I go? No,’ Philippine’s Duterte tells RT

The Filipino leader told RT’s Murad Gazdiev that he’s never been to the United State, even though he once received an offer from Obama to come to Washington. He said he turned down the invitation after being criticized by the Democratic president during a press conference. “He should have realized that I’m also the head […]

ADL tells Congress to curb online hate speech if social media giants won’t

ADL tells Congress to curb online hate speech if social media giants won’t Source Article from Hits: 20

US Reportedly Tells European Allies to Pressure Iran or Face 25% Auto Tariffs

Source 00:56 16.01.2020 Under the Trump administration, the United States has widely expanded its economic leverage to renegotiate international agreements which it considers inequitable to US economic or strategic interests. The Trump administration quietly threatened last week to impose tariffs on key European nations, just before they officially accused Iran of breaching the 2015 Joint Comprehensive […]

Retired Area 51 Employee Gets Drunk In Vegas and Tells The Truth

After getting crunk in Las Vegas, a retired Area 51 employee makes some startling admissions. How long do you think it’ll be until he ‘mysteriously’ disappears? If you needed any further proof about the shady practices at the world’s most infamous facility where alien technology is developed and tested, you’ve got it. Just listen to […]

Iraqi PM tells Pompeo that US must decide mechanism for troop withdrawal

Iraqi Prime Minister Adel Abdul-Mahdi has told the US secretary of state to send a delegation to Iraq tasked with formulating the mechanism for the withdrawal of American troops from Iraq, according to a statement released Friday. The statement, from the office of the Iraqi caretaker prime minister, said the request came in a telephone […]

Why we eat too much: the new science of appetite (and what it tells us about losing weight)

   Obesity is on the rise, and our approach to weight loss isn’t working. Dr Andrew Jenkinson explains why it’s time for a rethink Dr Andrew Jenkinson was once as prejudiced as most people are about obesity. He thought those who tipped the scales at 20st but carried on eating regardless, often bingeing on calorific […]

Rouhani tells Salih: Blood of commanders will strengthen Iran-Iraq bonds

Press TV – Iranian President Hassan Rouhani has made it clear in a phone call with his Iraqi counterpart, Barham Salih, that the two neighbors will remain close allies even as they mourn high-profile commanders recently assassinated by the United States. On Friday, the US military, under a direct order from President Donald Trump, targeted […]

US State Dept tells Americans to leave Iraq ‘immediately’ after assassination of Soleimani

“US citizens should depart via airline while possible, and failing that, to other countries via land,” the State Department advised. “Due to Iranian-backed militia attacks at the US Embassy compound [in Baghdad], all public consular operations are suspended until further notice.” The advisory comes in the immediate aftermath of the US assassination of Soleimani, commander […]

During Phone Call From His UK Prison Julian Assange Tells Friend ‘I’m Slowly Dying Here’

During a telephone call from his UK prison on Christmas eve, Julian Assange told his friend, British journalist Vaughan Smith, that he was “slowly dying” Smith told RT that the WikiLeaks founder sounded like a “shell of the man he once was” during the phone call adding that he had difficulty talking and appeared to […]

Tone-Deaf Biden Tells Coal Miners: ‘Learn to Code’

Democratic candidate Joe Biden urged displaced coal miners to take up coding and computer programming during a campaign stop in New Hampshire on Monday. Biden made the tone-deaf comment while discussing his plans for expanding “jobs of the future” if he wins the presidency in 2020. The former vice president declared that retraining programs were […]

Kevin Spacey Tells Fans to “Kill Them With Kindness” on Christmas Eve, Accuser Dies Next Day

(TMU) — Ari Behn, an author and former member of the Norwegian royal family reportedly killed himself on Christmas Day. Behn died at the age of 47, just two years after his divorce from Norwegian Princess Martha Louise. His divorce was finalized around the same time that he made headlines by accusing disgraced actor Kevin […]

City Tells Church It Will Lose Religious Designation Because It Shelters Homeless People

By John Vibes Earlier this week, on Christmas Eve, an order from the city of Cleveland was posted on the door of the Denison Avenue United Church of Christ, demanding that they kick out the homeless people that they had been allowing to sleep on their property or face losing their status with the city […]

Antichrist, Islam Allied Jesuit Pope Francis Tells Christian High School Students To Not Convert Nonbelievers

24 Bible Verses About Winning Souls To Jesus Christ (read more) The fruit of the righteous [is] a tree of life; and he that winneth souls [is] wise. – Proverbs 11:30 And he said unto them, Go ye into all the world, and preach the gospel to every creature. – Mark 16:15 Antichrist, Jesuit Pope […]

This Doctor Tells The Truth and Gets Death Threats From Other Doctors

Death threats. Hacked emails. “Twitter bombs.” Dr. Wen has experienced all of it. But why has she been attacked so thoroughly? Because she advocates for full transparency in medicine. She believes that all doctors should have to disclose how they were educated, how they’re paid, and any potential conflicts of interest in terms of who they’re […]

UK School Tells 6 Year-Old’s To Write Gay Love Letters – To Promote Diversity

A UK primary school made six year old children write “love letters” from one male fairy tale character to another male character, to promote diversity. The BBC’s Radio Manchester published a video on their Facebook page detailing the LGBTQ lesson back in September and it shows the 6-year-old’s being told to write gay love letters and marriage […]

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