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Case shelved against Shin Bet agents accused of torturing suspected terrorist

The attorney general on Sunday halted the investigation into the Shin Bet security service agents suspected of torturing a Palestinian terror suspect during an interrogation in 2019. The suspect, Samer Arbid, is believed to have been responsible for a deadly terror bombing on behalf of the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine in August […]

Red Cross fears US adding Yemen’s Houthis to terrorist list will have ‘chilling effect’ on humanitarian aid

The International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC) has said it is worried that the US designating Yemen’s Houthi rebels as a terrorist group will severely hurt much-needed humanitarian aid to the war-torn country. “In particular, the ICRC is concerned about the possible ‘chilling effect’ the designation may have on humanitarian action, leading to it […]

Iran’s President Compares ‘Great Big Terrorist’ Trump To Former Shah

Iranian president Hassan Rouhani has compared Donald Trump’s government with that of the former Shah of Iran. He said President Trump’s rule “with a mindset of a merchant and a gambler” is ending in scandal while hailing his departure. RT reports: Speaking to cabinet on Wednesday, President Hassan Rouhani said that, over the last three […]

Mother Jones Declares President Trump ‘a Terrorist Leader’

Left-wing website Mother Jones has formally declared President Donald Trump “a terrorist leader” following the protests in Washington, D.C., on Wednesday. Mother Jones writer David Corn published an article in the wake of the pro-Trump protests, entitled “Donald Trump Is Now a Terrorist Leader,” declaring “This is what Donald Trump has unleashed upon the United […]

Mother Jones’ David Corn Declares President Trump ‘a Terrorist Leader’

David Corn of the left-wing website Mother Jones is declaring President Donald Trump “a terrorist leader” after protesters breached the United States Capitol on Wednesday. Following protests at the U.S. Capitol, Corn ran a headline, titled “Donald Trump Is Now a Terrorist Leader,” declaring “This is what Donald Trump has unleashed upon the United States: […]

UK MPs Call for Iran’s IRGC to Be Designated a ‘Terrorist Organization’

Members of Iran’s Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps march in a parade in Tehran, Sept. 22, 2011. Photo: Reuters / Stringer / File. i24 News – The UK Parliament Foreign Affairs Committee released a report Wednesday, which recommended that the British government should designate Iran’s Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC) as a terrorist organization. Furthermore, the MPs […]

US labels Bahraini group Saraya al-Mukhtar terrorist, accuses Tehran of backing its plots against American soldiers

The US government has designated a Bahraini group as a terrorist organization, accusing it of being backed by Iran, plotting attacks against Americans soldiers in the kingdom, and offering cash for the assassination of officials. “Saraya al-Mukhtar is an Iran-backed terrorist organization based in Bahrain, reportedly receiving financial and logistic support from Iran’s Islamic Revolutionary […]

Antifa Terrorist Brutally Stabs 4 Trump Supporters in Washington, D.C.

An Antifa terrorist brutally stabbed four Trump supporters in Washington, D.C., on Saturday night. Disturbing videos on Twitter show the incident shortly before the Antifa suspect is captured by police. Reports indicate the four victims were transported to local hospitals. Two videos tweeted by Mauro Gomez shows a “BLM/Antifa allegedly stabs 2 Trump supporters.” […]

Indonesian police arrest top Jemaah Islamiah terrorist

Indonesian police said they have arrested one of the senior-most members of the Al Qaeda-linked terrorist group Jemaah Islamiah who is said to be behind the 2002 bombings on the resort island of Bali that killed over 200 people. Jemaah Islamiah’s stated aim is to build an Islamic caliphate in Southeast Asia. Zulkarnaen, one of […]

Gang of ‘violent ultra-left’ activists charged with forming ‘terrorist group’ to wage guerrilla warfare in France – reports

French police have arrested a group of left-wing radicals who are suspected of making bombs and plotting to wage urban warfare, reports say. The leader has allegedly fought alongside the Kurds in Syria. Seven people described as “ultra-left” were charged with forming a “terrorist criminal group” in order to carry out violent action, several French […]

Sen. Cruz reintroduces act to designate Muslim Brotherhood a terrorist group

Senator Ted Cruz (R-TX) reintroduced the Muslim Brotherhood Terrorist Designation Act this week, his office announced on Wednesday. The act urges the US State Department to designate the Muslim Brotherhood as a Foreign Terrorist Organization (FTO).“I am proud to reintroduce this bill and to advance America’s fight against radical Islamic terrorism,” said Cruz. “I commend […]

Slovenia declares Hezbollah a terrorist organization

Slovenia became the sixth EU member state to outlaw Hezbollah in its entirety on Monday.Ljubljana declared Hezbollah a “criminal and terrorist organization that represents a threat to peace and security,” Slovenia’s government news agency STA reported. “The work of Hezbollah is intertwined with organized crime and terrorist or paramilitary activity at the global level.”The government […]

Slovenia Labels Hezbollah in Its Entirety as Terrorist Group

Posters of Hezbollah’s flag and the terrorist group’s leader, Hassan Nasrallah, in Beirut. Photo: Al Aan Arabic Television via Wikimedia Commons. – Slovenia’s government announced on Monday that it “adopted a decision on treating the Hezbollah Group as a criminal and terrorist organization posing a threat to peace and security.” The government noted that […]

Terrorist Attackers of Vienna Austria revealed as ISIS sympathizers

    A fourth victim of the terrorist attack in the Austrian capital Vienna has died. One of the assailants was a young man who was convicted for attempting to join Islamic State (IS, formerly ISIS) militants in Syria last year. Austrian Chancellor Sebastian Kurz has confirmed that one more person has died, bringing the […]

Austria: Subhuman Terrorist Raghead Kills Five in Shooting Spree

Instead of heeding calls of Remove Kebab from Aryan white men, leftists and liberal white women demand more of these animals be allowed into Europe. The Guardian: Five people died during an attack in Austria’s capital on Monday night, including two male civilians and two female, and one gunman who was killed by police. Austrian chancellor […]

‘Allahu Akbar’ shouting Terrorist Attacks Vienna with AK47, Shooting at Civilians and Police

Home » Crimes, Eurabia, Europe, Terrorism » ‘Allahu Akbar’ shouting Terrorist Attacks Vienna with AK47, Shooting at Civilians and Police     As Austrian police say multiple attackers have taken part in a terrorist shooting in Vienna’s old city, images have emerged of a bearded man dressed in white and using an AK-style assault rifle […]

Vienna shooting: At least one dead and several injured in ‘terrorist’ incidents at six locations

Several people have been injured, some seriously, and at least one person has been killed in a shooting in central Vienna, according to police. One suspect was also shot dead and a police officer is among the injured, they added. Austrian interior minister Karl Nehammer said in an interview on ORF that the incident appeared […]

Abu Dhabi crown prince condemns terrorist attacks in France

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Interior Minister says France should brace for more terrorist attacks fueled by ‘Islamist ideology’

    France must be prepared for more attacks on its soil, Interior Minister Gerald Darmanin has warned following a deadly killing spree at a church in France. He said that the nation is battling against Islamic extremism. “We are in a war against an enemy that is both inside and outside,” Darmanin told RTL […]

Terrorist attack in France: Muslim Kills 3 Catholics, 2 BEHEADED inside in Notre Dame Church

    A knife-wielding attacker beheaded two of the three victims at the Notre Dame church in the center of the French resort city of Nice, First Deputy Mayor Anthony Borré told RT France. Shocking media reports on Thursday morning indicated that one of the churchgoers was beheaded, but the deputy mayor of Nice confirmed […]

France Beheading Terrorist Revealed to be Boat Refugee Who Arrived Via Italy

    [embedded content] The terrorist who beheaded a woman and killed two others near a church in Nice, France has been revealed to be a Tunisian boat migrant who arrived on the Mediterranean island of Lampedusa last month. The attack followed the beheading of Samuel Paty earlier this month, a school teacher who was […]

France Beheading Terrorist Revealed to be Boat Migrant Who Arrived Via Italy

A 19-year-old Swedish man who was stabbed to death by a Sudanese migrant while trying to prevent the culprit from raping his girlfriend was targeted because the migrant thought he was “racist” for owning a Sweden Democrats cap. The results of the police investigation into the incident, which occurred in Härnösand on May 10 this […]

France: Raghead Terrorist Murders Three People in Christian Church

Filthy ragheads are waging war against the white race and Christendom. Chicago Tribune: An attacker armed with a knife killed three people at a church Thursday in the Mediterranean city of Nice, authorities said. It was the third attack in two months in France. The assailant was wounded by police and hospitalized after the killings […]

Remember, Journalist Serena Shim was assassinated for telling the “terrorist truth” about the Western-directed Syrian War.

by Finian Cunningham This week is the sixth anniversary of Serena Shim’s death, a brave journalist who exposed the real nature of the war in Syria as being a covert aggression by foreign powers for regime change. That nefarious foreign-sponsored assault on Syria involved multiple war crimes committed by governments who claim to be democratic […]

France to dissolve Muslim NGOs branded ‘Enemies of Republic’ in wake of Terrorist Beheading

    French Interior Minister Gerald Darmanin has vowed to crack down on “enemy” Muslim groups and extremism online in response to the gruesome murder of a middle school teacher, Samuel Paty. “Arrests have been made since Sunday. Police operations have been underway since this morning, and will continue. There are very numerous and concern […]

The killing of the terrorist with nine lives changed the course of the second intifada

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WATCH: Sen. Rand Paul Calls BLM A Terrorist Organization During Hearing

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Maduro Accuses US of Allowing CIA to Carry Out “Terrorist” Actions in Venezuela

By Staff, Agencies Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro said that US President Donald Trump’s administration gave its approval to the Central Intelligence Agency [CIA] to carry out recent “covert and terrorist operations” against an array of targets in the country. “They have given the CIA the green light to come with direct agents to covert and […]

Ihan Omar Shifts Tone on 9/11: ‘One of the Most Horrific Terrorist Attacks We Have Lived Through’

Rep. Ilhan Omar (D-MN) described September 11, 2001, as the “one of the most horrific terrorist attacks that we have lived through” in a video posted on the 19th anniversary of the attacks, over one year after describing 9/11 as a day “some people did something.” “I mean, I was 18-years-old when that happened,” Omar […]

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