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Hillary Clinton Says Trump Supporters Are “Domestic Terrorists” Who Need to be Tracked & Surveilled

Hillary Clinton has called Trump supporters “white supremacists” and “domestic terrorists” following last weeks chaos at the Capitol In an op-ed for the Washington Post, Clinton also said that they should be tracked and surveilled. The Gateway Pundit reports: Not all protesters who stormed the US Capitol last week were Trump supporters. According to a […]

‘Warmongering lies’: Tehran hits back after Pompeo claims Al-Qaeda terrorists set up new base in Iran

America’s “declassifications” of information about Iran are “fictitious,” Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif has tweeted. It followed US State Secretary Mike Pompeo accusing Iran, without proof, of harboring Al-Qaeda’s base. “Mr. ‘we lie, cheat, steal’ is pathetically ending his disastrous career with more warmongering lies,” Zarif wrote in a fiery message in the wake of Pompeo’s […]

John McCain’s Daughter Says ‘MAGA Terrorists’ Should Be Sent To GITMO

The daughter of deceased Senator John McCain says that rioters involved in the unrest at the Capitol are domestic terrorists that “should be treated the same way we treat Al-Qaeda.” On Monday morning, Meghan McCain who is co-host of the The View talk show, insisted that the “domestic MAGA terrorists” who broke into the Capitol should be […]

Left-Wing Terrorists Bombed the Senate in 1983; Bill Clinton Let Them Out of Prison Early – at Nadler’s Request

On his final day in office President Bill Clinton commuted the sentences of a pair of leftist terrorists who had bombed the U.S. Capitol building in 1983. Fact: House Judiciary Committee Chairman @RepJerryNadler got President Clinton to pardon terrorist Susan Rosenberg, who planted a bomb outside the US Senate chamber in 1983 to try to […]

Munich Olympics Official Who Negotiated With Palestinian Terrorists Dies at 91

An image of one of the Palestinian terrorists who took part in the 1972 Munich Olympics massacre. Photo: Wikimedia Commons. The International Olympic Committee announced yesterday the death of Walther Tröger, a former Mayor of the Olympic Village during the 1972 Munich games who took part in failed negotiations with Palestinian terrorists.  On Sept. 5, […]

Islamic State Terrorists Shoot to Death Five Kidnapped Men After Each Declares ‘I’m a Christian’

JOS, Nigeria (Morning Star News) – Islamic extremist terrorists who kidnapped 11 Christians in northeast Nigeria on Dec. 25 have executed five of them, according to a video released by the Islamic State’s AMAQ News agency. The 49-second video, dated Dec. 29, shows five armed members of the Islamic State West Africa Province (ISWAP) lining up behind […]

French Court Convicts 14 Accomplices of Islamist Terrorists Behind 2015 Massacres at Magazine, Kosher Market in Paris

A man pays silent tribute to the victims of the January 2015 Hyper Cacher and Charlie Hebdo terrorist massacres in Paris, France. Photo: Reuters / Yves Herman. The harrowing trial of 14 accomplices in the January 2015 Islamist terror attacks in Paris came to an end on Wednesday, with a series of prison sentences ranging […]

Authorities Discover Large Quantities of Weapons Hidden by Terrorists in Southern Syria

 DECEMBER 14, 2020 ARABI SOURI  Syrian law enforcement authorities discovered weapons and munition in large quantities left behind by Al Qaeda affiliated terrorist groups in the southern region of the country, the Syrian news agency SANA reported. Thanks to the essential help of the locals, the law enforcement agencies and with the cooperation of the Syrian […]

Will Biden’s America Stop Creating Terrorists?

By Medea Benjamin and Nicolas J. S. Davies, Popular Resistance. December 15, 2020 | Educate! Above photo: Medea Benjamin, CODEPINK. Joe Biden will take command of the White House at a time when the American public is more concerned about battling coronavirus than fighting overseas wars. But America’s wars rage on regardless, and the militarized […]

Boko Haram motorcycle Muslim terrorists Kill Dozens of Farmers in Nigeria

    A “gruesome” massacre against farmers in northeastern Nigeria killed “tens of people”, the United Nations said late on Sunday, amending an earlier statement putting the death toll at 110. The killings took place in the early afternoon of Saturday in the village of Koshobe and other rural communities in the Jere local government […]

Internet Privacy to be BANNED in the EU in order to Spy on the Islamic Terrorists THEY Brought in

    The European Union is moving to ban end-to-end encrypted communication. An EU council of ministers resolution spearheaded by French Prime Minister Emmanuel Macron and Austrian Chancellor Sebastian Kurz of the conservative Austrian People’s Party would mandate that apps such as Telegram, Signal, and WhatsApp provide European intelligence services with backdoor access in order […]

Erdogan Terrorists Looted and Burned Several Houses in Northern Syria

Posted on November 26, 2020 by martyrashrakat  NOVEMBER 25, 2020 ARABI SOURI Terrorists loyal to the Turkish madman Erdogan burned several houses of local Syrians in the village of Bab Al Faraj, in the northern Hasakah countryside. The anti-Islamic Muslim Brotherhood terrorists in their continuous crimes to Israelize the northern regions of Syria under their control looted the […]

Trump hands Biden a precedent: Terrorists can be negotiated with

Download App© Haaretz Daily Newspaper Ltd. All Rights Reserved News and Partnerships Life and Culture Columnists and Opinion Haaretz Heb and TheMarker, the online edition of Haaretz Newspaper in Israel, and analysis from Israel and the Middle East © Haaretz Daily Newspaper Ltd. All Rights Reserved 00 Hits: 10

Pastor in Nigeria Appeals for Release from Islamist Terrorists

JOS, Nigeria (Morning Star News) – A church pastor in Nigeria who went missing on Oct. 19 has been captured along with two Christian women by militants of the Islamic State West Africa Province (ISWAP), according to a video released by the terrorist group. In the video clip uploaded on YouTube, Polycarp Zongo of the Church of Christ In Nations (COCIN) […]

Former NYPD Commissioner: Dems ‘Surrendered America’s Cities to Domestic Terrorists’

Former New York City Police Department commissioner Howard Safir has blasted Democrat mayors and city councils for “surrendering” America’s great cities to “domestic terrorists.” Safir remarks came during an appearance on SiriusXM’s Breitbart News Daily. “It’s the Democratic cities who have basically ceded their cities to what got called ‘peaceful protesters’ but are really people who are […]

Former NYPD Commissioner: Democrats Gave Their Cities to Domestic Terrorists

Democrat mayors and city councils have surrendered America’s largest cities to “domestic terrorists,” said Howard Safir, former New York City police commissioner and fire commissioner, offering his remarks on Monday’s edition of SiriusXM’s Breitbart News Daily with host Alex Marlow. Safir said, “It’s the Democratic cities who have basically ceded their cities to what got […]

The Rothschild Zionists Are the Real Terrorists!

ON MAY 16, 2018 BY YUKON JACK If the United States wanted to end terror all it has to do is use its superior technology to blow away the real terrorists, who have addresses and homes, who’s whereabouts are exactly known at all times.  The fact that Soros/Netanyahu/Rothschilds are still alive proves the criminal nature of the American […]

Now the geoengineeres and pyro-terrorists are burning down California’s wine country

By JOSEPH SERNA, PAIGE ST. JOHNLA Times SANTA ROSA —  Perhaps no part of California has felt more threatened by fire in recent years than the vast expanse of wine country and the Redwood Empire north of San Francisco. More than 9,000 structures were lost and dozens of people were killed in 2017, when fires swept […]

Domestic Terrorists in Philadelphia Chase And Assault People For Being “Nazis”

Domestic terrorism is apparently completely “kosher” as long as the attacks are directed at White people, especially when the terrorists support Black Lives Matter and scream “Nazi!” The first video out of Philadelphia shows a White man being chased by masked terrorists through a park. “Holy shit you made a bad mistake,” one says. Another […]

AntiFa Terrorists Assemble and Demand: “George Soros, where’s my money!?”

George Soros where’s my money Antifa shouts out loud ? — (@OMARRSHABAZZ) September 20, 2020 00 Hits: 9

Black Lives Matter Terrorists Blocking the ER and Wishing Death on Ambushed Police Officers

‘We HOPE THEY DIE’: Blocking emergency room and wishing death on ambushed officers may be final straw in BLM’s PR suicide FILE PHOTO; People take part in an All Black Lives Matter march in Hollywood, Los Angeles, California, U.S., June 14, 2020. © REUTERS/Ringo Chiu REUTERS/Ringo Chiu By Tony Cox, a US journalist who has written […]

Democrat & MSM Terrorists Starting Fires Across U.S. To Blame Trump And Climate Change — Watch Live!

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Donald Trump: Joe Biden Will Appease Domestic Terrorists, I Will Arrest Them

President Donald Trump on Tuesday continued campaigning against the violent radical left rioters in America’s major cities, describing them as “domestic terrorists.” “Biden’s plan is to appease the domestic terrorists. My plan is to arrest them,” Trump said as the crowd cheered. Trump accused former Vice President Joe Biden of ignoring the violence, looting, and […]

Treacherous Ted Wheeler Suddenly Declares a Riot as Terrorists Approach His Portland Home

“It was critical to secure the area to allow firefighters to respond to this dangerous situation,” police said By David Aaro | Fox News Portland Police declared a riot on Monday after roughly hundreds of protesters marched on Mayor Ted Wheeler’s residence at a condominium tower to demand his resignation, according to reports. The crowd of about 200 were there […]

BUSTED! U.S. Marshals Confiscate Riot Gear and Fireworks Headed to BLM and AntiFa Terrorists in Kenosha

by: Lance D Johnson (Natural News) US Marshals intercepted a cache of battle supplies that were being transported into Kenosha, Wisconsin by Antifa/BLM support groups. The civil unrest in Kenosha has gone on for nearly a week and is becoming more violent than ever before. Journalists and police officers have been threatened by thugs with […]

Democrat Terrorists Burn Down America As RNC Night 3 Goes Live

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U.S. Has Become Country Where Terrorists, Baby Rapers, Rapists Have All the Rights!

WATCH Antifa clash with Proud Boys in Portland, as police refuse to declare a riot & let violent brawls ‘resolve themselves’ 24 Aug, 2020 23:34Get short URL A police officer extinguishes a fire on the Portland Police North Precinct building during a protest in Portland, Oregon, August 23, 2020. ©  Reuters / Terray Sylvester Follow RT onActivists […]

Yemeni Armed Forces Spokesman: Terrorists Targeted in Yemen’s Al-Baydha Received Arab, Western Support

By Staff, Agencies The Yemeni Armed Forces said Daesh [the Arabic acronym for ‘ISIS/ISIL’] and al-Qaeda terrorists recently targeted in operations in the province of al-Baydha received support from the Saudi-led coalition waging war on Yemen and Western countries. The Yemeni forces confirmed that its operation in al-Baydha targeted a coalition of aggression-related takfiri and […]

Black Emo Tranny Can’t Argue With Facts About BLM Terrorists

Black emo tranny doesn’t want to hear the truth about its race. Sub my bitchute. Help out a nigga in need, yo! 00 Hits: 4

There are reasons why the Zionist terrorists bombed Beirut on August 4th

It’s the very same reason the Anglo-American Axis droppedthe 2 atom bombs on Japan during World War 2 in thebeginning of August of 1945. State of the Nation “The United States detonated two nuclear weapons over the Japanese cities of Hiroshima and Nagasaki on August 6 and 9, 1945, respectively, with the consent of the […]

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