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Who are the Narco-Terrorists: George H. Walker Bush: The Bush Family and the Mexican Drug Cartel

In December 2019, Donald Trump offered to intervene in Mexico, i.e. “to go after the Drug Cartels”. The Mexican president turned down Trump’s generous offer. And then President Trump confirmed that his administration was considering categorizing “drug cartels” as “terrorists”,  akin to Al Qaeda (with the exception that they are “Catholic terrorists”). They would henceforth be designated […]

NEO – How Erdogan moved Uyghur terrorists into Syria with Turkish passports

The Uyghur Wuc Is Used by the West – to Detonate the World by Andre Vltchek, …with New Eastern Outlook, Moscow,  [ Editor’s Note: The Uyghur jihadis in Syria have pretty much gotten a free ride there by Western media. It seems the press barons wanted to keep the stink on China as the bogeyman […]

SDF Releases ISIS Terrorists in Eastern Syria (video)

On March 23, Russian and Turkish forces carried out a second limited joint patrol in southern Idlib. The patrol involved six armoured vehicles and took place along a short chunk of the M4 highway west of the government-controlled town of Saraqib. This part of the highway remains the only safe place within the entire security […]

ISIS Warns Islamic Terrorists Against Traveling to Europe For Attacks Because of Coronavirus

ISIS has warned its jihadist followers not to travel to Europe to engage in terror attacks because of the coronavirus outbreak. Reversing its previous calls for jihadists to target European cities, the terrorist group advised supporters not to enter “the land of the epidemic”. ISIS also appeared to back World Health Organization guidance to the […]

President al Assad: Erdogan fights beside terrorists out of his Muslim Brotherhood extremism

Damascus, SANA-President Bashar al-Assad affirmed that Head of the Turkish regime, Erdogan, fights beside terrorists out of his brotherhood ideology, so even Erdogan himself is unable to tell the Turks why he is sending his army to fight in Syria.  The single reason is the Muslim Brotherhood and it has nothing to do with Turkish […]

Terrorists poison themselves with chemical weapons in Idlib after trying to use them against Syrian army – Russian MоD

   Jihadist militants have attempted to carry out a chemical weapons attack in a bid to foil a Syrian army attack, but lack of experience dealing with hazardous substances turned against them, Russia’s Defense Ministry said. Over a dozen terrorists tried to use their weapon of last resort in the strategic town of Saraqeb, which […]

Breaking: Terrorists Attempt Chemical Attack in Idlib

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Terrorists tried to use chemical weapons in Idlib against Syrian army, got BURNED after substance leaked – Russian MоD

Over a dozen terrorists tried to use their weapon of last resort in the strategic town of Saraqeb, which sits on an important highway juncture in Syria’s Idlib province, according to the Russian Reconciliation Center for Syria. READ MORE: VIDEO of fake chemical attack in Syria already complete, White Helmets co-produced footage – Moscow In […]

Trump Announces Unit to Strip Citizenship From Foreign-Born Communists, Terrorists, Sex Offenders

President Donald Trump’s administration has announced a new Justice Department unit focused on revoking U.S. citizenship from foreign-born terrorists, communists, sex offenders and other degenerates who obtained US citizenship through “concealment of a material fact or by willful misrepresentation.” “When a terrorist or sex offender becomes a U.S. citizen under false pretenses, it is an […]

Syria has every right to fight terrorists in Idlib and Russia can’t interfere – Moscow

Ankara lost 33 soldiers in the northwestern Syrian province after they were targeted by a Syrian airstrike. Commenting on the tragedy on Friday, Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov said the deaths were undoubtedly a tragedy, for which Moscow expresses its condolences. However, Ankara shares part of the blame for what happened, both because it failed […]

DHS Whistleblower, Who Said Obama Admin Let Islamic Terrorists Kill Americans, Found Dead

Department of Homeland Security whistleblower Philip Haney, who spoke out against his own agency and claimed the Obama administration could have stopped many terrorist attacks, has been found dead with a gunshot wound in California.  No arrests have been made by authorities and a motive has not been made clear, however multiple friends of Haney’s claim […]

Saudi Arabia Arming Terrorists in SE Iran – IRGC Ground Force Commander

By Staff, Agencies Commander of the Islamic Revolution Guard Corps [IRGC] Ground Force Brigadier General Mohammad Pakpour accused Saudi Arabia of having sent at least three planeloads of arms and military equipment to the so-called “Jaish ul-Adl” terrorist group in Iran’s southeast borders. Speaking at gathering of officials from the Iranian Armed Forces in Tehran […]

Turkey support for Idlib terrorists boomerangs on Erdogan

Turkey informs Russia of its ‘clear’ policy in NW Syria …from the Anadula Agency, Turkey [ Editor’s Note: Erdogan begins rolling out his international sob story but forgets we have a long list of the depredations he has inflicted upon Syria during his phony ceasefire pledge. The chickens may have come home to roost for […]

Iran backs Syria’s fight against terrorists: Parl. Speaker

MNA – In a meeting with Syrian President Bashar Assad, Iranian Parliament Speaker Ali Larijani said that Tehran supports Syria’s fight against terrorists. He made the remarks in his meeting with Syrian President Bashar al-Assad in Damascus on Sunday. In this meeting, Syrian President Bashar al-Assad said that terrorists have taken civilians as hostages and […]

Syria Opens M5 Highway in Defeat for Turkish Backed Terrorists and, of course, Donald Trump

For the first time in about 8 years of the war, Syrian government forces have established control of the entire M5 highway, which runs from the border with Jordan through Damascus, Homs and Hama to Aleppo. During the first half of February 12th, the Syrian Army and Iranian-backed militias recaptured the Rashidin 4 district from […]

SAA Liberates Khan al-Asal, al-Rashidin 4 from Terrorists; Thwart Car Bomb Atrocity

February 11, 2020 Miri Wood Syrian Arab Army has liberated Khan al Asal & al Rashidin. The Syrian Arab Army (SAA) continues to liberate “every inch” of its country from NATO supported terrorists. On Tuesday, 11 February, Khan al-Asal and al-Rashidin have been emptied of terrorist savages. Today, the takfiri savages sent a car bomb to […]

Suspected terrorists & war criminals that Sweden cannot deport given job permits & passports, warns migration chief

The northern European country is remarkably welcoming to foreigners seeking refuge, but Sweden can reject an application on security grounds. The Swedish Security Service (SÄPO) has the authority to deport a person it deems to be a threat due to suspected links to terrorism or allegations that the applicant has committed serious crimes. But ordering […]

Syrian army only targets terrorists, who are still active in Idlib despite de-escalation agreement with Turkey – Kremlin

Turkey has failed to clear the de-escalation zone in Syria’s Idlib Province of jihadist groups, despite promising to do so under the 2018 ceasefire agreement reached by Moscow and Ankara, the spokesperson for the Kremlin Dmitry Peskov told reporters on Wednesday. “These groups are still attacking the Syrian forces from Idlib, as well as conducting […]

Indian politician calls for burqa ban claiming ‘terrorists’ use them to hide from police

In an apparent reference to the recent violent protests against the controversial Citizenship Amendment Act (CAA) which have swept India, Singh claimed that criminals and “terrorists” were using the burqa to conceal their identities.  Also on Indian women’s college bans burqas as part of dress code crackdown The poitician from the ruling Bharatiya Janata […]

NATO Armed Terrorists Bomb Aleppo Neighborhood; Murder 4, Injure 7

February 5, 2020 Miri Wood The Syrian Arab Army is on the verge of liberating the strategic city of Saraqib in Idlib governate. In response, the criminally insane degenerates fueled by Captagon, and armed by NATO, fired rockets into another residential neighborhood. Four civilians were murdered, seven others injured, some seriously, and several homes were damaged. The […]

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