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Cops Proudly Brag About Terrorizing the Poor During Christmas with “Homeless Quilt”

By Jack Burns Mobile, AL — Two Mobile panhandling prevention police officers made international headlines and drew criticism for their perceived insensitivity this Christmas. They fashioned what they called a “quilt” out of many of the panhandling signs they confiscated from the homeless. According to WKRG the controversy began last week when: A Mobile Police […]

H.S. Teacher In Support of Physically and Psychologically Terrorizing Children With Demonic Looking Drag Queens Says Parents Shouldn’t Have “Final Say” In Raising Their Children

Paul Joseph Watson | – November 28, 2019 A teacher at a school in Texas said parents shouldn’t have the “final say” in raising their own kids after some of them complained about a drag queen visiting the school to give a talk to the children. Willis High School was paid a visit by […]

“Terrorizing the Populace”: Report Finds CIA-Backed Death Squads in Afghanistan Committing War Crimes, Atrocities

October 31, 2019 By Eoin Higgins CIA-backed death squads in Afghanistan have committed a number of human rights violations over the last year, a Human Rights Watch report found Thursday, and the militant groups are likely to be the lasting legacy of the U.S. war in the country. “They do counterinsurgency the old-fashioned way,” tweeted […]

Gideon Levy: Why Israeli Police Are Terrorizing This Palestinian Village

Mohammed Obeid’s picture on a door, his brother next to it. Credit: Alex Levac Israeli police in the village of Isawiyah have an agenda, and it involves brutality, incitement, humiliation, and violence. by Gideon Levy and Alex Levac, reposted from Ha’aretz On Sunday, the Obeid family wanted to arrange a meal in memory of their son, […]

Trump Gives Up Citizenship Question but Doubles Down on Terrorizing Immigrants

On July 11, President Trump gave up his fight to ask people about their citizenship on the 2020 census. The question, which the administration has been trying to add to the census since 2017, would have resulted in a significant undercount by dissuading people in households with undocumented residents from responding to the census. An […]

Paragliding “Troll” Has Allegedly Been Terrorizing English Town by Flying Low and Shouting Insults

For the past couple of years, the people of Bexhill-on-Sea, in the UK, have had to put up with the antics of an “evil” paraglider who likes nothing more than to intimidate them by flying super low over their heads and shouting all kinds of obscenities. Last week, Sussex Police and the Civil Aviation Authority […]

Oil Company “Man Camps” in ND Terrorizing and Sex Trafficking Native American Kids and Adults

By John Vibes New Town, ND – The recent disappearance of a 32-year-old mother has shed new light on the growing problem of violence against women that live near the booming oil fields of North Dakota. Over a month ago, Olivia Lone Bear went missing from Fort Berthold Reservation and has not been […]

The Insidious ISIS-US Relationship. The West is Terrorizing and Destroying Countries

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‘F*ggots will burn in hell’: Cop investigated for terrorizing gay child on school bus

     The parents of a high school teenager were left horrified last week after finding out that their son had been publicly chastised and humiliated by a Clay County Sheriff’s Deputy for being gay. An investigation into the deputy is underway and the ACLU has gotten on board too. Clay County sheriff’s deputy Robert Belt […]

Indonesia Deploys Soldiers To Protect Against Terrorizing Monkeys

“Slingshots, paintball, or firecrackers can scare them,” Huda said. “But monkeys are intelligent, if the people have used a slingshot, tomorrow they have to use something else. Monkeys can read these tactics.” Source: Source Article from Hits: 5

Turkey Between Two Fascisms

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SOTT Exclusive: What is Applied Kinesiology and what can it do for you?

     I’ve seen a lot of different healers thus far in my lifetime. Obviously, being from western culture, I’ve been to conventional doctors (also known as biomedical doctors, western doctors, ‘evidence-based’ doctors [yeah, right!], etc) and like most people who’ve seen conventional doctors for any kind of chronic, non-acute condition, I found their ability to […]

Rebel Assassins Terrorizing Libyans

by Stephen Lendman   In his new article headlined, “9/11 After A Decade: Have We Learned Anything?” Paul Craig Roberts said: “Today Americans are unsafe, not because of terrorists and domestic extremists, but because they have lost their civil liberties and no protection from unaccountable government power.” So have millions under occupation and/or attack by […]

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