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Steele testifies in UK, admits to deep ties with Clinton machine (Video) — The Duran

The Duran Quick Take: Episode 543. via Steele testifies in UK, admits to deep ties with Clinton machine (Video) — The Duran Source Article from Hits: 10

OPCW Investigator Testifies At UN That No Chemical Attack Took Place In Douma, Syria

In testimony before the United Nations Security Council, former OPCW inspection team leader and engineering expert Ian Henderson stated that their investigation in Douma, Syria suggested no chemical attack took place. But their findings were suppressed. Video and a transcript of former OPCW engineer and dissenter Ian Henderson’s UN testimony appears at the end of […]

‘Absolutely unaware’: Assange testifies in trial of Spanish company that spied on WikiLeaks founder inside embassy

   WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange briefly stepped out of maximum security prison in the UK to testify via video-link in a Spanish case against a company that spied on him inside the Ecuadorian embassy, allegedly on the US’ behalf. Assange, who is being held at Belmarsh prison in southern London pending his hearing on extradition […]

Watch Live: Former Ukraine Ambassador Testifies About "Concerted Campaign" To Oust Her

In part two of Democrats’ impeachment hearing drama, the public will hear from former American Ambassador to Ukraine Marie Yovanovitch, who was removed from her post in the spring. Yovanovitch was removed from her post in the spring by the administration, and has been cast by Democrats as an honorable public servant sacked for tying […]

Rex Tillerson Testifies At Climate Fraud Trial Against ExxonMobil

Rex Tillerson Testifies At Climate Fraud Trial Against ExxonMobil Above Photo: Rex Tillerson was Exxon’s CEO from 2006 until his retirement shortly before becoming U.S. secretary of state in the Trump administration in 2017. President Donald Trump fired him a year later. Credit: Nicholas Kamm/AFP/Getty Images The former Exxon CEO, once Trump’s secretary of state, […]

Special Report: Acting DNI testifies before Congress on Trump Ukraine phone call

Source Article from Hits: 17

Dr. Leroy Hulsey Testifies before “9/11 Panel of Attorneys” Concerning Controlled Demolition of WTC7 (Video)

    Source Article from Hits: 20

NXIVM Trial: Mexican Former Teen Slave Testifies As More Mexico Trafficking Connections Exposed

A former NXIVM sex cult slave named “Daniela” testified Thursday in the trial of cult leader Keith Raniere, noting that she joined the cult at age 16 in 2002. The alleged visa and immigration fraud involved in Daniela’s years with the cult underscores the extent to which NXIVM had deep connections to […]

‘I Was in One Mode: Protect Keith’: NXIVM Member testifies about her time in the sex cult

   In March 2018, Lauren Salzman, a high-ranking member in the self-empowerment organization NXIVM and a so-called “master” in the alleged sex cult DOS, was making a smoothie in the kitchen of a house outside Puerto Vallarta, Mexico, when her friend Loreta Garza, another NXIVM member, burst into the room. She told Salzman that cops […]

Lisa Page Testifies That The DOJ Ordered The FBI Not To Indict Hillary Clinton

The Facts: The National Order of Biologists made a €10,000 donation to a group that questions the safety of vaccines. The Infanrix Hexa vaccine was the first one tested, and results showed no trance of antigens and a high level of contamination. Reflect On: Why is this not big news? Why does the vaccine not […]

Former FBI Director James Comey testifies ‘there’s no deep state’

That will cabin the damage and reduce it, but, in the long term, this will be another one of those jags in American’s line that we look at and say, look at the progress we made after this.   Every time there’s great change in this country, we retreat.  Right?  Our upward line is an […]

Michigan state senator testifies to his "serious concerns" about the health risks of cell phones, WiFi routers, and smart meters

(Natural News) Concerns about soon-to-be-everywhere 5g technology (and really, WiFi and cellphone radiation in general) are on the rise. Studies continue to point to a substantial number of health risks associated with exposure to the radio-frequency (RF) radiation and electromagnetic field (EMF) radiation these kinds of things emit. Despite the growing body […]

Whistleblower Testifies Facebook Listens to You EVERYWHERE—Here’s How To Stop It

By Matt Agorist In June of 2016, as Instagram celebrated reaching 500 million monthly users, Mark Zuckerberg, CEO of Facebook, posted a photo of himself enjoying the moment. The photo quickly went viral, not because people like Zuckerberg, but because it showed the owner of a company—that requests permission to record through your […]

FBI Informant Testifies: Hillary Took Millions From Moscow As Part Of Uranium Deal

An undercover FBI informant has testified to Congress that Hillary Clinton illegally took millions of dollars from Moscow as part of the Uranium One deal. FBI informant William Campbell told Congressional investigators he had collected over 5,000 documents over a six year period which conclusively prove the Clinton Foundation laundered huge amounts of money out […]

FLASHBACK: Jeff Sessions testifies before House Judiciary Committee

     Rep. Louie Gohmert (R-Texas) famously brought a chart to Attorney General Jeff Sessions’s testimony before the House Judiciary Committee this week. After listening to the attorney general for five hours, I made one of my own; more on that below. Reporters and casual viewers alike had been waiting with bated breath for the hearing’s […]

Fired FBI Director Comey testifies about talks with Trump and “this Russia thing”

nsnbc : Fired FBI Director James Comey testified on Thursday, before the Senate’s Intelligence Committee, telling U.S. lawmakers that President Donald Trump expected him […]

Trump’s Poll Numbers Drop to Historic Lows as Comey Testifies to Senate

Susanne Posel ,Chief Editor Occupy Corporatism | Host of Hardline Radio Show Donald Trump is one of the most unpopular presidents in US history, but the swiftness with which the American public have voiced with disapproval with this administration is impressive. According to a new Quinnipac University poll , Trump’s approval rating has dropped to […]

Former CIA Director Testifies About Concerns Russia Successfully Recruited Trump Campaign Aides Last Year

Susanne Posel ,Chief Editor Occupy Corporatism | Host of Hardline Radio Show John Brennan, former director of the CIA told lawmakers on Capitol Hill that he had concerns Trump campaign members had been successfully recruited to assist in their manipulation of last year’s election. Brennan said: “I encountered and am aware of information and intelligence […]

Neo’s Passport In The Matrix Expired On September 11, 2001

Many eerie references in film, TV and music were made to 9/11 before the attacks actually occurred. Among them is a passport for the character Neo in the film The Matrix, released in 1999.  In the film, Neo’s passport is clearly shown to have an expiration date of ’11 SEP 01′ – a weird coincidence some two […]

Music of the Boervolk

The soul of a people is in their folk music. Each expression of the White race has its own signature sound and style. In my research for the composition of the “True Story of Whites in South Africa” script, I have come across some fantastic music from the Boervolk. It is an upbeat and unique style […]

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