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CNN’s Henderson: Black Speakers at RNC ‘Had to Testify’ and Be ‘Trump’s Black Friend’

During CNN’s coverage of the 2020 Republican National Convention on Thursday, CNN Senior Political Reporter Nia-Malika Henderson stated that “Almost all” of the black speakers at the RNC “had to testify and be Donald Trump’s black friend, tonight, and throughout, I think, this whole convention.” Henderson said that the McCloskeys “set the tone for the week. You […]

FBI Agents Set To Testify Against Comey & Obama Threatened With Murder

Multiple FBI agents set to testify against Barack Obama and James Comey say they are being threatened with murder for daring to speak out.  According to multiple reports, rank-and-file FBI agents who are desperate to testify against the Obama administration for their criminal misdeeds, feel they can’t due to a very real chance of reprisal […]

Julian Assange willing to testify on alleged Russian hacking

     WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange is reportedly willing to testify in the investigation surrounding alleged Russian meddling in the 2016 US presidential election. The claim that Assange is willing to speak to congressional investigators was made on Friday by his long-time associate, Randy Credico. Radio host Credico told MSNBC’s Ari Melber that Assange wanted to […]

Assange willing to testify on alleged Russian hacking

The claim that Assange is willing to speak to congressional investigators was made on Friday by his long-time associate, Randy Credico. Radio host Credico told MSNBC’s Ari Melber that Assange wanted to speak with Democrat Adam Schiff “clear this whole thing up.” Back to ‘normal’? Ecuador withdraws Assange’s extra security at London embassy Credico challenged […]

‘Too young to testify’: Rape case of 2yo alleged victim is shelved

“The perpetrator [creche employee] was arrested. We have a case number, and my daughter’s forensic examination confirmed that she was raped,” the mother told News24 in an email. “The prosecutor said they could not pursue the conviction due to lack of evidence and my daughter was deemed too young. My daughter has outstanding language ability […]

‘No Attack, No Victims, No Chemical Weapons’: Douma Witnesses Testify to OPCW in The Hague

Yesterday, both Syria and Russia presented witnesses to Organization for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons (OPCW) in in The Hague, Netherlands. Multiple witness and participants in the White Helmets video testified of a ‘staged’ gas attack in the Syrian town of Douma, as well as how the online video productions supplied to western governments and […]

Breaking: Watch Mark Zuckerberg Testify Before Congress

Mark Zuckerberg is testifying at a joint hearing of the Senate Judiciary and Commerce committees Tuesday, in the first of two congressional hearings for the Facebook founder and CEO. The company is facing questions following reports that research firm Cambridge Analytica improperly gained access to the personal data of as many as 87 million Facebook users. Zuckerberg is […]

US Senate committee wants Facebook’s Zuckerberg to testify over Cambridge Analytica scandal

     A US Senate committee wants Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg to testify on the Cambridge Analytica scandal, which revealed how Facebook users’ data was used by the consulting firm to influence the 2016 US Presidential election. Senators John Thune (R-S.D.) and Bill Nelson (D-Fla.), the chairman and ranking member of the Committee on Commerce, Science […]

Senate Judiciary Dem calls on Zuckerberg to testify before committee

Sen. Amy Klobuchar (D-Minn.) on Saturday called on Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg to testify before the Senate Judiciary committee following reports that a data firm took Facebook users private information for President Trump’s 2016 presidential campaign.  “Facebook breach: This is a major breach that must be investigated. It’s clear these platforms can’t police themselves. I’ve called for more […]

Despite subpoena, Bannon will not testify before House committee

     Former White House senior strategist Steve Bannon will not testify before the Intelligence Committee of the U.S. House of Representatives on Tuesday, two sources said on Monday, despite a subpoena requiring him to appear. The panel wants Bannon to testify as part of its investigation of allegations that Russia sought to influence the 2016 […]

Congress Ask Clinton, Podesta To Testify Over Trump Dossier

Congress have asked Hillary Clinton and John Podesta to testify over the debunked and discredited Trump-Russia dossier.  GOP Congressional investigators have written six letters to people thought to be involved in the funding, creation and/or distribution of the phoney dossier believed to have been illegally used by the FBI, DOJ and Obama Administration to undermine […]

100 Victims Testify in Court Over Massive Child Molestation Cover-Up in USA Gymnastics

Nearly 100 women will read victim impact statements this week, sharing their accounts of the horrific sexual assault they endured when they were young girls, at the hands of Larry Nassar—and in doing so, they are also revealing that USA Gymnastics enabled the predator. “You failed all of us, and for that, I […]

ABC’s Brian Ross: Flynn Prepared To Testify Against Trump, Trump Family, White House Staff (UPDATED)

ABC’s Brian Ross: Flynn Prepared To Testify Against Trump, Trump Family, White House Staff (UPDATED) Real Clear Politics December 2, 2017 UPDATE: ABC News has deleted the video of Ross’ report from Friday morning after investigative reporter Brian Ross retracted the explosive claim that Flynn would be willing to testify against Trump. Ross said on […]

A Baltimore Detective Set to Testify Against His Own Department Was Gunned Down. So Police Barricaded the Community.

Last Wednesday, Detective Sean Suiter, along with an as-yet-unnamed partner, were in the West Baltimore neighborhood of Harlem Park. Suiter’s usual partner in the homicide unit, Detective Jonathan Jones, was off that day. The police version of what happened, as relayed to the Baltimore Sun, goes like this: The detectives were looking for a witness to an […]

Donna Brazile To Testify In Seth Rich Murder Lawsuit

Former DNC Chair Donna Brazile has been asked to testify in a lawsuit alleging that the DNC murdered whistleblower Seth Rich.  Lawyer Jack Burkman, who filed the suit on behalf of Bernie Sanders supporters last month, confirmed that Brazile was added to the lawsuit in respond to the recent bombshells she dropped in her new […]

Congress Calls Podesta, Wasserman Schultz To Testify Over ‘Piss-Gate’ Dossier

Republicans in Congress have demanded that former Clinton campaign chairman John Podesta and Debbie Wasserman Schultz, former head of the DNC, testify under oath about their role in funding the infamous “Piss-Gate” Dossier.  Trey Gowdy referred to the $10 million payment from the DNC on ‘opposition research’ as a ‘money laundering’ scam. “I’m not an […]

[WATCH] Ex-Tennis Star James Blake Expected to Testify Against NYPD Officer Who Used Excessive Force

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Kaspersky Lab chief to testify before U.S. Congress

nsnbc : Eugene Kaspersky, the head of the Russian cyber-security company Kaspersky Lab, said he will testify before the U.S.’ House of Representatives. His […]


A plea bargain is in the works for Debbie Wasserman-Schultz in exchange for immunity, according to sources… Via ron johnson: READ MORE: DNC LEAKER SETH RICH MURDERED BY HILLARY & CO. ACCORDING TO FOX NEWS  Source Article from Hits: 3

Another Victim of Clinton Arkancide? Man Set to Testify Against Clinton Foundation Found Dead of Apparent Suicide

Former Haitian government Klaus Eberwein was found dead in a motel room earlier this week from a gunshot wound to the head. The Miami-Dade medical examiner is ruling it a suicide.  What’s suspicious about this ‘suicide’? Eberwein was set to testify against the Clinton Foundation. Interesting. Miami Herald reports: Klaus […]

Pelosi Daughters Will Get Full Immunity And Witness Protection To Testify Against Clintons

Joanne and Marcy Pelosi will disappear from the face of the earth and go free in the US Marshals’ WITSEC program in return for testimony against Bill and Hillary Clinton as the minds behind the transportation of their drug smuggling empire. US Attorney Larry Beeman told Crossroads correspondent Louis LeWeigh: “The Clintons had a fleet […]

John ‘Pizzagate’ Podesta Forced To Testify Before Congress – Media Blackout

On Tuesday June 27, 2017, John Podesta was forced to testify before Congress in a closed-door hearing – amid a total media blackout. It’s unlikely you heard about this hearing due to the fact that the mainstream media refused to cover it. Here’s a tweet from one independent journalist Jack Posobiec who did cover it: Podesta testified […]

Historic Video: CIA Officials Testify About Torture for the First Time

June 27, 2017 By Derrick Broze Newly released court deposition videos show senior CIA officials calmly explaining how and why they authorized brutal torture methods.  The possibility of justice inches closer for victims of the Central Intelligence Agency’s torture techniques as the American Civil Liberties Union releases new video of two senior […]

Kikes Use Russian Kookspiracy to Attack Sessions – He Will Testify Before Sanhedrin

Andrew AnglinDaily Stormer June 11, 2017 So Jimmy Boy’s testimony for sure was a major blow to the kookspiracy, but it is marching directly on and the strategy is the same: isolate Trump from the representatives of Trumpism. For those who don’t remember, Trumpism was about, among other things: Peace with Russia, […]

UN Official Found Dead Was Set To Testify Against Hillary Clinton Same Day. “BARBELL FELL ON HIS NECK”

It sure is amazing how lucky the Clinton’s have got when people are going to testify against them and then they die. Ashe was due in court Monday with his Chinese businessman co-defendant Ng Lap Seng, who is charged with smuggling $4.5 million into the US since 2013 and lying that it was to buy […]

Comey agrees to testify in open hearing before Senate Intelligence Committee

The Senate Intelligence Committee said ousted FBI Director James Comey has agreed to testify in an open session. The committee said in a late Friday statement that it plans to schedule the hearing for after Memorial Day. The Senate Intelligence Committee is investigating Russia’s alleged meddling in the 2016 election and […]

A leader with a heart: Putin visited monastery to pray for Russian servicemen killed in Syria

     President Vladimir Putin has visited a famed Russian monastery to pray for Russian servicemen killed in Syria. Two Russian airmen died in Syria over the weekend after their helicopter was shot down by Islamic State group fighters east of the ancient city of Palmyra. Putin spokesman Dmitry Peskov says the president is spending his […]

What We Stand For

Goals And Objectives Of The National Socialist White People’s Party By George Lincoln Rockwell A WHITE AMERICA We must have an all-White America; an America in which our children and our grandchildren will play and go to school with other White children; an America in which they will date and marry other young people of […]

Thousands of bodies found in Syria mass grave: Report

Thousands of bodies have reportedly been found in a mass grave in a northern Syrian town, which had been under the Daesh Takfiri terror group’s control for about a month. Suluk, which lies less than a dozen miles away from the Turkish border, fell to Daesh in February. The Kurdish People’s Protection Units drove the […]

‘Disaster is Imminent’… Constitutional Attorney: "States Have The Legal Authority To Defend Border Under Constitution"

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