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8-year-old finds hailstone with a circumference of 14.5 inches in Burkburnett, Texas

   Eight-year-old Will Moody says he found it in a field. It’s amazing what Mother Nature can produce in the sky. Friday night, large hail stones fell in Burkburnett — just northwest of Wichita Falls. Eight-year-old Will Moody found one in a field at a friend’s house after the storm passed — and it was […]

A Miracle: Texas Mom Delivers Rare Healthy Identical Quadruplets Without Fertility Treatment

(TMU) – When Jenny Marr of Dallas, Texas, learned that she was pregnant, she was understandably feeling nervous. After all, pregnancy is a very emotional experience – especially if it’s a first child. But when Jenny and her husband Chris, both 35, went to her first ultrasound exam to catch a first glimpse of their […]

Major hail storm pounds San Angelo, Texas

   A major hail storm blew up over San Angelo Thursday evening pounding vehicles and houses across the city. There are pictures of hail the size of tennis balls. Damage reports are still coming in. Watch video from the storm.    A storm of this size with hail and winds of this kind has historically […]

Heavy rainfall floods homes, streets in Louisiana and Texas – nearly 16 inches of rain recorded

   Parts of southern Louisiana and Texas were inundated with rain Thursday and Friday, flooding homes and roadways and prompting high water rescues. An observer near Covington in St. Tammany Parish reported 15.63 inches of rain late Thursday night, with more still coming down. The St. Tammany Parish Sheriff’s Office rescued residents from flooded homes […]

Texas has had 1,000 new coronavirus cases every day since last week – but Gov. Abbott insists the state is ready to reopen

(Natural News) Coronavirus cases in Texas are rising every day. The state has been reporting more than 1,000 new cases of COVID-19 for seven consecutive days. This rate of increase has been happening every day since May 8, according to data gathered from the Texas Department of State Health Services. The state even […]

Tesla suing Alameda County and will move operations to Texas due to lockdown

   Tesla CEO Elon Musk said he was “immediately” filing a lawsuit against a California county that is not allowing his company’s headquarters to reopen because of the coronavirus pandemic. Making the comments Saturday on Twitter, Musk tore into Alameda County’s interim public health officer, Dr. Erica Pan, and also said Tesla will move its […]

Texas Governor Signs Executive Order Freeing Salon Owner Shelley Luther From Jail

Texas Gov. Greg Abbott has issued an executive order Thursday retroactively banning jail time for citizens who ignore the state’s stay-at-home rules, freeing salon owner Shelley Luther, who was jailed for seven days and fined a whopping $7,000 for reopening her business. Abbott specifically named Luther in his announcement: “Throwing Texans in jail who have […]

Texas Gov. Abbott issues order freeing Dallas salon owner jailed for violating stay-at-home order

(Natural News) Former President Ronald Reagan once observed that Americans are never more than one generation away from tyranny. His deeper meaning, of course, is that our Constitution may be endearing but our liberties and our freedoms must be constantly and jealously guarded, lest they be taken from us. That seems to […]

Strange triangle-shaped UFO seen in Texas skies

   The mysterious lights were recorded days before the Pentagon officially released much-debated videos taken on board aircraft of alleged guests to Earth in order “to clear up misconceptions” about the authenticity of the circulated clips. A strange triangle-shaped UFO is claimed to have appeared above Texas in what has been reported as the fourth […]

Texas Elementary School Librarian is a BDSM “Leatherman” By Night

Nothing should really surprise you when it comes to the modern education system and faggotry. Mass Resistance: Roger Grape, the elementary school “Guybrarian,” certainly appeared to be a fairly aggressive LGBT activist. But it’s actually far worse than that. When Tracy Shannon began looking into Grape and his activities, it wasn’t hard to find out […]

A Teleological Response to the Crash of the Price of West Texas Intermediate Oil as a Consequence of the Corona Virus

April 24, 2020 By Blake Archer Williams for The Saker Blog “God damn America, not God bless America!” “If we can’t sell our oil,” the Iranians said, “you won’t be able to sell your oil [either]!” This turned out to be more of a prayer than a threat that was actually implemented. The same prayer could be extrapolated for the […]

Talking about reopening the economy, Texas Lt. Gov Dan Patrick says “There are more important things than living”

(Natural News) Remember when Texas Lieutenant Governor Dan Patrick made headlines for saying that many elderly Americans would be willing to risk their well-being for the sake of the economy? It appears he’s at it again, and this time he’s taken the sentiment even further, telling Fox News’ Tucker Carlson that “there […]

Texas ER Doctor Lives in a Treehouse to Keep His Family Safe From Coronavirus

(ZH) — An emergency room doctor at an area hospital in Corpus Christi, Texas, has decided to live in a treehouse in his backyard to limit the transmission risk of COVID-19 to his family. Jason Barnes, 39, works in the emergency room at CHRISTUS Spohn Health System in Corpus Christi, has treated COVID-19 patients over the last month. […]

Texas Residents Rise up Against UnAmerican Lockdown: “Fire Fauci!”

Protesters in Texas are demanding the state be reopened and Dr. Anthony Fuaci be fired amid the ongoing lockdown measures. “Fire Fauci!” a group of people chanted on Saturday. “Let us work! Let us work!” was another chant shouted by the angry residents. reports: The rally, called “You Can’t Close America,” is just the […]

Small Texas City Fines Residents $1,000 For Not Wearing Masks Amid Outbreak

By Tyler Durden At a moment the Trump administration debates the merits of urging citizens nationwide to don protective face masks when they go outside or to supermarkets, a small Texas border town has gone so far as to legally mandate it, and has authorized police to strictly enforce the new measure. The city council […]

Gov. Abbot Orders Texas State Troopers To Enforce Quarantine At Louisiana Border

By Tyler Durden Texans are used to hearing talk of securing the southern border with Mexico, but the idea of checkpoints at the border with Louisiana is something no one ever imagined. After late last week Louisiana and specifically New Orleans have emerged as the southern epicenter for the coronavirus outbreak in the US, with the […]

Young, healthy father of 6 dies from coronavirus in Texas

(Natural News) A Texas father of six died last week from coronavirus just two days after testing positive for the illness. The 44-year-old was otherwise healthy, his family says. Adolph “T.J.” Mendez succumbed to the disease at Austin’s Ascension Seton Medical Center. His daughter said he had been “perfectly healthy” before contracting […]

Texas National Guard troops could do door-to-door checkups around Dallas

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Texas Lt. Gov. to Biden and Beto O’Rourke: Try and Take My AR-15 and ‘See How That Goes’

Texas Lt. Governor Dan Patrick responded to Joe Biden’s gun control partnership with notorious gun-grabber ‘Beto’ O’Rourke by suggesting O’Rourke come to his office and try to confiscate his AR-15 and “see how that goes.” Democrat presidential frontrunner Joe Biden announced last week that far-left O’Rourke will be joining his team and leading his gun control […]

Illegal Alien Sentenced To Prison In Texas For Voting In 2016 Election Using Fake ID

An illegal alien living in Texas was sentenced to nearly 3 years in prison for voting in the 2016 election by using a stolen ID. Enrique Salazar Ortiz, 63, a Mexican citizen living near the San Antonio, Texas area was convicted of making a false statement on a passport application, unlawful voting by an undocumented […]

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