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Algorithm can sum up texts in any language

Researchers at the Ben-Gurion University of the Negev said they have developed software that can automatically summarize texts, in a variety of languages, to help readers go through articles, magazines, databases and academic research faster and more efficiently. A huge increase of online textual data, combined with the fact that people are always short of […]

Thoth’s Prophecy Read From The Hermetic Texts – A Ten Minute Deeply Powerful & Inspiring Video

The Facts: Centralized banking has been devised for a purpose unseen and much different than what the public and most of our elected leaders/legislators believe. The purpose is not to stabilize, but to destabilize economies for ulterior motives. Reflect On: How does a system described in the article benefit the people at all? What is […]

Thoth’s Prophecy Read From The Hermetic Texts – A Ten-Minute Deeply Powerful & Inspiring Video

The Facts: Dr. Helen Caldicott is considered by many to be one of the foremost experts on Nuclear Radiation. Here she shares her thoughts on the Fukushima disaster nearly a decade after it happened. Reflect On: How many incidents need to occur before the human race changes? Why are we still using nuclear energy when […]

How to Handle Troubling Jewish Texts that champion immorality

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Bombshell: New texts support Roger Stone’s claims regarding backchannel to Wikileaks even as Mueller still targeting him

(Natural News) Like everyone else who has ever been associated with Donald Trump before he became president, the past couple of years have not been easy for POTUS confidant and GOP operative Roger Stone. He, as well as others within the president’s pre-White House orbit, have been targeted by various elements of […]

Trump orders FBI documents, texts from Russia probe declassified

President Trump on Monday ordered the Justice Department to release documents and emails from four former FBI officials and one current Justice Department official as well as documents that led to the surveillance of his former aide Carter Page. “The President has directed the Office of the Director of National Intelligence and […]

People Are Horrified After Downloading Their Facebook Data: They Keep Texts, Phone Calls & More…

Next Story Many people seem to be having issues regards to their privacy on social media.. It’s no secret today that privacy doesn’t really exist, and intelligence agencies along with communications corporations have been collecting data on the global population through various means, one of them probably being Facebook. This type of data collecting and […]

‘Tell mom I loved her’: Heart-breaking texts from kids trapped in Siberia mall where scores died

The tragedy shook Russia’s western Siberian city of Kemerovo on Sunday, just before the beginning of school holidays. The fire started on the top floor of the four-story shopping mall, which housed a cinema that was packed with parents and children at the time of the blaze. It quickly spread throughout the complex. Witnesses say […]

VIDEO: Netanyahu – “The Greatest Texts That Humans Produced Are In Hebrew…”

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Strzok Texts: Russia Probe ‘Insurance Policy’ To Derail Trump

Strzok Texts: Russia Probe ‘Insurance Policy’ To Derail Trump Jamie White December 13th 2017 Hundreds of text messages between two top FBI investigators have been turned over to lawmakers on Capitol Hill, including anti-Trump messages that reveal a desire to start the probe into Russian collusion as an insurance policy should Donald Trump win […]

Prosecutors Say Cop Purged Dead Girl’s Texts at Scene of Her Death

Francisco Olmos “You can’t do this to me,” Indianapolis Police Officer Francisco Olmos wrote an 18-year-old girl in a Snapchat message. “You can’t. I’m headed to your house right now.” Hours later, the young woman would be dead, and her correspondences with Olmos deleted. The young woman had been a member of the Indianapolis Metropolitan […]

Horny NYPD Cop Sent Lewd Texts To Woman After He Arrested Her: Lawsuit

Officer Rony Santiago, Kammie Sifonte NYPD Officer Rony Santiago allegedly sent a photo of himself in uniform along with the message, “love a woman who could sit on my face,’’ according to a lawsuit set to be filed Monday. In another disgusting missive, Santiago allegedly wrote, “I think u look better with the cuffs on.” […]

The Zoroastrian Texts of Ancient Persia & What They Reveal About Advanced Ancient Civilizations

Next Story Photo Cred Graham Hancock investigates the mysterious religious texts of the Zoroastrians of ancient Persia and the ‘underground cities’ of neighbouring Turkey. Both, he argues, are far older than is presently taught and date back to cataclysmic events near the end of the last Ice Age that destroyed, and all but wiped from […]

Presidential phone-in: Macron flooded with ‘unflattering’ texts after cell number leaked online

In the current climate of cybersecurity threats, it would be easy to assume that Macron’s phone number was made public as the result of a hack. However, it turns out the leak was made possible after a journalist’s phone was stolen, Challenges reported.  Macron’s approval rating nosedives to 30% in latest poll French media cited […]

Ancient Texts That Completely Shatter Everything We’ve Been Told About Jesus Christ

There are countless ancient texts that speak of Jesus Christ, His life, His deeds, and His legacy, the truth is that we have still a lot to learn in order to fully understand the history behind one of the most prominent Figures to ever ‘walk’ on Earth. In this article, we take a look at […]

Keepin us safe: FBI lures intellectually disabled teen into terrorist plot

     It isn’t clear what use ISIS or the Pakistani Taliban would have for an 18-year-old American student with an estimated IQ of 51, is marginally verbal, and has little ability to perform routine tasks like tying his shoelaces. Peyton Pruitt, described by family and school officials as a developmentally stunted child, displays little understanding […]

Bernie Sanders: We Need A “Full and Independent Audit of the” Federal Reserve

Democratic presidential candidate and U.S. Senator from Vermont Bernie Sanders wrote an op-ed for The New York Times on Wednesday calling for the Federal Reserve to be audited independently by the Government Accountability Office on an annual basis. Meanwhile, Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-Ky.) has scheduleda historic Jan. 12 vote on a bill, colloquially referred to as “Audit the […]

2,400 pilgrims died in Mecca’s Hajj stampede, three times Saudi official toll – report

The new number makes the September 24 stampede the deadliest Hajj incident on record in Saudi Arabia involving Muslim worshipers that come to venerate the holy sites of Islam in the Gulf kingdom. The new death toll of 2,411 victims was based on AP analysis of state media reports and officials’ comments from 36 of […]

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