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Oil eating microbes are destroying sunken Nazi sub thanks to the Deepwater Horizon spill

(Natural News) Remember when British Petroleum (BP), Halliburton, and ConocoPhillips indiscriminately dumped tens of thousands of gallons of Corexit into the Gulf of Mexico to supposedly remedy the 2010 Deepwater Horizon oil disaster? Well according to experts, this nasty chemical concoction is still floating around in that giant “bathtub,” and is actually […]

New York Sex Offenders Received $63,000 in Erectile Dysfunction, Sex Drugs Thanks to Medicaid

An audit of New York state’s Medicaid program found that registered sex offenders received $63,000 worth of erectile dysfunction drugs and other sexual treatments courtesy of the state’s publicly funded program. The audit released on Wednesday shows that state Medicaid officials approved a total of $930,000 in improper payments between 2012 and 2018 Federal rules […]

Biosludge proponents claim toxic stew isn’t actually toxic, thanks to "sludge magic"

(Natural News) The reclassification of human waste as “crop fertilizer” has become a booming, multi-million dollar industry here in the United States and elsewhere. And while it’s openly admitted that this so-called “biosludge” is loaded with toxic chemicals and bacteria, its proponents claim that none of this is in any way a […]

Netanyahu thanks Trump for ‘answering another of my important requests’ on eve of election

The foreign collusion story is mainstream. Not Russia. Israel. On NPR this morning, the host asked a State Department official whether Donald Trump designated the Iranian Revolutionary Guard Corps as a terrorist organization so as to make an offering to Benjamin Netanyahu on the eve of the Israeli election. “I want to ask you about […]

A revolution in world economies is underway thanks to the Bank for International Settlements’ ‘Basel III’ policy

   Real revolutions are taking place not on squares, but in the quiet of offices, and that’s why nobody noticed the world revolution that took place on March 29th 2019. Only a small wave passed across the periphery of the information field, and the momentum faded away because the situation was described in terms unclear […]

NASA Happily Reports The Earth Is Greener, With More Trees Than 20 Years Ago Thanks To China & India

The Facts: Cervical cancer rates in several countries have risen since the introduction of the HPV vaccine, and pap smear tests have dropped. When pap smear tests were routinely conducted, cancer rates remained low. Reflect On: After reading the article, is it really worth it? It doesn’t make much sense, so why is it so […]

Thanks To Yao Ming, The Slaughter Of Sharks For Their Fins Is Down 80%

The Facts: Riam Dalati, who is a well known BBC Syria producer recently put out a tweet stating that the supposed gas attacks in Douma were “staged.” Reflect On: How many whistleblowers, documentation and examples do we need to see the truth here? How many examples of mainstream media completely making up stories and aiding […]

Not a Fish Tale: Humans Are Ingesting Plastic Thanks to Ocean Pollution

Of relevance to current developments, this article was first published by Truthout and posted on Global Research in March 2016 Humans generate more than 300 million tons of plastic annually — an amount equal to the combined body weight of the entire global adult human population — and nearly half of the plastic is only used one time […]

ADL invites police forces to train in Israel, and Northampton says, No thanks

This past week something unprecedented occurred in two locations in the Northeast.  Both the Vermont State police and the Northampton, MA police department pulled out of an Anti-Defamation League-sponsored “counter-terrorism seminar” to be held in Israel from December 2 through December 12.  After initially agreeing to participate, both police departments were lobbied by local social […]

Italy: Mafia Scum Clean-Up in Full Swing Thanks to Salvini and Friends!

Roy Batty Daily Stormer December 5, 2018 Apart from fighting back against the nigger infestation of Italy, Salvini and Conte have also found time in their busy schedule to start cleaning up the mafia. They’ve started with the Cosa Nostra. AP: Italian authorities said Tuesday they had dismantled the rebuilt upper echelons of […]

Thanks to China, Palladium Prices Hit Record High, Russian Producers Cash-in

According to a recent report from Bloomberg, palladium prices have hit record highs this month, and investors are signalling that the bull run has just begun. As a result, palladium futures jumped 5.2% last week, peaking at $1,168.30 an ounce. On of the main countries driving this demand is the automotive industry which accounts for […]

Giving thanks for life on Thanksgiving Day

Christopher Jon Bjerknes I am giving thanks on Thanksgiving. One year ago, my son almost stepped on a Mojave rattlesnake. His toes were literally an inch from the animal, but it did not strike. I made this video to give my thanks to the rattlesnake and to nature for sparing my son’s life. I would […]

Trump thanks Saudi Arabia for lower oil prices

US President Donald Trump on Wednesday ignored criticism that he gave Saudi Arabia a free pass on the murder of a dissident journalist, instead praising the Islamic kingdom for keeping oil prices low. Trump, on holiday at his Florida Mar-a-Lago Club, doubled down on an unusually worded statement from Tuesday that he […]

The Big Picture – CNNs role in Trump drama & Keeping Thanks in Thanksgiving

The Big Picture – CNNs role in Trump drama & Keeping Thanks in Thanksgiving By The Big Holland Cooke asks who will be the turkey at your dinner table? Etiquette expert Lisa Gach , founder and CEO of Beverly Hills Manners, has advice for keeping your friends and family from strangling each other. Our […]

Thanks to Government Inaction, Israel Has Become a Haven for International Scammers and Fraud

French and Israeli media report that a group largely made up of Israelis scammed 3,000 French citizens out of approximately $20 million.  Most of the stolen money is in Israel, but Israeli authorities are reportedly failing to cooperate with France in prosecuting the scammers and retrieving the money. This is the latest of numerous examples of Israeli […]

J Street just took over the Israel lobby, and says it represents US Jews (thanks to Trump)

The news on our issue from the midterm elections is that the center of gravity in the Democratic House just shifted a few degrees to the left. Progressives can boast that they’re driving this change, but the Congress remains solidly pro-Israel, and the big beneficiary is J Street, the liberal Zionist Israel lobby group. “Overall, […]

‘Thanks for putting up with invasion’: Australia’s former PM Abbott greets indigenous people (VIDEO)

The Liberal Party politician once provoked outrage in a keynote speech when he said that Australia was “unsettled” before Britain colonized the land. Now it appears he’s put his foot in it again by greeting ancestors of people who were effectively colonized with the word “invasion”. The former leader made the ill-judged comments while on […]

Ford reports $1bn in lost profits thanks to Trump’s trade wars

     US President Donald Trump’s tariffs are intended to help America’s iconic companies. However, Ford’s boss is not that happy about Washington’s trade duties. “From Ford’s perspective the metals tariffs took about $1 billion in profit from us,” CEO James Hackett told a Bloomberg conference in New York. “The irony of which is we source […]

Thanks to the U.S. & Nato Half a million children face `immediate danger` in Libyan capital: UNICEF

Half a million children face `immediate danger` in Libyan capital: UNICEF A fighter loyal to the Government of National Accord (GNA) fires during renewed clashes in the south of the Libyan capital Tripoli on September 22, 2018. (Photo by AFP) The UN children’s agency (UNICEF) says intensified fighting in the Libyan capital Tripoli has put […]

Billions of dollars in food wasted annually thanks to "use by” date on food labels

(Natural News) Over a billion tons of food is wasted every year, and the cause may lie in the label. Norbert Wilson, Professor of Food Policy in the Friedman School of Nutrition Science and Policy, asserts that “use by” food dates are to blame for food waste. Of food waste, Wilson has […]

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