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Thanks, but no thanks? Trump rebuffed after offering to mediate India-China border standoff

China and India have been engaged in a tense border dispute, with reports earlier this month of military build-up and clashes. Trump said earlier this week that he was “ready, willing and able to mediate” between the two countries – but it appears neither Beijing nor New Delhi are particularly enticed by his offer. “China and […]

Maduro thanks Iran’s leadership, people for sending fuel to Venezuela

Tasnim – Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro one more time thanked the Iranian leadership and people for their courage to send fuel tankers to Venezuela. During a speech held in Caracas, Maduro thanked Leader of Islamic Revolution Ayatollah Seyyed Ali Khamenei, the people of Iran and the government of President Hassan Rouhani for “their availability, their […]

Maduro Thanks Iran for Sending Oil Tankers, Slams US for Disrupting Shipments

By Staff, Agencies Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro thanked the Islamic Republic of Iran for sending three oil tankers to the energy-hungry and sanction-hit nation while slamming the US for disrupting international fuel shipments headed to the Latin American country.  During a speech held in Caracas, Maduro thanked Leader of Islamic Revolution His Eminence Imam Sayyed […]

Italian Plasma-Therapy vs SARS-2 in Gates’ Claws thanks Rome’s Senator through Moderna Inc’s Partner in Israel

[VT DISCLAIMER: Bill Gates is the victim of a concerted smear campaign and has no direct control over Zacks Biomedical or Moderna. In 2017, The Gates Foundation pledged up to $100 million to develop mRNA-based vaccines for infectious diseases; the first $20 million was being used by Moderna to develop mRNA-based antibody therapies to combat […]

Dying Dog Thanks Girl for Giving Him the Best Last Day on Earth

Stray animals spend most of their life all by themselves. Sadly, most of them leave this world in the same manner. Sophiane Nacer is a 19-year-old girl and the founder Cayleb’s Kindred Senior Dog Rescue. She is a huge animal lover who would go above and beyond to see each animal thriving. So, when she […]

WUHANGATE – 9. HIV inserted in SARS chimeric virus in 2007 (pics). Thanks to Australians & EU Commission Funds

Report Summary 1 – Mondialists hands on dangerous GMO SARS-HIV 2 – Prodi’s EU Commission & Australia funded Wuhan’s tests 3 – Chimeric viruses SARS-Like infected with HIV 4 – Stratagene: the kit for genetic mutations 5 – Vaccine for HIV thanks to an influenza 6 – Other researches in Wuhan wuth AIDS’ patogen “If […]

Thanks to AG Barr and Senator McConnell, Patriot Act Will Soon Be Much Stronger and More Invasive

(TMU) – The birth of the modern security state took place in 2001 after the 9/11 attacks. Since then, there has been a slow but steady federal push for draconian surveillance powers. It has come from all branches of government–congressional, executive, and judicial–and from both political parties. Now that we’ve reached the second major inflection […]

Illegal Alien Child Rapist Released SIX TIMES Thanks to San Fransisco’s Sanctuary City Policies

An illegal alien child rapist has been released a staggering six times due to liberal sanctuary city policies in San Fransisco. Honduran national Kristian Jonas Gamez Trejo, 25, who was convicted of felony sex with a minor in 2016, has been arrested six times, but keeps being released despite ICE efforts to hold him. Trejo […]

WUHANGATE – 5. FDA Ok to GILEAD’s Antiviral. Gambles thanks to WHO & Chinese Lab. Bio-Weapons’ Killer Tests with CIA & Pentagon

«You will only observe with your eyes and see the punishment of the wicked. If you say, “The Lord is my refuge”, and you make the Most High your dwelling, no harm will overtake you, no disaster will come near your tent». (Holy Bible – Psalm 90) by Fabio Giuseppe Carlo Carisio for VT Italy […]

Looks like a good year to bury any Brexit bad news – thanks to Covid-19, we can have a no-deal breakup and not even notice

The OECD warned last year that no-deal Britain would take a one-percent hit to its GDP this year, followed by 0.5 percent next year, and again in 2022. Not great news, but certainly not enough to take the possibility of no-deal off the negotiating table as talks continued with EU chief negotiator Michel Barnier and […]

WUHANGATE – 5. GILEAD Antiviral’s Gambles thanks to WHO & Chinese Lab. Bio-Weapons’ Killer Tests with CIA, Pentagon & Zionists

«You will only observe with your eyes and see the punishment of the wicked. If you say, “The Lord is my refuge”, and you make the Most High your dwelling, no harm will overtake you, no disaster will come near your tent». (Holy Bible – Psalm 90) by Fabio Giuseppe Carlo Carisio for VT Italy […]

IRGC chief commander thanks Ayatollah Khamenei for message of support

Press TV – The chief commander of Iran’s Islamic Revolution Guards Corps (IRGC) has thanked Leader of the Islamic Revolution Ayatollah Seyyed Ali Khamenei for the message in which the Leader lauded the elite defense force after the successful launch of the country’s first military satellite. On Wednesday, the IRGC successfully launched and placed Iran’s […]

If China’s ‘coronavirus charm offensive’ is working on Italians, it’s thanks to the West’s failures

A poll conducted by the SWG research institute between March 20 and April 12 found 52 percent of Italians regarded China as friendly – up a considerable 42 percentage points from the year before. At the same time, the number of Italians viewing the US as a friendly nation plummeted to 17 percent (a 12 […]

Thanks Obama!… for 4 more years of Trump in the White House

In a lengthy video recorded in advance – but of course – and released on Tuesday, Obama deployed his trademark rhetorical gifts to make his support for Biden a nostalgia ride into the eight years the duo was in the White House together. Even then, Obama gave Biden what amounted to a backhanded compliment, saying […]

TIME TO CELEBRATE! Hollywood Economy is Tanking Thanks to Chinese Virus Scare

The Jews who run the Hollywood smut factory are laying off all their low-level lemming workers who help produce the cancerous dogshit known as modern movies. LA Times: For Hollywood’s workforce, the coronavirus has been devastating. The pandemic has decimated many industries, especially entertainment. Tens of thousands of workers — grips, actors, theme park workers, ticket […]

No butts, nudity or guns, thanks: Social justice warriors who destroyed superhero comics turn their censorship sights on anime

A recent announcement about anime production has alarmed consumers worried about the intrusion of political correctness into their entertainment. Funimation, a company that translates and distributes anime in English and which has a long record of censoring the English-language versions of the original Japanese shows, has joined a key committee overseeing anime production. Funimation’s business model […]

Liberal states facing a COLLAPSE of state incomes thanks to coronavirus shutdowns: Will pensions collapse, too?

(Natural News) The longer the Wuhan coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic lasts, the longer governors and mayors will keep ‘stay-at-home’ policies in place, and the longer those last, the longer ‘non-essential’ businesses will be closed and Americans will be laid off from their jobs. And the longer states will be starved for income taxes, […]

Dying Blind Puppy Regains His Sight and Soul All Thanks to a Loving Vet

Rem was one of the saddest puppies at the shelter. He suffered from several diseases and had mange. Blind and severely malnourished, Rem was on the brink of death. His condition was so poor that he was scheduled for euthanasia. But then, Dr. Matt from Vet Ranch stepped in and decided to give him a […]

Spain: 10,000 Corpses Thanks to Feminism

Virulent Spanish feminism has caused the deaths of 10,000 Spaniards. Al Jazeera: A record 950 people have died from coronavirus in Spain in the space of 24 hours, lifting the country’s death toll to 10,003 from 9,053. Meanwhile, the number of infections on Thursday rose to 110,238, up from 102,136 a day earlier. With the […]

The Kushner Family Could Be Getting Very Rich Thanks to the Coronavirus

Covid-19 might be decimating the economy and threatening to kill millions of Americans, but in crisis there is opportunity. Opportunity, specifically for Joshua Kushner, brother of Jared, son-in-law and senior advisor to President Donald Trump. Joshua is the co-founder of Oscar Health, a huge medical company that this week launched a test center locator for […]

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