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Israel keeps their own people in fear

Israel keeps their own people in fear   An Israeli scientist and award-winning security expert has called the Iron Dome missile defence system “the biggest hoax the world has seen”, Addustour news website has reported.   According to Dr Motty Scheffer, “Today, there is no missile which can intercept other missiles or rocket-propelled grenades, and […]

Social Media Oligarchs and Their Destruction of Our Democracy

Christopher Jon Bjerknes The social media oligarchs have begun to rule over us and have subverted our democracy. They employ such sham devices as the “YouTube Community” and Terms of Service agreements to enforce the tyranny of the majority over the minority, and the tyranny of the minority over the majority in ways which the […]

Florida Will Generously Allow Homeowners to Garden in Their Own Yards

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Dagny Taggart, Guest Waking Times If you live in Florida and want the freedom to plant food on your own property, I have great news for you. Late last month, the Florida Senate affirmed the right of self-reliant people statewide to grow vegetable gardens in their front yards. Here are some details on the bill […]

Children Of Palestine – This Is Their Story — Rebel Voice

This site has long tried to highlight the terror that the rogue state of Israel inflicts upon the children of Palestine. Whether it’s abducting them, intimidating them, closing down their schools, beating them, shooting them, bombing them and otherwise murdering them, Israel is never to be found wanting when it comes to the destruction of […] […]

Monsanto Has Been Knowingly Lying About the Safety Of Roundup In Their Ads For Decades


The Facts: This article was written by By José Solís, Ph.D. Posted here with permission. Reflect On: Do our federal health regulatory agencies and pharmaceutical companies really but health before profit? Judging by the evidence, profit comes first.   “There is more than one way to burn a book. And the world is full of […]

People Lose Their Employer-Sponsored Insurance Constantly

People Lose Their Employer-Sponsored Insurance Constantly Above Photo: Molly Adams / Flickr Nancy Pelosi’s arguments against improved Medicare for all are so false that she must be intending to mislead people. She has to know that expanded and improved Medicare for all will provide people with much better coverage than private insurance does under the […]

Assange And Manning Sacrifice Their Freedom For Our Right To Know

Assange And Manning Sacrifice Their Freedom For Our Right To Know Julian Assange, the editor of Wikileaks, a media outlet for information provided by whistleblowers, has been in confinement in the Ecuadorian Embassy in London for almost seven years and is experiencing increasingly harsh treatment. Chelsea Manning, who leaked information to Wikileaks and spent seven […]

Purim — Jews Celebrate Slaughter of their Opponents Today

Purim — Jews Celebrate Slaughter of their Opponents Today By wmw_admin on March 21, 2019 Israeli children dressed as burning Twin Towers complete with exploding jets celebrate the Jewish Purim holiday. Click to enlarge THE JEWISH HOLIDAY OF PURIM BEGINS WEDNESDAY EVENING AND LASTS 24 HRS. It commemorates the slaughter  of 75,000 “anti-Semites” in Persia 355BCE by […]

Prince Harry & Meghan Markle Plan To Raise Their Child ‘Gender-Fluid’; Part Of A Bigger Agenda?

The Facts: Washington State Passed a bill limiting vaccine exemptions for the MMR vaccine for children. The Senate measure now seeks to remove exemptions for any required school vaccinations. Biochemical Engineer Dr. Brian Hooker explains why this is a problem. Reflect On: Why are the points made by vaccine awareness advocates never acknowledged or brought […]

RSPCA Killing Half The Dogs Through Their Door

RSPCA Killing Half The Dogs Through Their Door – Report By pups4sale January 31, 2014 5 Comments RSPCA statistics show they kill almost half the dogs in their care. – Once again the RSPCA have been caught out by their own figures. This time they admit to killing almost fifty percent of the dogs that […]

Indian couple who faked their Everest climb banned from the mountain for 10 years

Two leading doctors and experts in immunization from India have urged the World Health Organization (WHO) to urgently revise its methodology to classify adverse events following immunization. (AEFI). Research SqeezeDr. Jacob Puliyel, a pediatrician and member of the National Technical Advisory Group on Immunization, and Anant Phadke, an executive member of the All India Drug Action Network argue […]

Thanks To Yao Ming, The Slaughter Of Sharks For Their Fins Is Down 80%

The Facts: Riam Dalati, who is a well known BBC Syria producer recently put out a tweet stating that the supposed gas attacks in Douma were “staged.” Reflect On: How many whistleblowers, documentation and examples do we need to see the truth here? How many examples of mainstream media completely making up stories and aiding […]

Facebook Announces Their Intent to Censor Anti-Vaccine Information From Your Newsfeed

Jason Erickson, Contributor Waking Times As the “fake news” phenomenon continues to sweep across the Web, and the purge of independent media accelerates, lawmakers are calling on Facebook and Big Tech to take responsibility for anti-vaccine messaging that appears on their platform(s). According to a new report at, lawmakers such as Adam Schiff (D-CA) are […]

Poo patrol: China demands Mt Everest tourists carry ALL their waste & shuts peak down for cleanup

Everest porters have been struggling to carry the 28,000 pounds of human waste – the equivalent of two fully grown elephants – from base camp down to the nearby dumping ground each season. Also on Nepal to measure Everest again after devastating 2015 earthquake Now, an official from the Chinese Mountaineering Association (CMA) told the South […]

As Yemeni Fishermen Risk Their Lives To Feed Their Nation, Saudis Use Them For Target Practice

HODEIDA, YEMEN —  “They told us that if we didn’t confess they would kill us and throw our bodies into the sea for the fish and birds to eat,” recalls Omar Ghalib, a Yemeni fisherman who was kidnapped by Saudi fighters and then tortured while out in his boat late one evening in Yemen’s port city of […]

Globalists Want Venezuela As The Next Jewel In Their Crown

The Facts: This article was written by Lyn Redwood, R.N, M.S.N., President of Children’s Health Defense. Posted here with permission. Reflect On: Why is this type of information virtually ignored by mainstream media and medicine? What’s going on here? Why is gardasil marketed as completely safe and necessary when clearly, that doesn’t seem to be […]

CIA Document Claims Cosmonauts Used Telepathy “To Back Up Their Electronic Equipment” In Space

The Facts: Ingo Swann, known as one of the fathers of Remote Viewing and perhaps the post popular participant in the CIA’s/Stanford Remote Viewing (STARGATE) program shares an incredible story about his encounter with the “Men In Black.” Reflect On: Who are these people? Why are there so many supposed encounters yet this phenomena is […]

CIA, FBI Agents (pawns) Dying for their Zionist Banking Cartel masters in Ukraine

The facts are as follows (backed up by dozens of reports, eyewitness statements and visual evidence): on the 18th of May the People’s Mayor of Slavyansk, Vyacheslav Ponomaryovannounced that: ”Kiev-controlled troops and ‘law enforcers’ had sustained heavy losses during a so-called ‘counter-terrorist’ operation in the east of the country.” “At least 650 servicemen were killed, wounded or […]

Trump Tells American Jews that Their Country is Israel, not America

In an on-going effort by the jewish press to insinuate that the rabidly pro-Zionist Donald Trump is somehow “antisemitic”, they are now even criticizing him for suggesting that American Jews are more loyal to Israel than to America: US President Donald Trump told American Jews that his vice president had great affection for “your country,” […]

Clueless: P&G challenges men to shave their ‘toxic masculinity’ in Gillette ad

     One of the manliest brands in men’s products has hit on an unusual strategy for divided times: Questioning “toxic masculinity.” Gillette, the Procter & Gamble Co. brand that for three decades has used the tagline, “The Best A Man Can Get,” is building a new campaign around the #MeToo movement, a risky approach that […]

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