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American Mercenaries Soiled Themselves In Failed Venezuela Coup (Ruslan Ostashko)

Translated by Sasha and subtitled by Leo. For anybody wondering why there are two links, we are trying to get into the habit of posting videos on both YouTube and Dailymotion. Since the subtitle process is different on Dailymotion than on YouTube, it may take a while to perfect it. Translated by Sasha and subtitled […]

Trump-Linked Mercenaries Implicate Themselves in Failed Venezuela Coup

In what has been labeled a new “Keystone Kops Bay of Pigs,” the latest attempt to overthrow the government of Nicolas Maduro failed spectacularly, as both American and Venezuelan paramilitaries were immediately overwhelmed when they came into contact with the navy, or even with armed local fishermen’s collectives. Last Wednesday, Secretary of State Mike Pompeo announced that his plans for “restoring […]

With Crowds Gone, Yosemite is Teeming With Wild Animals Enjoying the Park for Themselves

(TMU) — The United States of America is usually filled with gorgeous places to visit for domestic sightseers and international tourists alike, with the country’s glorious national parks topping the list for most travelers’ destinations. Ranking at the top is Yosemite National Park. With its dazzling 1,189 sq. mile (3,080 sq. km.) park teeming with […]

Bullying Porn Sluts Until They Kill Themselves is Tough But Necessary

Andrew Anglin Daily Stormer March 22, 2020 My innocent princess. My alabaster. My having sex for money but not a whore somehow. You just can’t have a society where it is okay for women to have sex for money on camera. This story of a porn slut getting bullied to suicide in […]

The Baltic States Align Themselves with US-NATO against Russia ?

In 2017, RAND Corporation published in its associated media Small Wars Journal an article by the researchers Marta Kepe and Jan Osburg, outlining a strategic defense plan for the Baltic countries in the event of a Russian invasion. The authors claim that Estonia, Lithuania and Latvia will manage their weaknesses to face the Russians, overcoming […]

We may be fighting World War Flu, but we can’t rely on military help: Armies themselves are likely to be decimated by Covid-19

The recent decision by the US secretary of defense to halt the deployment of some 20,000 American troops scheduled to arrive in Europe as part of the Defender Europe 2020 exercise because of the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic has highlighted the issue of vulnerability of military forces to respiratory pathogens in potentially disease-endemic areas. Also on […]

BREAKING EXCLUSIVE: Crowdstrike and Their PR Firm Now Distance Themselves from Russia’s Link to Wikileaks — HUGE DEVELOPMENT — The Duran

For more than three years of the mainstream media (MSM) promoted the biggest fraud in US history – that the Russians hacked the DNC’s emails and gave the emails they hacked to WikiLeaks who then leaked the emails before the 2016 election. Now, suddenly the firm at the center of this fraud, Crowdstrike, is taking … […]

Five police injured as militant bombers blow themselves up in front of US embassy in Tunis

The attackers arrived at the site on a motorbike and were the only people killed in the explosion, Tunisian authorities have said. The embassy was placed on lockdown pending an investigation into the incident. Images taken at the scene show a street littered with fragments as well as vehicles and a road barrier charred by the […]

Terrorists poison themselves with chemical weapons in Idlib after trying to use them against Syrian army – Russian MоD

   Jihadist militants have attempted to carry out a chemical weapons attack in a bid to foil a Syrian army attack, but lack of experience dealing with hazardous substances turned against them, Russia’s Defense Ministry said. Over a dozen terrorists tried to use their weapon of last resort in the strategic town of Saraqeb, which […]

Extinction Rebellion Protesters Tie Themselves To Gigantic Oil Rig In Marlborough Sounds

The group is furious that OMV is being allowed to drill new wells off the Taranaki coast despite the Government ending future permits for offshore oil and gas exploration. This is because the ban did not cover previous exploration permits. OMV is on the list of 100 companies which have caused more than 70 percent […]

Man Who Said He’d Make Oceans Clean Themselves Has Now Created Solar-Powered Barges to Clean Rivers

(TMU) — Although we all experience life changing events, for some it becomes the catalyst for real change not only on a personal level but on a scale in which we attempt to improve the planet for everyone. At the tender age of 16, Boyan Slat from the Netherlands had an epiphany while in Greece […]

“Death to the Islamic Republic” they chant now- and they call themselves Iranians

January 18, 2020 By Aram Mirzaei for The Saker Blog Nobody has escaped the news of the so called “popular demonstrations” in Iran during the recent days. Hundreds of thousands of articles, updates and tweets have been made on this matter, and many have talked about what the reasons behind these protests have been. Many […]

Nearly 5 Times as Many Police Officers Killed Themselves Than Were Shot in 2019

(TFTP) — In 2019, according to the Officer Down Memorial Page, 47 police officers were shot, 7 killed in a vehicular assault, and three died from assault. Another 77 cops died as a result of car crashes, heart attacks, and illnesses. Absent from the database of fallen officers, however, are the 228 cops who ended their own […]

Sleepless in Cairo: Egyptians Reacquaint Themselves to Life In a Dictatorship

I left Egypt 40 years ago. They say you can take an Egyptian out of Egypt, but you can’t take Egypt out of an Egyptian. I still visit Egypt every now and then. I recently made my first visit since the January 25 Revolution of 2011. It wasn’t easy after all these years. I was […]

The War Pigs Are Finally Revealing Themselves — And This Is Just The Beginning…

Op-Ed by Brandon Smith In 2016 during the election campaign of Donald Trump one of the primary factors of his popularity among conservatives was that he was one of the first candidates since Ron Paul to argue for bringing US troops home and ending American involvement in the various elitist fabricated wars in the Middle […]

‘War on Wall Street’? Billionaires declare themselves a persecuted minority

The 2020 election may trigger a “war on Wall Street and wealth,” too-big-to-fail bank Citi has warned its clients in a letter quoted by Bloomberg this week. The bank laments that the rich these days are merely seen as a cash cow for “re-distributional policies, including further tax relief for low- and middle-income persons” – […]

Eric Trump Is ‘Sickened’ By Political Families Enriching Themselves

President Donald Trump’s son Eric Trump complained about political families enriching themselves, saying “it is sickening“, before claiming he would “be in jail” if he behaved like Hunter Biden. “It can’t happen in politics on any side of the aisle,” Trump, who is a vice president of his father’s company the Trump Organization, stated in […]

Taxpayers to Be Held Liable After Cops Steal Man’s Phone, Film Themselves Conspiring to Frame Him

By Matt Agorist Hartford, CT — On September 11, 2015, journalist and police accountability activist Michael Picard was illegally detained for lawfully open carrying and filming police on public property. During the illegal detainment, Connecticut state troopers confiscated his gun and his camera. However, the trooper who took the phone went on to make a […]

Blain: Investors Will Be Asking Themselves: "How Could We Have Been So Stupid?"

Blain’s morning porridge, submitted by Bill Blain of Shard Capital “Don’t just book it.. Thomas Cook it.. Perhaps not..” It’s the Autumn equinox… Winter is coming… Interesting week in prospect with the great and the good hobnobbing in New York for the UN Climate Action gab-fest.  Which global leader will win the prize for the […]

German Citizens Begin Arming Themselves as Violent Crime Rises

A growing number of German citizens are applying for permits to carry guns amid escalating violent crime in the country. In today’s Germany, around 640,000 citizens are legally permitted to carry a firearm. This figure has grown massively since 2014 when there were just 260,000 citizens with permits to carry a gun. reports: That’s […]

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