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‘War on Wall Street’? Billionaires declare themselves a persecuted minority

The 2020 election may trigger a “war on Wall Street and wealth,” too-big-to-fail bank Citi has warned its clients in a letter quoted by Bloomberg this week. The bank laments that the rich these days are merely seen as a cash cow for “re-distributional policies, including further tax relief for low- and middle-income persons” – […]

Eric Trump Is ‘Sickened’ By Political Families Enriching Themselves

President Donald Trump’s son Eric Trump complained about political families enriching themselves, saying “it is sickening“, before claiming he would “be in jail” if he behaved like Hunter Biden. “It can’t happen in politics on any side of the aisle,” Trump, who is a vice president of his father’s company the Trump Organization, stated in […]

Taxpayers to Be Held Liable After Cops Steal Man’s Phone, Film Themselves Conspiring to Frame Him

By Matt Agorist Hartford, CT — On September 11, 2015, journalist and police accountability activist Michael Picard was illegally detained for lawfully open carrying and filming police on public property. During the illegal detainment, Connecticut state troopers confiscated his gun and his camera. However, the trooper who took the phone went on to make a […]

Blain: Investors Will Be Asking Themselves: "How Could We Have Been So Stupid?"

Blain’s morning porridge, submitted by Bill Blain of Shard Capital “Don’t just book it.. Thomas Cook it.. Perhaps not..” It’s the Autumn equinox… Winter is coming… Interesting week in prospect with the great and the good hobnobbing in New York for the UN Climate Action gab-fest.  Which global leader will win the prize for the […]

German Citizens Begin Arming Themselves as Violent Crime Rises

A growing number of German citizens are applying for permits to carry guns amid escalating violent crime in the country. In today’s Germany, around 640,000 citizens are legally permitted to carry a firearm. This figure has grown massively since 2014 when there were just 260,000 citizens with permits to carry a gun. reports: That’s […]

Court Affirms Citizens Have The Right To Defend Themselves Against Police Brutality

A court case was decided this month by an appellate court in New Jersey which affirmed that citizens are allowed to defend themselves against police brutality. The court’s decision involves the case of Darnell Reed, 33, who was beaten to a bloody pulp by officers during an arrest in 2013 in which he faced multiple charges. A […]

Israeli deep-tech startups find themselves ‘hot’ in India

In 2018, when Flipkart, the leader of $32 billion Indian e-commerce market, wanted to deliver critical insights about the product inventory to its sellers, it looked towards Israel for solutions. In a major buyout, Flipkart, which is now a subsidiary of Walmart, acquired Israeli retail intelligence platform, Upstream Commerce. The acquisition is touted to be […]

The Terrorists Among US – Cyber Terrorists Publicly Expose Themselves

Eliot? What happens when Intel community figures decide to make you an enemy of the state? How about if they aren’t satisfied with the elected government? Dive in and let’s find out. Lawsuits and Jail Time Take the clear examples shown below to heart. Your congressmen and senators hire […]

No surprise US patriotism is sinking; Americans at war with themselves

Climbing down from their historic post-9/11 exuberance, when a bumper-sticker patriotism adorned every Ford and Chevy from sea to shining sea, Americans are now reporting mixed feelings for Old Glory. According to the results of a Wall Street Journal/NBC News survey, just 61 percent of Americans cited patriotism as ‘very important’, down 9 precipitous points […]

Jews Disarm the Goyim But Arm Themselves

by  Nathaniel Kapner  Hypocritical American Jews are going through private Israeli-taught “self-defense” tactical weapons training under “Ex”-IDF trainers with real automatic military weapons. These camps are in conjunction with group martial arts training which prepares American jews to form their own militias. Israelis don’t really leave the IDF — for after active conscript duty they go on […]

VIP Elite Brace Themselves as Court Orders Release of Epstein Files

Powerful politicians, Hollywood celebrities and members of the British royal family are likely very nervous right now as 2,000 pages detailing Jeffrey Epstein’s crimes are set to be made public. In Room 270, the records management unit, on the second floor of a courthouse in lower Manhattan, are currently holding 167 documents totaling more than […]

Scientists will freeze themselves in the Arctic ice for an unprecedented year-long study (VIDEO)

The team will embark on the $158 million expedition in September, and will anchor the German icebreaker RV Polarstern to a large piece of ice in the Arctic Ocean and wait for the sea to freeze around them. After trapping themselves in the thick ice, they will brave the dropping temperatures as they hurry to […]

Second Florida City Pays Hackers. How Smart Cities Leave Themselves Open for Cyberattacks.

July 2, 2019 By B.N. Frank A city employee clicking on a malicious link is being blamed for this recent cyber attack in Lake City, Florida.  Insurance will cover most of the ransom and taxpayers will cover the rest.  Argh. Hackers targeting local and state governments is on the rise.  Regardless, many local and state […]

Pedophiles Are Now Calling Themselves Minor Attracted Persons & Want Inclusion In LGBTQ Movement

Pedophiles are rebranding themselves as ‘MAPs’ or ‘Minor Attracted Persons’ in an effort to gain acceptance and be included into the LGBT community For years now, we’ve been telling you that eventually the ever-growing alphabet soup that is the LGBTQ Movement would, at some point, have to add a ‘P’ to their acronym. The letter ‘P’ of […]

Kushner believes Palestinians can’t govern themselves, are more concerned with mortgages than statehood

Senior advisor and son-in-law to US President Donald Trump is making headlines again for comments he made in a television interview on Sunday, insinuating that he didn’t believe Palestinians were capable of governing themselves. Kushner’s controversial statements were made during a sit-down interview with Axios reporter Jonathan Swan who covered a range of topics, including […]

1984: British Army Says People Who “Describe Themselves as Patriots” Are ‘Extremist Right-Wingers’

The British Army has released an information sheet encouraging members of the military to report others as right-wing extremists if they express a myriad of beliefs, including describing themselves as “patriots”. The sheet is entitled ‘EXTREME RIGHT WING (XRW) INDICATORS & WARNINGS and encourages members of the military to “Look out for individuals who…describe themselves […]

TV Host Ross Cameron Lectures Australians On How to Humble Themselves Before Jews

Before he was fired in 2018 for making ‘racist’ remarks about ‘“black-haired, slanty-eyed, yellow-skinned’ Chinese people, Sky News host, Ross Cameron, lectured Australians on how to humble themselves before Jews and bless them for all they’ve done for us: He stated: “I just say, the conservative mind says do not invent something new if there’s […]

Hundreds of inmates barricade themselves inside Ukraine prison amid massive riot (VIDEO)

Prisoners are thought to be protesting against the poor food quality in the jail, local media reported. Police and special forces are at the scene. A video, allegedly shot inside the jail, shows inmates building barricades while a voice in the background says the rioters are standing against the guards who are “cracking” the inmates’ […]

Deep state desperation: A false flag is their last remaining option to save themselves from being exposed and destroyed

About the author: Mike Adams (aka the “Health Ranger“) is a best selling author (#1 best selling science book on called “Food Forensics“), an environmental scientist, a patent holder for a cesium radioactive isotope elimination invention, a multiple award winner for outstanding journalism, a science news publisher and influential commentator on topics ranging from […]

Teenage and Even Child THOTs Are Patrolling Themselves HARDCORE

Pomidor Quixote Daily Stormer January 11, 2019 Guess what the above 15-year-old has in common with the following two girls. They all killed themselves recently lol. Let’s start with the story of the less hideous one. Daily Mail: A 15-year-old girl with anorexia who was found hanged in her bedroom told her […]

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