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Rabobank: "What The Market Should Be Focusing On Is Whether There Are Still Markets"

Submitted by Michael Every of Rabobank As COVID-19 continues to spread worldwide, economies slump, stocks of personal protective equipment and key drugs dwindle in the US, and as Americans buy record numbers of guns, the market focus today is arguably going to be on one thing: How high is the spike in US initial jobless […]

Is There Life After Death? Study Finds A “High Prevalence” of People ‘See’ and ‘Hear’ Dead Loved Ones

The following is a chapter from my book ‘Parables For The New Conversation.’ One chapter will be published every Sunday for 36 weeks here on Collective Evolution. (I would recommend you start with Chapter 1 if you haven’t already read it.) I hope my words are a source of enjoyment and inspiration for you, the reader. If perchance you would […]

Larry David wants ‘the idiots out there’ to stay home and watch TV

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“There Are Basically No Sales”: U.S. Auto Industry Enters Total Collapse From Nationwide Lockdown

By Tyler Durden 2020 is shaping up to be nothing short of a complete and total meltdown for the U.S. auto industry. The industry was already barely holding on by a thread before the coronavirus pandemic started, with China leading the rest of the globe’s auto industries into recession over the last 18 months. Now, in a […]

There’s a Mystical Forest in Belgium Carpeted With Bluebell Flowers

(TMU) — Every year around April to May and depending on the Spring temperatures, bluebells come into bloom in ancient forests, forming a magical carpet of purple beneath the trees. The Hallerbos forest in Belgium, also known as The Blue Forest, is one of those magical and ancient forests famous for her yearly purple carpet […]

Serviceman Drops To His Knees When He Sees His Dog Is There to Greet Him

Whenever I stumble upon a member of the military, I feel the urge to approach and thank them for their sacrifice. These people put their life on the line for our safety and miss out on a lot of important events such as family gatherings, their children’s’ birthdays and school recitals, holidays, and more. That […]

Rabobank: There Is One Critical Element Missing That Prevents Us From Becoming Even Remotely Optimistic

Submitted by Piotr Matys, Jane Foley and Philip Marey of Rabobank A corrective rebound in US stocks extended on Thursday as the S&P 500 Index closed 6.24% and the DJIA 6.38% higher. Severely battered EM currencies trimmed their substantial losses and various G10 currencies appreciated versus the dollar as well. The league table so far […]

Biden: There Will Be Opportunity in ‘Next Round’ to Use ‘Green Deal’ to Boost Economy

Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden says he believes there will be an opportunity “in the next round” to use his green deal to spur economic growth in America. During video remarks on Wednesday, the former Vice President responded to a question on what policies he will tout to reach out to younger voters. reports:“Well, […]

There may be 10 million Americans infected with the coronavirus right now, based on the trend of confirmed fatalities

(Natural News) As of today, there have been 580 coronavirus deaths in the USA. It takes around 30 days for a case to progress from the initial infection to death, which means these 580 people were initially infected roughly around 30 days ago. A conservative estimate of the case fatality rate is […]

Why Assume There Will Be a 2020 Election?

The upcoming American elections are just around the corner and everyone is wondering if the new president will be named Trump, Biden, Sanders or none of the above. I can hear the incredulous reader exclaim: Wait, what does “none of the above” mean?? It’s certainly going to be one of those three, isn’t it?? It […]

There and Back

Crazy Pat Robertson of the “700 Club” and the Christian Broadcasting Network, and friend by Revilo P. Oliver THERE IS a great value in books by men who, like Tolkien’s diminutive hero, have “been there and back.” One of the most potent antidotes to modern superstitions is William G. Simpson’s Which Way, Western Man? (available […]

"There’s Nothing Left To Sell" – Nomura Sees Today’s Quad Witch Ending The ‘Mechanical Sell Flow’

It’s ‘quad witch’ today, Historically, quad-witch weeks have meant a collapse in vol and surge in stocks – no matter what the news. But, this week (and last) has been different, to say the least… However, as Nomura’s Charlie McElligott explains below, today’s option expiration may stall that chaotic volatility… at least to some extent. […]

There Is Something About This Crazy Treasury Move That Nobody Can Explain

On one hand, the recent surge in 10Y yields is precisely what one – and certainly we – would expect: after all, the official arrival of helicopter money in the form of $1,000 checks to most Americans means that people’s expectations for government generosity repriced overnight, and now the political debate shifts to how much […]

Hollywood’s Sandra Bernhard: There’d Be None of This Coronavirus ‘CHAOS’ If Hillary Clinton Was POTUS

Hollywood actress Sandra Bernhard declared Friday that America would not be experiencing the current coronavirus “chaos” if “rightful president” Hillary Clinton was in charge. “listen my wonderful lady we blew it this country hangs its head in shame you are our rightful President and none of this chaos would be happening under your watch, thank […]

"There Will Be Liquidity, This Is Not 1987" Mnuchin Vows As He Urges Banks To Use Discount Window

We found it quite odd when, in the last week of February, JPMorgan – which just a few months earlier received a repo and “NOT QE” bailout for breaking the repo market – unexpectedly said it wanted to use the discount window again in hopes of breaching the stigma associated with the Fed’s liquidity facility […]

Blain: "There Just Isn’t A Plan!!"

Authored by Bill Blain via, “In terms of unconvincing rallies, yesterday takes the Tunnock’s Caramel Wafer – Scotland’s National Biscuit.”  During the last crisis we reassured ourselves there was a firm hand on the tiller, that the great ship of the global economy was being steered away from the rocks and the lee shore […]

There’s A Connection Between Coronavirus and 5G

The China Coronavirus 5G Connection is a very important factor when trying to comprehend the coronavirus (formerly abbreviated 2019-nCoV, now COVID-19) outbreak. Various independent researchers around the web, for around 2-3 weeks now, have highlighted the coronavirus-5G link despite the fact that Google (as the self-appointed NWO Censor-in-Chief) is doing its best to hide and […]

The Moon May Not Be What We Think It Is – There Are Still Many Unanswered Questions

The Facts: In 1962 Gordon MacDonald, a NASA scientist, published a paper stating it’s more likely that the moon is hollow than not. MIT’s Sean C. Solomon furthered this statement citing knowledge of the moon’s gravitation field as evidence. Reflect On: What do we truly know about the moon? Why is it that there is […]

Democrat Strategist Admits Joe Biden Is ‘Not All There’ and ‘Mentally Deteriorating’

Democrat strategist Justin Horwitz admitted during a Thursday appearance on Tucker Carlson Tonight that Democrat presidential frontrunner Joe Biden is “mentally deteriorating” and the Democrat establishment is “perfectly aware with what is happening with Joe Biden.” “He is a candidate that is mentally deteriorating. People in the Democratic establishment say, ‘Oh don’t say that.’ They really believe […]

Crufts 2020: Is there an equivalent Crufts show for cats?

Is there a Crufts equivalent for cats? The Supreme Cat Show is organised every year, but the show is much less understated than its canine equivalent. Unlike Crufts, which is organised by The Kennel Club, The Supreme Cat Show is organised by the world’s oldest cat registry, the Governing Council of the Cat Fancy. The […]

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