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In a war with US, Iran could have these proxies fighting by its side

BEIRUT (AP) — In the event of war with the United States, Iran “will not be alone.” That message was delivered by the leader of Lebanon’s Hezbollah terror group to a mass rally in Beirut in February marking the 40th anniversary of Iran’s Islamic Revolution. “If America launches war on Iran, it will not be […]

These 28 Companies Are Building Nuclear Weapons

youtube twitter facebook rss Source Article from Related Posts CONFIRMED: Chemical Weapons Assessment Contradicting Official Syria Narrative Is Authentic   The Organization for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons (OPCW) has begun responding to queries by Trump not aware that Iran not interested in nuclear weapons: envoy In an interview with MSNBC, the Iranian envoy touched […]

In these dark times, young American Jews are a ray of hope

The recent campaigns taking aim at Birthright and the American political establishment are more than symbolic — they are sowing the seeds of a powerful resistance movement against Israel’s occupation. By Oren Kroll-Zeldin American Jewish activists protest outside the Birthright offices in New York, April 5, 2019. (GIli Getz) Passover is a celebration of […]

Can these truck-sized nuclear reactors power U.S. military basecamps in remote locations?

(Natural News) The United States military could very soon be getting a major field upgrade, as military heads are in the process of test-running a new type of nuclear mini-reactor that they say will have the capacity to power troops in otherwise hard-to-reach places of the world, such as hillside camps located […]

These Haunting Red Dresses Memorialize Murdered And Missing Indigenous Women

These Haunting Red Dresses Memorialize Murdered And Missing Indigenous Women Above Photo: In 2016, 5,712 American Indian and Alaska Native women and girls were reported missing, which is likely the tip of the iceberg, ( Katherine Fogden, NMAI) Artist Jaime Black says the REDress Project is an expression of her grief for thousands of Native victims […]

RSPCA want to kill these border collies

RSPCA want to kill these border collies Shelter ReformSupportBlogAbout Advocacy Dogs March 20, 2019 The dogs in the video were not seized by the RSPCA during this raid. But it does show how these assessments are conducted (watch til end). On October 23rd 2018, the RSPCA SA raided a breeding facility in South Australia. While puppies in the […]

House Democratic chairmen need to keep pounding away on these points

Enter your email address to subscribe to this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email. Join 6,026 other followers Sign me up! Source Article from Related Posts In a war with US, Iran could have these proxies fighting by its side BEIRUT (AP) — In the event of war with the United […]

Instead of Enriching Shareholders, These Companies Could Give 8 Million Workers a $46,000 Raise

Instead of Enriching Shareholders, These Companies Could Give 8 Million Workers a $46,000 Raise Above: Nike president and CEO Mark Parker speaking an event in New York on March 16, 2016. By Jewel Samad for AFP-Getty Images. How public companies like Nike and Apple are shifting money away from workers to the already very wealthy. During […]

These Bugs Reside In Your Bed and Harm Your Lungs and Back While You Sleep – Learn How To Destroy Them

Almost every person on Earth makes up their bed just after getting up, but according to scientists, this habit has a negative effect on our health. By making your bed, you are trapping millions of dust mites between the sheets who will continue living and multiply and may harm your health. These mites feed on […]

Bari Weiss charges Ilhan Omar with ‘anti-Semitic slander’- but Israelis say these things all the time!

New York Times columnist Bari Weiss joined the chorus of condemnation against freshman congresswoman Ilhan Omar for tweeting back in 2012 that “Israel hypnotizes the world” and that it is doing “evil deeds” in Gaza (in the midst of the 2012 onslaught). Weiss says that certain critiques “cross the line into anti-Semitism when they ascribe […]

Fed up with myths, these American Jews are challenging their israel (apartheid state) education

Members of Jewish-American anti-occupation group IfNotNow protest Trump’s decision to move the U.S. Embassy to Jerusalem, Washington D.C., May 14, 2018. (Gili Getz) Some of the strangest encounters I had in the years I spent living and studying in the United States were with American Jews. I often felt like I had been dropped into […]

You Probably Didn’t Know About These Cool Google Tricks, And They’ll Blow Your Mind

Google is a geek’s paradise. It’s where we all go to get our burning questions answered, to figure out who the actor was in that one movie, or the key ingredient in a Pumpkin Spice Latte (besides pumpkin, of course). It can also be a great way to procrastinate and provides hours of entertainment if you know […]

These foods increase your risk of a heart disease

(Natural News) Food brings joy to a lot of people. However, it can also cause a significant amount of trouble, especially when the wrong foods are consumed. The heart is one of the most vulnerable organs when it comes to the harmful effects of food. What’s even more unfortunate is that most […]

We Manufacturers Now, We Manufacturing All These Bitches Out Here

Andrew Anglin Daily Stormer January 10, 2019 As Tucker Carlson demonstrated last night, the Democrats are obsessed with accusing the President of “manufacturing crises.” This is a key talking point, and a buzzword that they’re using advertising-style marketing methods to force into the public discussion.   This is funny, because it’s exactly […]

These Portraits Were Made by AI: None of These People Exist

These Portraits Were Made by AI: None of These People Exist December 26th, 2018 Via: PetaPixel: Check out these rather ordinary looking portraits. They’re all fake. Not in the sense that they were Photoshopped, but rather they were completely generated by artificial intelligence. That’s […]

These Big Pharma and health care companies are funding the mass murder of black babies in America… learn the truth

(Natural News) Recent news about the alleged anti-Semitic leanings of the far-left Women’s March organization has been rocking the internet, drawing much-needed attention to the hypocritical racism of this so-called “resistance” movement. But where’s the outcry against the similarly racist organization Planned Parenthood, the “exclusive premiere sponsor” of the Women’s March, as […]

One Man Cuts Yeezys In Half To Find Out What Is Inside and These Are The Results

Kanye West’s sneaker line, ‘The Yeezy Boost’, features a few different types of shoes like low-tops, mid-tops and even glow-in-the-dark. The downside? They are nearly impossible to get! They are available on the Adidas site but they’re almost always sold out. Even if you do manage to find a pair online, be expected to drop […]

Has your doctor told you about these natural ways to eliminate kidney stones?

(Natural News) Kidney stones are one of the most painful conditions that you can experience in your life. In fact, some women even claim that it’s just as or even more painful than giving birth. Unfortunately, kidney stones are also very common, with 10 percent of Americans having them at least once in […]

Beat depression without drugs: These are the best supplements and activities that work faster and better than prescription medicine

(Natural News) If you’re depressed, you might be wary of taking antidepressants. Antidepressant use is incredibly common, with roughly one out of every 10 adults taking these drugs, but apprehension is certainly understandable given the dangerous side effects that are associated with these meds. However, that doesn’t mean that you have to […]

These harmful habits may be contributing to your neck pain

(Natural News) Are you in constant pain because of a stiff neck? If you want to ease the discomfort in your neck, read on to learn more about three bad habits that could be causing neck pain. What causes neck pain? You may not be aware of it but sometimes common and […]

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