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LISTEN: Jews are a religion and a people — until the NYT claims Trump thinks so

At a December 11 White House Hanukkah party, US President Donald Trump signed an executive order that aims to fight anti-Semitism on university campuses through broadening the application of civil rights protections to Jews. Through a combination of cloudy media reporting and anti-Trump sentiment, liberal US Jewry took umbrage, claiming that the Jewish people could […]

Marvel’s Hulk, Mark Ruffalo, thinks capitalism will kill us until we elect millionaires ‘like us’

The late Andrew Breitbart once said that the breakdown of the studio system was what really turned Hollywood to the left. Los Angeles has always been a “queer” city in a straight country but when the film moguls ran things, when the old white dudes were in charge, they kept the craziness of the talent […]

Ready to Pay $30,000 for Sharing a Photo Online? The House of Representatives Thinks You Are.

By Ernesto Falcon Tomorrow the House of Representatives has scheduled to vote on what appears to be an unconstitutional copyright bill that carries with it life altering penalties. The bill would slap $30,000 fines on Internet users who share a copyrighted work they don’t own online. Take Action — Now is the time to tell […]

Time to Toss the Flynn Case Out? Brian Cates Thinks So!

Shared by Robert Steele because of its importance to the integrity of the USA. Tip of the Hat to Zero Hedge and  Brian Cates at The Epoch Times. Having followed Lt. Gen. Michael Flynn’s perjury case from the beginning, it’s been apparent to me for some time that there are a lot of things in this case […]

Pedophile Who Murdered 6-Yr-Old Thinks 27-Year Prison Term is Unfair

The convicted pedophile who kidnapped, raped and murdered a 6-year-old girl and told authorities that he was “quite satisfied by the murder” thinks that his 27-year prison sentence is unfair. Aaron Campbell snatched the 6-year-old from her bed at her grandparents’ home on the Isle of Bute, UK, on July 2 last year. Earlier this […]

My name is Rachel, and Israel thinks I’m a security threat

My name is Rachel. I am a Jew. I don’t practice, but my grandmothers are Jewish and I identify as a Jew, so that means I am a Jew.  My name is Rachel. I study Religious and Middle Eastern Studies. My research focuses on the Holocaust and the Israeli/Palestinian conflict. I have studied in Morocco […]

Jewish Professor Thinks Sex With Animals and children is No Big Deal

Jewish Professor Thinks Sex With Animals and children is No Big Deal The twisted Peter Singer declaring he honestly can’t understand why anyone would find sex with animals such a disgusting concept. So long as the animal isn’t overtly harmed, then he thinks bestiality is no big deal. When the interviewer points out that, using […]

Atheist philosopher thinks it’s reasonable to argue against reason

   Have you noticed the remarkable cluelessness in atheist arguments about science and metaphysics? It’s really on display in a recent essay by atheist philosopher Justin E. H. Smith. In a nutshell, Smith, a professor of philosophy at Concordia University and author of Irrationality: A History of the Dark Side of Reason, argues that reason […]

Trump thinks Dems’ ‘witch hunt’ will hand him 2020 – and he could be right

“They want to do investigations instead of investments,” Trump told a crowd in Panama City, Florida, ever the optimist even as his congressional detractors tear their hair out over his refusal to allow them unfettered access to the special counsel report to continue those investigations. The probes are a feature, not a bug, the president […]

The internet thinks Putin and Maduro secretly played in an 80s Soviet band (VIDEO)

A music video for the 1987 song ‘At the Dawn’ by Russian group ‘Alliance’ has resurfaced, showing the four-person group jamming with typical 80s clothing and retro hairstyles. The footage has been thrust back into the spotlight along with the Venezuelan leader. The music video, uploaded to YouTube last year, has over 100,000 views and […]

Bruce Springsteen Thinks Trump Will Win in 2020: I Don’t See Anyone Who Can Beat Him

Bruce Springsteen Thinks Trump Will Win in 2020: I Don’t See Anyone Who Can Beat Him Mediaite December 3, 2018 Cover your ears, Democrats. Bruce Springsteen has some ominous predictions for the left in 2020. I dont see anyone out there at the moment the man who can beat Trump, or the woman who can […]

Is multimedia dulling your brain? This scientific review thinks so

In modern society, it’s perhaps more difficult to escape multimedia ‘noise’ than it has ever been. Moving adverts adorn public transport, social media occupies people’s spare time and smartphone notifications can invade almost every waking moment of our lives. via GIPHY There are positives as people receive information from almost every angle. But what are […]

Bill Gates Thinks There are Too Many Africans, Calls for Population Control

The goal of eliminating extreme poverty is among the top priorities of the global community and is the first of the UN’s seventeen Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). But, according to the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, progress toward reducing poverty is threatened by the presence of too many poor people, particularly in sub-Saharan Africa. by […]

Israeli historian thinks 1956 massacre was part of a secret plan to expel Palestinians

Issachar “Yiska” Shadmi, right, following his show trial. The highest Israeli officer tried for Israel’s 1956 Kafr Qasem massacre admitted that his trial was staged to protect Israeli leaders. An Israeli historian thinks the massacre was part of a secret plan to expel Palestinians from Israel Israel’s Ha’aretz newspaper reports that the highest Israeli officer tried […]

Donald Trump Thinks the Jews Aren’t Grateful Enough

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Why Does Jordan Peterson Thinks He’s a Father Figure When His Daughter is a Huge Slut?

Octavio Rivera Daily Stormer September 21, 2018 Have you seen what this Mikhaila Peterson slut has been posting on her Instagram? Great role model for the little one. Here’s how she looks without makeup, by the way: …and here’s how Jordan Peterson looks with makeup on: Remember Jordan Peterson’s diet? Wait. No, […]

Delusional: Poroshenko thinks ineffective year-old ‘association agreement’ with EU is ‘victory over Moscow’

     The Ukrainian president, Pyort Poroshenko, described the year old agreement of association between Ukraine and the European Union as a “victory over Russia”. The Ukrainian leader made such a statement during the forum of the international organization Yalta European Strategy that took place in Kiev. These remarks come as Poroshenko looks for reasons that […]

French Education Minister Thinks Arabic Should Be Taught In Schools

The minister of national education wants to add the Arabic language to the school curriculum for French children. His suggestion has caused outrage among the country’s right-wing who warn of dire consequences if the plan goes ahead. RT reports: France should draw up a “qualitative strategy” for teaching Arabic language in schools, Jean-Michel Blanquer said […]

Bolton Thinks Not Only Russia But China, North Korea & Iran May Target US Elections

Russia, China, North Korea, and Iran may try to meddle in the upcoming US midterm elections according to National Security Advisor John Bolton. While declining to provide any evidence, Bolton told ABC’s ‘This Week,’ on Sunday.“I can say definitively that it’s a sufficient national security concern about Chinese meddling, Iranian meddling, and North Korean meddling […]

How the jewish Zionist mind thinks “‘Should We Carpet Bomb Gaza?’

How They Think– ‘Should We Carpet Bomb Gaza?’   ed note–please note that despite the not-so-convincing statement concerning the ‘brutality’ of carpet bombing innocent civilians that the sole reason our unesteemed Hebraic essayist gives for not supporting yet another exercise in Jewish ritual mass murder in Gaza is because of the negative effect it would have […]

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