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The Origins of the Thought Police—and Why They Scare Us

Jon Miltimore, FEE Waking Times There are a lot of unpleasant things in George Orwell’s dystopian novel 1984. Spying screens. Torture and propaganda. Victory Gin and Victory Coffee always sounded particularly dreadful. And there is Winston Smith’s varicose ulcer, apparently a symbol of his humanity (or something), which always seems to be “throbbing.” Gross. None of this sounds […]

THOUGHT POLICE: Facebook, YouTube, Twitter all ban any mention of "whistleblower" Eric Ciaramella as the Overton Window of allowable speech collapses

(Natural News) Anyone publishing the name of the so-called deep state CIA “whistleblower” Eric Ciaramella is being systematically de-platformed by Google, YouTube, Facebook and Twitter. This is happening because lawless Leftists fully understand that the more people learn about Eric Ciaramella, the more rapidly the “Ukrainegate” impeachment hoax collapses. An insane effort […]

Scientists thought they knew volcanoes – until they looked under Bermuda

Google has declared war on the independent media and has begun blocking emails from NaturalNews from getting to our readers. We recommend as a free, uncensored email receiving service, or as a free, encrypted email send and receive service. That’s okay. Continue with my Gmail address… […]

The NBA is now communist China’s thought police: "Free Hong Kong" signs confiscated from American fans

(Natural News) It is now a punishable offense to hold up signs or wear t-shirts in support of the Hong Kong freedom movement at NBA games, as the professional basketball league continues to implement the very same authoritarian tactics as its financial bedfellow, communist China. During a recent Washington Wizards game in […]

Thought police on campus: What’s behind ‘consent classes’ at British universities

Universities UK (UUK), the body representing higher education institutions, reports that universities are making young people take ‘consent classes’ before enrolling for their degrees. Some universities are trialing ‘pre-arrival online consent courses’ with a view to ensuring that they are a ‘condition of registration’. A handful of universities already demand that prospective students take an […]

We have sinned against Israel’s land, water and air: Yom Kippur food for thought

On Tuesday night and Wednesday, Jews throughout the world are gathering in synagogues for the most solemn day of the year, Yom Kippur — the Day of Atonement. We cry to the Heavens that we have sinned, and we beg God for forgiveness. In silent prayer, we beat our chests and list the multiple misdeeds […]

Just Questioning "Diversity" is a Thought Crime

  September 10, 2019 Take, for example,  that monstrous threat to world peace in the 1970s – the ‘White settler’ racist, republic of Rhodesia.  Facing three Communist guerrilla armies – all financed by the central banking cartel and supplied/trained in the Soviet Union and Red China – Rhodesia actually won their war of independence against […]

Marianne Williamson Realizes The DNC Is Not What She Thought?

The Facts: A draft report of a new study from the University of Alaska Fairbanks has been published. The study has been years in the making and the findings show so far without doubt, that fire did not bring down WTC 7. Reflect On: If fire did not bring down WTC 7, what did? If […]

How CIA-Backed Palantir Is Helping Police Root Out “Thought Crimes”

By Tyler Durden Palantir’s technology was developed in warzones like Fallujah, where it was used to anticipate roadside bombs and attacks by insurgents. Now, it’s being used on the streets of Los Angeles to root out criminals like something straight out of the movie Minority Report. Unsurprisingly, the privately-held tech firm is backed by the […]

The Price of Publishing Independent Thought: We Need Your Support!

youtube twitter facebook rss Source Article from Related Posts The Origins of the Thought Police—and Why They Scare Us Jon Miltimore, FEE Waking TimesThere are a lot of unpleasant things in George Orwell’s dystopian novel THOUGHT POLICE: Facebook, YouTube, Twitter all ban any mention of "whistleblower" Eric Ciaramella as the Overton Window of allowable speech […]

If you thought the Madoff swindle was big, check out GE accounting fraud!

    Former Madoff Whistleblower Attacks GE Over $40 Billion Accounting Shortfall With markets looking to open in the red following Wednesday’s stunning drop, the infamous Madoff Whistleblower (who was ignored for years) Harry Markopolos has picked Thursday to publish a report about GE’s accounting strategies, claiming that the company’s ‘cash situation’ is a […]

Judiciary as Continuation of Warfare: How the West Uses Srebrenica to Implement Thought-crime Legislation

Such an evaluation could easily have the author indicted and even convicted of “genocide denial” by an EU European court, since the European Union has introduced special laws calling for punishing of individuals for their opinions. This is a step towards an authoritarian system, based in part on how the destruction of Yugoslavia, with its […]

You Thought Monday Was Dramatic In Markets? Welcome To Tuesday!

Submitted by Michael Every of Rabobank You thought Monday was dramatic in markets? Welcome to Tuesday! Fortunately, last night Hong Kong did not see the PLA move in but still recorded widespread anarchy on its streets showing the government is clearly not in control: a fresh statement from Beijing is due today, and one wonders […]

Thought Crimes? Facebook Along With Researchers Successfully Transcribes Thoughts Instantly Into Speech

By Aaron Kesel Facebook-backed research on brain reading has transmitted thoughts to speech, as we take a step towards pre-crime becoming a reality. Meanwhile, in an unrelated development, the FBI has demanded a “social media early alerting tool” that will help monitor terrorist groups, foreign intelligence services, criminal organizations and other domestic threats before they […]

Sunk Russian sub is leaking 100,000 times more radiation than previously thought, experts discover

(Natural News) The nuclear fallout from a Russian submarine that was sunk off the coast of Norway roughly three decades ago has spiked dramatically over the past several years, and experts are scratching their heads trying to figure out why. According to reports, the Soviet-era vessel, which currently sits at the bottom […]

Processed foods are a much bigger health problem than we thought

   The case against processed food just keeps getting stronger. But, amazingly, we still don’t understand exactly why it’s so bad for us. In two new papers published in the BMJ, the more ultraprocessed — or industrially manufactured — foods a person ate, the more likely they were to get sick and even die. In […]

Puffins are on the rebound: Researchers thought they were declining but they were just hiding from seals

(Natural News) Researchers have laid to rest earlier fears that the population of puffins in the U.K. was going down. They reported that the total number of birds in the Farne Islands actually increased by nine percent – they have merely moved to different areas of the island group. At first, the […]

Roger Waters brands Twitter ‘thought police’ for suspending Assange support account (VIDEO)

“Twitter, you are Big Brother, now we know it for sure, we always suspected it,” Waters said in a video posted to Twitter. “You are an arm of the thought police. You are an arm of the forces of oppression. You wish to suppress freedom of speech, journalism, freedom of anything probably.”  The Unity4J account […]

Are AI concerns overblown? | Food For Thought

July 11, 2019 | 0 Comments One of the biggest trends coming out of the ‘AI phenomenon’ is a pattern of domesday fearmongering and hysteria describing advanced technology that ‘threatens the very survival of mankind’. But is the threat of an advanced race of intelligent robots really as soon around the corner as we think? […]

Food For Careful Thought

photo by Carol Duff Heath Editor’s Note: This thoughtfully written article was sent to me and I find its message important.  I would wish to share William Reese Hamilton’s thoughts and words with you. William Reese Hamilton, former WWII prisoner and author of Wonks, asks this question in a new article titled “Let’s Not Obscure History’s […]

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