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Iranian Ambassador Calls On US To Declassify Its ‘Intelligence’ On Iran Threat

Iran’s ambassador to the UN has called on the US government to declassify its intelligence on the alleged “Iranian threat” in Iraq saying he is confident that the claim is “fake”. “If they have credible evidence and information, why don’t they declassify them and make it known to the American people and to the people […]

Risk of Open Warfare? What Makes Iran Look Like an Immediate Threat

The current crisis atmosphere in U.S.-Iranian relations, in which the risk of open warfare appears greater than it has been in years, is solely and unequivocally due to the policies and actions of the Trump administration. To point this out does not mean that actions of the Iranian regime have not come to be part […]

Are They Blackmailing Trump With the Threat of Impeachment?

Christopher Jon Bjerknes Every time Trump iterates bellicose rhetoric against Iran, the calls for impeachment quiet. Every time Trump backs off the war agenda, the calls for impeachment intensify. The same is true of potential charges against his family members. It could be that Trump is being blackmailed into attacking Iran. Source Article from […]

British General Contradicts US, Says There is No Increased Threat From Iran

The British military became engaged in a public clash with the Pentagon this week over claims by Washington about an alleged threat posed by Iran. A British general in the US-led coalition against ISIS said there was no increased threat from Iranian-backed forces in Iraq or Syria. Maj Gen Christopher Ghika’s announcement directly contradicts assertions […]

Iran: US decision to pull diplomats out of Iraq over ‘Iran threat’ mere propaganda war

Tehran’s mission to the UN has rejected as a mere “propaganda war” America’s decision to pull its diplomats out of Iraq amid claims of heightened “threats” from Iran, emphasizing that the Islamic Republic poses threat to no one — neither in Iraq nor elsewhere in the world. In a travel advisory issued early on […]

Netherlands joins Germany in halting Iraq mission due to security threat

The Netherlands decided to halt the mission which provided assistance to the Iraqi authorities because of a security threat, the Dutch ANP news agency said. The Dutch Defense Ministry confirmed the suspension of the mission to the media. The ministry’s spokesperson told ANP that withdrawal of Dutch forces from the area is “currently not discussed.” […]

Trump denies U.S. plan to send 120,000 troops to counter Iran threat

    U.S. Navy Rear Admiral Jim Malloy, commander, Task Force 50, speaks to the crew of the guided-missile destroyer USS Hopper on the ship’s flight deck at sea in the Arabian Gulf, November 17, 2016. Petty Officer 3rd Class Nathan T. Beard/U.S. Navy/Handout via REUTERS WASHINGTON (Reuters) – President Donald Trump on Tuesday denied […]

US military in Gulf was ‘threat but now opportunity’ – Iran’s elite IRGC

Amirali Hajiadeh, who heads the elite unit’s aerospace division, made the comments on Sunday while discussing the presence of US military garrisons and naval fleets based in countries neighboring Iran. “An aircraft carrier that has at least 40 to 50 planes on it and 6000 forces gathered within it was a serious threat for us […]

Iran under no external threat: Army chief

“This is not the first time that the enemy is showing its true face. We are familiar with it from the beginning days of the Islamic Revolution victory. But we are standing on our feet,” the Iranian Brigadier General said. He assure the Iranian nation that no enemy dares to take an aggressive action against […]

Norway police relocate Arab activist over threat from Saudi Arabia

Norwegian police have temporarily moved a prominent Arab pro-democracy activist and a vocal critic of Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman to a secure place after being tipped off about a possible threat against him from the kingdom. Iyad el-Baghdadi, a Palestinian human rights campaigner and writer, said he was first told of an unspecified […]

Critics say vaccine bill will risk kids’ medical privacy. Real threat? Or red herring?

California lawmakers want more state oversight of immunizations, and under a bill they are pushing, the state would begin collecting sensitive health information of schoolchildren whose doctors have exempted them from vaccinations due to medical reasons. But that proposed data collection has alarmed some parents already opposed to state-mandated vaccinations, who question whether California […]

The Prosecution Of Julian Assange Is A Threat To Journalists Everywhere

The Prosecution Of Julian Assange Is A Threat To Journalists Everywhere Above: Supporters of Julian Assange gather outside Westminster Court after Assange’s arrest. Photo by WIktor Szymanowicz for AFP-NurPhoto. Action steps:  Take action to protect Julian Assange. Click here to read about what you can do. Support the Embassy Protection Collective. The United States is recognizing […]

Putin’s Self-Defense Warning Twisted as ‘Unacceptable Threat’ to US

Putin’s Self-Defense Warning Twisted as ‘Unacceptable Threat’ to US With stupendous double-think, Western news media claimed this week that Russian President Vladimir Putin was “threatening” the United States and its NATO allies with nuclear missiles. The New York Times accused the Russian leader of “nuclear saber-rattling” while Radio Free Europe headlined: ‘Putin threatens to target […]

International law under threat

By Lawrence Davidson Several recent events suggest that global warming is not the only thing threatening our future. As if they are running on parallel tracks, some of the modern institutions that help make for stable societies – the ones that hold back the rise of barbarism – are being weakened even as the atmosphere […]

U.S. Intelligence Officials Warn Climate Change Is A Worldwide Threat

The nation’s intelligence community warned in its annual assessment of worldwide threats that climate change and other kinds of environmental degradation pose risks to global stability because they are “likely to fuel competition for resources, economic distress, and social discontent through 2019 and beyond.” Released Tuesday, the Worldwide Threat Assessment prepared by the Director of National Intelligence added […]

The Enemy’s Main Threat In 2019: Hezbollah’s Precision Missiles

Al-Ahed News A report authored by “Israel’s” Institute for National Security Studies [INSS] outlined next year’s strategic assessment as well as the threats facing the enemy entity.  According to INSS, these include a full-scale war in the north against Iran and the classification of Hezbollah and the Syrian state as the most dangerous threat of 2019. […]

France’s govt exaggerates Yellow Vest threat to justify measures of political repression

I live right in the heart of Paris, overlooking the Prime Minister’s office, Hôtel Matignon, and a short distance from the scenes of some of the violence witnessed last Saturday. Ever since the Yellow Vests started to demonstrate at the beginning of December, I have seen, just outside my own front door, the massive police […]

If Trump Is beholden to Russia, then Israel faces dire threat to its existence in Syria

Enter your email address to subscribe to this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email. Join 6,007 other followers Source Article from Related Posts Britain to Iran: Don’t underestimate US, Trump will retaliate if provoked Britain’s foreign secretary on Monday warned Iran not to “underestimate the resolve of the US” WW3: President […]

‘Prepared to counter any threat’: Russia’s top 10 military events of 2018

Russia’s Ministry of Defense managed to keep up the high standard of national defense potential in 2018, despite all the challenges related to budgetary restrictions. Compared to 2017, the key indicators in the development of Russia’s Army and Navy are showing growth, however modest. Top officials at the Defense Ministry estimate that the Russian Armed […]

No threat, but ready to respond: Presence of US carrier in the Persian Gulf ‘insignificant’ – Iran

“The presence of this warship is insignificant to us,” Iran’s deputy army chief for coordination affairs, Habibollah Sayyari said. He promised that the military won’t allow the Nimitz-class warship to come near Iranian territorial waters in the Persian Gulf. The high-ranking official explained that the US navy was allowed to sail in international waters near […]

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