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Mass Oppression by U.S. Government Agency Threatens to Kill Burning Man

April 26th, 2019 By Nanice Ellis Contributing Writer for Wake Up World While you might think of Burning Man as the greatest festival on Earth, it’s actually an epicenter of consciousness where 70,000 people from all walks of life gather to build Black Rock City in the harsh desert. For one week each year, Black Rock City […]

Iran threatens ‘consequences’ if US takes ‘crazy measure’ of blocking oil sales

Iranian Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif on Wednesday warned the United States of “consequences” if it prevents Tehran from selling oil, after Washington ended sanction exemptions over the Islamic Republic’s energy exports. “We believe that Iran will continue to sell its oil,” Zarif said at an event at the Asia Society in New York, according […]

The European Union threatens to resort to the WTO against the United States

The European Union informed the United States government that it will resort to the World Trade Organization (WTO) if the US tightens its economic blockade against Cuba by enforcing chapter III of the Helms-Burton law. The United States has announced that it will enforce Title III of the Helms-Burton Act (Cuban Liberty and Democratic Solidarity […]

Iran threatens to respond in kind if US labels Revolutionary Guard terrorists

Iranian lawmakers warned on Sunday they would respond in kind if the United States designated their country’s Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps a terror group. On Friday, the Wall Street Journal reported such a move by Washington could come as early as Monday and would be the first time the US has designated a state entity […]

Trump Threatens A Second Embargo Of Cuba

Trump Threatens A Second Embargo Of Cuba Above Photo: A Cuban supporter waves a Cuban flag in front of the country’s embassy after it re-opened for the first time in 54 years July 20, 2015, in Washington, D.C.MARK WILSON / GETTY IMAGES The Trump administration is threatening to unleash a flood of lawsuits involving Cuba, which […]

France threatens to boycott Eurovision over Israeli TV show depicting French contestant as terrorist

Set to air in May, the three-part series called ‘Douze Points’ (‘twelve points’ in French, the highest score you can receive at Eurovision) is about a French-Algerian Islamic State (IS, formerly ISIS) terrorist posing as a gay man who manages to secure a place in the high-profile international song contest – ostensibly in hopes of […]

Data Consolidation Threatens Sustainable Agriculture Says International Panel

Data Consolidation Threatens Sustainable Agriculture Says International Panel Above Photo: Courtesy of iStock by Getty Images If you care about reducing pesticide use, promoting agricultural biodiversity, and supporting small farmers, then you should also care about who’s amassing agricultural data. That’s the message of a new report from a group of sustainable food policy experts, out […]

Extreme Wealth Threatens Our Very Planet

Millions of years ago, life on Earth survived an existential climate crisis. But that Earth had a distinct advantage: no rich people. We either keep fossil fuels in the ground, or we fry. That’s the conclusion of another new blockbuster study on climate change, this one from the National Academy of Sciences. Our fossil-fuel industrial economy, the study […]

US Threatens to Sanction Lebanon if They Participate in Rebuilding Syria

US Threatens to Sanction Lebanon if They Participate in Rebuilding Syria By Leith Aboufadel The U.S. State Department allegedly sent a cable to the Lebanese Embassy in Washington that warned them against inviting Syria to the Arab Economic Summit in Beirut that is scheduled to take place this week, Al-Akhbar reported on Wednesday. According to […]

Gaza Fuel Crisis Threatens Hundreds of Patients amid “Israeli” Blockade

Local Editor Warnings over a possible health crisis in the Gaza Strip under the “Israeli” blockade escalated with the ongoing fuel shortage that lacks hundreds of patients’ treatment in hospitals, threatening their lives. Al-Mezan, a Palestinian human rights group, stated that 128 dialysis machines are non-operational due to the ongoing fuel crisis. This situation led […]

MI6 Boss Warns Soft Brexit ‘Threatens National Security’

Former MI6 boss Sir Richard Dearlove has warned the British government that an EU-friendly ‘soft Brexit’ threatens national security. According to a statement by both Dearlove and former chief of the defence staff Lord Guthrie, Tory politicians must vote against Theresa May’s Brexit deal and reject the EU withdrawal agreement. Sky News reports: In an explosive […]

Kevin Spacey Threatens to Expose Elite Pedophile Ring

Kevin Spacey has threatened to expose an elite pedophile ring involving members of Hollywood and D.C. politicians.  In a bizarre video rant released on YouTube on Christmas Eve, Spacey, who faces a felony charge for the sexual assault of a teenage boy, performed a “House of Cards” monologue criticizing the #MeToo movement and hinting that […]

Bolton Threatens To Force Africa To Choose Between The US And China

The Americans wager that they can exercise veto power over African political alignments by force of arms, through AFRICOM’s massive military infiltration of the region. “The ‘West’s’ political economies are spent forces, incapable of either keeping up with China’s phenomenal domestic growth or of competing with China in what used to be called the Third […]

Putin Threatens To Ban ‘Biased Google’ From Russia

President Vladimir Putin has threatened to ban ‘extremely biased‘ Google from operating in Russia. The far-left search engine giant has refused to abide by a new Russian law passed in September that outlaws websites that contain disturbing material, such as self-harm and child pornography. reports: Russian news agencies on Wednesday quoted deputy Communications Oversight […]

Serbia threatens military action after Kosovo votes to create army

Serbia has threatened military action against neighbouring Kosovo after its parliament approved the creation of a new army. Kosovar MPs voted on Friday to expand the existing Kosovo Security Force into a 5,000-troop army, plus 3,000 reservists. Belgrade called the move a “direct threat to peace and stability” in the Balkans and lashed out […]

‘Cleanse them’: Turkey threatens to send troops to Syria’s Manbij unless US removes Kurdish militias

The threat, delivered during a speech in Istanbul, ramps up Erdogan’s rhetoric targeting the YPG militias. Earlier on Wednesday, he publicly complained that the US, which support the Kurds in northeastern Syria, is failing to deliver on its promise to clear Manbij of Kurdish fighters. Ankara considers Syrian Kurdish paramilitaries as an extension of the […]

University threatens, interrogates black conservative student for daring to privately own a gun… insane inquisition by anti-gun whackos who run the schools

(Natural News) The founder of the only conservative student organization at the University of North Texas at Dallas was reportedly targeted and questioned recently after it was discovered that he owned – gasp! – a firearm. According to reports, Brandon Masin, a 25-year-old black man enrolled at UNT’s College of Law, received […]

Disgusting Paki Terror Leader Kamala Harris Threatens “Ugly” 2020 Run

Andrew Anglin Daily Stormer December 4, 2018 In the cold dark of a hallway in some shack long ago, the Pakistani wing of the jihadists and the Black Panthers consummated their alliances through a sex act that produced Kamala Harris, a leader of brown peoples in all the realms. Kamala is at […]

Self-Organized Yellow Vest Movement Threatens Macron Regime In France

Self-Organized Yellow Vest Movement Threatens Macron Regime In France Above Photo: From Ignored by the president, distorted by the media, courted by the right, snubbed by the left, the self-organized mass movement known as the Yellow Vests is seriously challenging the political and economic order in France. In Paris, on the morning of Saturday, […]

Congressman Threatens to Bomb Gun Owners Who Don’t Submit to Gun Control

By Alan Mosley In May of 2018, Representative Eric Swalwell (D-CA) wrote an opinion column for USA Today in which he called for significant increases in gun control, following the murder of Gary Jackson, a 28-year old security guard from Oakland, California, whose killer was armed with an “AK-47-style semi-automatic assault rifle.” Swalwell was the […]

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