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Washington Nationals Invite Joe Biden to Throw First Pitch

WASHINGTON (AP) — The Washington Nationals are making their pitch to President-elect Joe Biden. The Nats have invited Biden to toss out the ceremonial first ball next season on opening day. Washington is scheduled to host the New York Mets at Nationals Park on April 1. “We’re excited to continue the long-standing tradition of sitting […]

Mighty Anglo-Saxon Warrior Grave May Throw Light On the Dark Ages

The discovery of a 1400-year-old warrior buried in a British field is being hailed as a major discovery and is providing new insights into the so-called Dark Ages and early English history. Specifically, the burial may provide a better understanding of the origins of the Kingdom of Wessex , which played a crucial role in […]

Democrat Insider: Anti-Trump Postal Workers in GOP Neighborhoods Throw Mail-In Ballots in the Garbage

A Democrat operative says the United States Postal Service (USPS) workers who despise President Trump will sometimes help election fraudsters by throwing in the garbage mail-in ballots from Republican-heavy neighborhoods. Last month, as Breitbart News highlighted, a Democrat operative told the New York Post‘s Jon Levine a number of stories in which insiders like him […]

After Reading This You Will Never Throw Away The Rice Water Again

16K Shares More energy, healthier skin and shiny hair are just some of the benefits that you will gain from this old Chinese recipe that is becoming increasingly popular in modern western civilization. You can get a healthy body and beautiful skin by only using two cheap ingredients: water and rice. Method of preparation: Maybe […]

Police: Rioters Throw Rocks, Chunks of Concrete at Portland Officers

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Femoid & Cuck Boyfriend Throw Coffee On Guy For Not Wearing Mask

Femoids and their cuck low-T boyfriends are the ultimate System Zombies. Woman Throws Hot Coffee At Man For Not Wearing a Mask Outdoors Make no mistake, these are the system zombies who will rat on you to their masters for non-compliance. I despise these outdoor mask wearers. I haven’t worn 1 yet, in or out. […]

Black woman left topless as Alabama police throw her to floor in Waffle House arrest (VIDEO)

Police launched an internal inquiry into the arrest of 25-year-old Chikesia Clemons in the middle of the local Waffle House on Sunday morning. The officers were captured on camera using force against the young woman and even threatened to break her arm if she continued to resist arrest. The video, filmed by Clemons’ friend, Canita […]

Just how low can they sink? Video: israeli “soldiers” throw tear gas at Palestinian couple running with baby

Israeli soldiers throw tear gas at Palestinian couple running with baby Ma’an – March 3, 2018 BETHLEHEM (Ma’an) — Israeli NGO Yesh Din posted a video on Friday showing an Israeli soldier throwing a tear gas grenade at a Palestinian couple holding their baby in the northern occupied West Bank village of Burin in Nablus. […]

Israeli Jewish settlers throw stones in West Bank

Several dozens of Israeli Jewish settlers, who invaded tomb of Palestinian Muslim Imam in the northern West Bank village of Awarta on Sunday, threw stones at Palestinian homes and vehicles. The violence made by the Israeli Jewish settlers, eyewitnesses said, caused much material damage in the Palestinian property. No casualties were reported in the incident. […]

Alex Jones & Gavin McInnes Throw Weinstein, Oprah & Steadman Under The Bus, Then Talk Dildos

Warning: this article is not for children to view. Alex Jones and Gavin McInnes are two pundits of the GOP (Gay Ol’-boy Party) who recently ran damage control on InfoWars for the druggie pan-sexual degenerate cult that they are in, by throwing their fellow members Oprah and Harvey Weinstein under the bus. They are trying […]

Rikers Island Guards Throw Shade at Colin Kaepernick’s Visit to Notorious Jail

NEW YORK — Former San Francisco 49ers quarterback-turned-activist Colin Kaepernick visited inmates held at New York’s Rikers Island on Thursday, December 14 “to share a message of hope and inspiration,” according to New York City Department of Corrections spokesman Peter Thorne. Eric Phillips, a spokesman for the mayor’s office, said Kaepernick “should be applauded” for […]

Fifty-five Israeli lawmakers throw their bodies down for ‘everyone’s child,’ killer Elor Azarya

Fifty-five Israeli lawmakers, including Prime Minister Netanyahu, have signed a petition to the President today, for him to reconsider his decision not to pardon Elor Azarya, the soldier-medic who killed an incapacitated Palestinian with a bullet to the head in March 2016. In addition to Netanyahu, the petition included Defense Minister Avigdor Liberman, Welfare Minister Haim […]

New World Order Prepare To Throw Clinton’s Under The Bus

The New World Order are preparing to throw Bill and Hillary under the bus as they realise that the criminal activity of the Clinton’s has hindered their agenda.  As evidence continues to be made public that the Clinton’s are guilty of the very crimes they accuse Donald Trump of committing, they will be thrown under […]

Israeli settlers throw stones at Palestinian farmers

Israeli Jewish settlers attacked Palestinians in southern occupied West Bank village of Umm al-Kheir, located in Al-Khalil District, on Monday. Coordinator of popular committees in the southern West Bank Ratib al-Jabour said that a group of the Israeli Jewish settlers from the illegal Karmel Settlement threw stones at Palestinian farmers while working in their fields […]

If You Are Using This Toothpaste… Throw It Away Immediately!

If you are using this toothpaste… throw it away immediately! by The FDA has just issued a warning this week noting that they will be putting a ban on triclosan — a common antibacterial agent used in soaps, detergents, toys, cosmetics, and toothpaste. Apparently, the chemical poses a high-degree of health risks and side […]

[WATCH] Four Deputies Arrested for Letting Inmate Throw Feces in Santa Rita Jail

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[VIDEO] Chatham Cops Beat Man, Throw Camera In Pond, Dog Missing

A Pooler man has filed a lawsuit accusing a Chatham sheriff’s deputy of using excessive force during an arrest in Effingham County, kicking him and breaking his jaw and back. Anthony Oliver also accuses deputy Franklin R. Rollins Jr., who was acting as a U.S. Marshal during the Jan. […]

Congress Passes Bill To Throw Parents Of Sexting Teens In Jail For 15 Years

By Rachel Blevins The United States House of Representatives has passed a bill to criminalize “sexting” among teenagers. But that’s not all. This ominous bill also punishes their parents by making them face a 15-year mandatory, minimum sentence. H.R. 1761, the Protecting Against Child Exploitation Act of 2017, seeks to “criminalize the knowing […]

WARNING If Your Kids Have ‘Fidget Spinners’ Throw Them Out Now. THIS Shocking New Danger Just Discovered

A Texas mom is warning parents about the dangers of fidget spinners after her daughter swallowed a part of the popular toy and had emergency surgery. If you have kids in elementary and middle school you likely already know about fidget spinners. The newest “it” toy is a small gadget with two or three prongs […]

Israeli troops caught watching indifferently as settlers throw stones at Palestinians in West Bank

     An Israeli human rights group has released video footage of Israeli troops looking on indifferently while Jewish settlers threw stones at Palestinians in the West Bank and has demanded the IDF look into the behavior of its soldiers. The footage was shot by a Yesh Din group activist on Friday near the village of […]

Israeli troops filmed watching idly as settlers throw stones at Palestinians (VIDEO)

The footage was shot by a Yesh Din group activist on Friday near the village of Burin in the occupied West Bank, the Haaretz newspaper reported. It showed armed Israeli soldiers standing idly by while settlers were hurling stones at Palestinians just meters away. “This is a very serious incident in which IDF soldiers allowed […]

Police use tear gas in Paris after protesters reportedly throw projectiles (VIDEO)

According to a Le Figaro correspondent, some 300 protesters had gathered in the Ménilmontant neighborhood in eastern Paris. The protesters are shouting, “Macron Démission” (Macron’s resignation). At least three bangs have been heard at the scene of the protest, a RIA Novosti correspondent on the spot reported, adding that police had deployed tear gas against […]

100 senators throw their bodies down to end UN ‘bias’ against Israel

Last week, all 100 US senators signed a letter to the UN Secretary General, demanding ‘equal treatment’ for Israel.   The letter, sponsored by Florida Republican Marco Rubio and Delaware Democrat Christopher Coons, was an ostensible display of bipartisan unanimity about UN ‘anti-Israel bias’. While bias should definitely be examined, the blind cannot lead the blind. This […]

Mainstream Media – Making Rock Stars Out of Mass Murderers

Dylan Charles, EditorWaking Times At what point does the deification of criminals itself become a criminal act? With each new shocking mass murder, a story is created by mainstream media and unleashed on public consciousness. The ‘official’ narrative of the event never ends up jibing with actual facts revealed by subsequent and independent […]

Man asks Officer to, “Ask Yourself If You’re Helping or Hurting” During Traffic Stop

Traffic tickets are nothing more than revenue generation for the state and extortion for you and I. The loyal trolls here can spare me the, “traffic laws keep people safe” crap because it’s just that, CRAP! No matter how many warnings given, tickets are written or driving ‘privileges’ taken away there will ALWAYS be a risk to […]

Mysterious ‘blood rain’ tints water a gruesome hue

     Residents of several villages in Northwest Spain received an unpleasant surprise last fall, when they noticed that the water in their fountains had turned a gory shade of red. The tint wasn’t left behind by a guilty murderer’s bloody hands, but rather by microscopic algae that arrived in a recent rainfall. But at the […]

Playing outside will make your kids smarter

     Today, the average American child spends as little as 30 minutes outside in unstructured play each day. When I was a kid, I lived outside. Most warm evenings would have me and most of the neighborhood kids riding bikes, building forts, catching lightning bugs, or just laying in the grass until the streetlights blinked […]

Playing outside will make your kids smarter

     Today, the average American child spends as little as 30 minutes outside in unstructured play each day. When I was a kid, I lived outside. Most warm evenings would have me and most of the neighborhood kids riding bikes, building forts, catching lightning bugs, or just laying in the grass until the streetlights blinked […]

American ISS astronaut broke ‘no politics’ rule to stand with Russia

The International Space Station (ISS) is supposed to be a place free of all political talk – but is that really so? Kornienko and Volkov, who returned from the ISS early March, say it is, though there is an exception to every rule. Such was the case for Russian pilot Sergey Rumyantsev. Syrian Turkmen commander […]

NASA Dropped a 2-ton Kinetic Missile on the Moon: What Did They Destroy?

Is it possible that NASA bombed the moon in order to destroy an Alien base? According to many people around the world, the answer is a big YES. According to a set of images and alleged reports, there are alien structures on the surface of the moon, and NASA launched a 2-ton kinetic weapon to […]

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