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‘Sad sight’, ‘disgrace’ to see French minister caught throwing lavish parties on taxpayer money

Ecology Minister Francois de Rugy often campaigns for government transparency and has criticized other politicians involved in financial scandals. He got a taste of his own medicine earlier this week when investigative website Mediapart alleged that he hosted more than 10 luxurious dinner parties in which the guests enjoyed lobster, as well as fine wine and […]

Trump’s ‘This is what you will be throwing away’ letter to the Palestinians

Jared Kushner was as good as his word. In a public interview last month, he expressed his wariness of the phrase “two states” to describe the intended resolution of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. “If you say ‘two states’ to the Israelis it means one thing, and if you say ‘two states’ to the Palestinians it means […]

Kim Jong-un Executes General By Throwing Him In Tank Full of Piranhas

North Korea leader Kim Jong-Un has executed a general accused of plotting a coup by throwing him into a fish tank filled with piranhas, according to reports. The unnamed general, who was accused of plotting to remove Kim-Jong-un as supreme leader, is believed to be Kim’s latest victim, following a string of executions of aides, […]

Have Americans learned nothing? As Venezuelans are throwing off the chains of socialism tyranny, Americans keep voting more Left-wing authoritarians into power

(Natural News) The collapse of Venezuela would provide invaluable political and economic lessons for Americans if only our media would accurately report what has happened to the country once considered to be the Eden of South America. For instance, this week the mainstream media (MSM) is reporting that the Trump administration no […]

REVEALED: FBI’s Bogus Counter-Terrorism Racket, Throwing Innocent People in Prison

It’s a documented fact that nearly all of the highest-profile ‘domestic terror’ plots in the United States after 9/11 featured the “direct involvement” of undercover government agents and paid federal informants, and regularly featured the underhanded technique of entrapment in order conjure convictions. Most “sting” operations were either proposed or led by paid informants. Investigative […]

Video Shows Migrant Caravan Members Throwing Rocks at Helicopter

Video Shows Migrant Caravan Members Throwing Rocks at Helicopter “This is what elected Democrats support” Paul Joseph Watson November 2, 2018 A viral video shows members of the migrant caravan throwing rocks and molotov cocktails at a helicopter as it precariously hovers overhead. The footage shows the migrants lobbing rocks at the chopper, which […]

Rock-throwing migrants may be shot as violent invaders: ‘We’ll consider that a firearm’ – Trump

     The US will adopt harsh, Israeli-style tactics and will treat migrants at the Mexican border as armed and dangerous invaders if they throw rocks at US law enforcement, Donald Trump has stressed amid a mass military deployment. While the US commander in chief “hopes” the US military will not have to engage the so-called […]

Mexican Town Practically Eliminated Crime by Throwing Out Politicians and the Police

Mexican Town Practically Eliminated Crime by Throwing Out Politicians and the Police October 19th, 2018 Via: Al Jazeera: <!– –> […]

African "Migrant" Suspected of Throwing German Girl Off Cliff In Italy

An African migrant is in custody, suspected of throwing a German girl off a cliff in Italy after possibly attempting to rape her, authorities say. Law student Alena Sudakova, 21, was on holiday in Italy when she was discovered badly injured after a fall of approximately 230 feet from a cliff near the coastal town […]

israel admits to killing Palestinian man throwing stones, it’s illegal unless you are jewish

Israel admits to killing Palestinian man throwing stones               Israeli occupation forces have admitted to killing a Palestinian man who soldiers accuse of throwing stones in Nabi Saleh, northwest of occupied Ramallah. The incident, denounced on social media as another example of Israeli brutality, happened as Prime Minister Netanyahu […]

Mood Darkens as US, Japan, North Korea Start Throwing Punches on Way to the Ring

WASHINGTON — As the U.S. summit with North Korea fast approaches, both countries are jostling to preserve their respective interests. The tense signals, subtle shifts in position, and U.S. provocations make clear that the summit won’t be short on tough negotiations. Despite the honeyed words of previous months following U.S. President Donald Trump’s agreement to […]

UK – ‘Punish a Muslim Day’: Letters sent out offering rewards for throwing acid and “burning or bombing a mosque”

Enter your email address to subscribe to this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email. Join 5,886 other followers Source Article from Related Posts ‘Sad sight’, ‘disgrace’ to see French minister caught throwing lavish parties on taxpayer money Ecology Minister Francois de Rugy often campaigns for government transparency and has criticized other […]

Throwing stones is only illegal in israel if you are non-jewish

WATCH: Settlers throw stones at Palestinian homes in revenge attacks Dozens of Israeli settlers throw stones at Palestinian cars and houses following the murder of Rabbi Raziel Shevach near the illegal settlement outpost of Havat Gilad.  By Joshua Leifer Israeli settlers throw rocks near the Palestinian town of Jit on Wednesday. (Courtesy of Yesh Din) Israeli settlers […]

Police Lock Woman Up In Mental Hospital For Throwing Bacon, and Calling Them ‘Pigs’

You may have heard about the story out of Massachusetts, where a woman threw pork at a police station. Lindsey McNamara said that she was only trying to “feed the pigs.” No one in their right mind could have believed she was doing anything other than insulting police officers. But the police testified in court […]

Five kids got longer sentences for throwing stones than Israeli who killed Palestinian

An 18-month jail sentence handed down to an Israel occupation soldier for the killing of a wounded Palestinian has prompted widespread criticism for its apparent leniency in light of the severity of his crime. Then 19-year-old soldier Elor Azaria was found guilty of manslaughter for fatally shooting 21-year-old Palestinian Abdel Fattah al-Sharif in the head after he […]

CATALONIA: Is the Media Throwing Gasoline on the Separatist Fire?

Catalan Raimon Castellvi wears a flag with an Estelada (Catalan separatist flag) as he protests outside the European Commission in Brussels after Sunday’s independence referendum in Catalonia, Belgium, Oct. 2, 2017. (Photo: Twitter) 21st Century Wire says… With the debate raging on the Iraqi Kurdish referendum and the more recent Catalonian bid for “freedom” from […]

Michigan State Police Sgt. Under Investigation For Throwing Away Evidence in Damon Grimes Death Case

A Michigan state police sergeant is under investigation for literally throwing important evidence into the trash in an investigation after an officer tased a teen, who then lost control of his ATV, crashed and died.. The trooper who tased the 15-year-old ATV driver has resigned, and two other officers involved in the incident have been […]

Russian slammed with 2.5-year prison for protesting and throwing a stone fragment

nsnbc : A Russian court, on Thursday, sentenced the 32-year-old Chechen war veteran Stanislav Zimovets to 2.5-years in prison for throwing a rock at a […]

White Helmets Filmed Throwing Beheaded Syrian Soldiers Into Dumpster

The White Helmets have been filmed helping a group of terrorists dispose bodies of mutilated beheaded Syrian Army soldiers.  The disturbing footage, posted on Twitter on June 20, shows a man wearing a White Helmets T-shirt dumping a pile of dead Syrian Army soldiers into a dumpster. reports: The gut-wrenching footage shows that many […]

Throwing stones in israel is illegal, unless of course you are Jewish

The footage was shot by a Yesh Din group activist on Friday near the village of Burin in the occupied West Bank, the Haaretz newspaper reported. It showed armed Israeli soldiers standing idly by while settlers were hurling stones at Palestinians just meters away. “This is a very serious incident in which IDF soldiers allowed […]

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