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British Tanker Seizure Try Fake News, Totally Fabricated

Editor’s note:  The entire thing was fake, made up by the BBC, a network owned by a government long taken over by Epstein style sex trafficking of young boys and a few girls, you see in the UK, it is always young boys…part of their “public school” tradition of buggery. If only I were making […]

US belief that China wants military bases in Arctic ‘totally baseless’ – Beijing’s envoy to Moscow

Beijing sees itself as a “near-Arctic” state and is actively participating in creating international rules and regulations governing the Arctic, Ambassador Li Hui told show host Sophie Shevardnadze. But the Chinese envoy also pushed back against accusations that Beijing was eyeing military installations in the Arctic, describing Washington’s warnings as “totally baseless” and “completely unjustified.” […]

The Drug War Is Totally Idiotic

by Jacob G. Hornberger Pardon me for being blunt, but it would be difficult to find anything more idiotic than the war on drugs, an ongoing federal program that has been enacted and enforced by both Republicans and Democrats for decades. The program is sheer idiocy in that its supporters continue to keep […]

How ‘Teen Vogue’ Indoctrinates Teens: “This Idea That the Body is Either Male or Female is Totally Wrong”

Teen Vogue, a magazine marketed directly to young people, posted a video on YouTube where various speakers dismiss the science that differentiates the male and female sexes. It is yet another blatant example of the agenda to blur genders. Teen Vogue recently posted a video on YouTube entitled “5 Common Misconceptions About Sex and Gender” […]

FARAGE FURIOUS! BBC Totally Exposes Itself as a Hardcore Disinfo and Propaganda Media Platform (Video)

  #Marr asks the Brexit Party Leader Nigel Farage if he’s changed his views on the NHS, climate change, gun control and Vladimir Putin #Brexit — BBC Politics (@BBCPolitics) May 12, 2019 FARAGE FURIOUS! BBC Totally Exposes Itself as a Hardcore Disinfo and Propaganda Media Platform (Video) Source Article from Related Posts […]

Bolton Blows All 8 Gaskets, Totally Leaves the Reservation of Sanity

  FILE PHOTO. The USS Abraham Lincoln (CVN 72). ©US Navy/Mass Communication Specialist 3rd Class Garrett LaBarge via REUTERS   Old news: Iran mocks Bolton for using carrier deployment as ‘psychological warfare’ The deployment of the USS ‘Abraham Lincoln’ to the Middle East, which was trumpeted by John Bolton as an “unmistakable message to […]

The entire purpose of tech censorship is to allow fake news media to push totally fabricated hoax stories without being exposed for their lies

(Natural News) The Covington Catholic hoax propagated by the fake news media has underscored just how far the radical left-wing will go to advance their anti-conservative, anti-American agenda. This scandal shows that the media will lie and endanger the lives of innocent teenagers, just to score a few more political brownie points. […]

Government Officials are Not Bothered by the Shutdown, Media Totally Butthurt

Andrew Anglin Daily Stormer December 23, 2018 Despite the media claiming that the shutdown is some kind of apocalypse, the government itself is largely not even attempting to uphold that position. They are just chilling. The media is more than a little bit incensed. The Hill: Call it the tranquil shutdown. As the […]

Scalise Digs Up Some Russian Obama Dirt – Totally Buries Trump’s Critics

As most conservative Americans understand, the mainstream media is completely biased in favor of liberal politicians — in particular, former president Barack Obama. Barack Obama presided over the most corrupt administration in history, and he was allowed to get away with it because the cheerleading media gave him and his cronies (Hillary Clinton, Eric Holder, […]

Woman who accused Brett Kavanaugh of rape admits she totally made up her story to “get attention”

(Natural News) If you needed more proof that Left-wing Democrats are willing to go to any lengths including violating the law just to steal power, this should do it. The Senate Judiciary Committee has referred yet another woman who accused Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh of sexual misconduct to the Justice Department […]

Fake science: CDC publishes totally false data on gun injuries, but the left-wing media eats it up without any supporting evidence

(Natural News) Though they’ve slightly faded from the spotlight ever since the Judge Brett Kavanaugh confirmation circus, the “March For Our Lives” gun-grabbers are still busy behind the scenes trying to eliminate your Second Amendment rights – and they’re doing it using fake gun injury data being published by the U.S. Centers […]

Google is Totally Not Politically Biased, And You Can Always Trust Them to Run the World Fairly

Andrew Anglin Daily Stormer October 9, 2018 This is a tweet from a senior Google employee after the Kavanaugh confirmation. But don’t worry. The company is completely unbiased, and you can totally just trust them to run the world completely fairly. Yes, it’s scary to have the most powerful company that ever […]

6 Year Old Totally Free of Seizures After 8 Months Of Cannabis Oil Treatment

6-year-old Charlotte Figi suffered from a very rare disease called Dravet syndrome that caused her to have more than 300 seizures a week. It also left her with symptoms similar to autism. Her family tried every treatment available, but nothing worked. Then her neurologist suggested that they try cannabis oil extracts. The results blew them […]

REVEALED: Tech giants censor whomever they want, based on totally bogus, made-up rules that they can’t even explain

(Natural News) Censorship is the new black, at least on social media. Facebook, YouTube and Apple have taken aim at InfoWars and its founder, Alex Jones, in a seemingly shared effort to quash conservative voices. The trio of tech giants have already scrubbed content from the site and other channels related to […]

“I’m Totally Freaked Out”: Brazil’s Elite Fleeing Bloodshed And Chaos

Amid the economic, political, and social collapse, Brazil has been described by many as being in the midst of a “zombie apocalypse” as years of corruption and violence spectacularly implodes all at once. Horrified by the out of control violence and pessimistic about the nation’s political and economic outlook, thousands of wealthy […]

Occupy ICE protesters build their own "border wall" to stop police; totally oblivious to the hilarious irony

(Natural News) A group of lemming leftists is doing exactly what the television is telling them to do, as they’ve reportedly surrounded the Portland, Oregon, field office of Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) to angrily protest President Trump’s enforcement of federal immigration laws – hilariously erecting their own makeshift border wall in […]

Beta-blocker pharmaceuticals found to be totally useless for heart attack patients… but they are routinely prescribed by doctors anyway

(Natural News) A recent study published in the Journal of the American College of Cardiology revealed that beta-blockers, a type of drug typically prescribed for heart attack, may not be as helpful in preventing the disease as previously believed. To carry out the study, a team of researchers from the University of Leeds in […]

The USA is a totally unsuitable place to have the UN HQ: US Refused Visa to Palestinian Officials Speaking at UN Meeting

US refused visa to Palestinian officials attending UN meeting (MEMO) — Six Palestinian officials who were scheduled to give a presentation at the UN office in New York have been denied visas by the US without any explanation. The officials were due to attend a high-level meeting on development last week to present a report on Palestinian […]

Watching The Hawks – Trumps Nuclear Weapons are Totally Bigger

Watching The Hawks – Trumps Nuclear Weapons are Totally Bigger Watching The In a childishly-worded letter, Trump has canceled what would have been a historic nuclear peace summit with North Korea. Elon Musk is mad at the media for being mad at him, so hes gonna teach them a lesson. The NFL has unveiled […]

Fake News No Problem: Internet Totally Dominates Advertising in the US. Only 2 Companies Divvy up nearly 60% of the Spoils

You might think you never look at these ads or click on them, and you might think they’re the biggest waste of money there ever was, but reality is that internet advertising revenues in the US are surging, and are blowing all other media categories out of the water. But only two companies divvy […]

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