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Malta Gambling that is reviewing Laws Eye Towards Reform and De-Scandalization

GOP front runner Donald Trump was the central figure of the first Republican debate on August 6th, creating a great amount of buzz, but no major impact on gambling, despite being the sole former casino owner within the group. (Image: AP/Stephen B. Morton) You were sorely disappointed if you expected online gaming issues to get […]

The Donald Trump Phenomenon: The Drift Towards an Autocratic Presidency in the United States

“Experience shows us that every man invested with power is apt to abuse it, and to carry his authority as far as it will go”. —Montesquieu (1689-1755), 1748. “Where you have a concentration of power in a few hands —all too frequently —men with the mentality of gangsters get control.” —Lord Acton (1834-1902), 1866. “The totalitarian mass leaders based their […]

Video: Towards The Liberation of Idlib City

Syrian government forces did not stop their operation in Greater Idlib with the success in the western countryside of Aleppo city, and continued making gains in the province. During the past 24 hours, they took control of over 10 settlements. Furthermore, they forced members of the mighty Idlib rebels to retreat from Sheikh Aqil, besieged […]

SURVEY: Pornography Users Hold More Egalitarian Attitudes “Towards Abortion”

The Journal of Sex Research, 8/25/2015 According to radical feminist theory, pornography serves to further the subordination of women by training its users, males and females alike, to view women as little more than sex objects over whom men should have complete control. Composite variables from the General Social Survey were used to test the […]

SAA Inches towards Saraqib; Cleans Towns in Aleppo

January 30, 2020 Arabi Souri The Syrian Arab Army is inching towards Saraqib, another city on the Aleppo – Damascus M5 artery after cleaning the strategic city and NATO terrorists’ bastion of Maarat Numan. While the terrorists commanded by NATO ‘strategists’ resorted to a technique of opening a number of fronts including bombing residential neighborhoods in […]

Italy Slouches Towards New Elections

Authored by Tom Luongo via Gold, Goats, ‘n Guns blog, Italy is always good political theater. I remember years ago when I cared more about poetry than politics, a friend of mine saying, “Tom, seriously, you’re missing out, Italian parliament is better than cable.” And in the early days of reality TV he was probably […]

Killing Soleimani Pushes The U.S. And Iran Towards War

Killing Soleimani Pushes The U.S. And Iran Towards War Above: Quds Day rally, Parade of military forces, along with photographs of Qasem Soleimani, Iran Tehran, May 31, 2019. Saaediex from Note: This act of war by the United States is pushing the region into another chaotic and destructive war. This attack was carried out at […]

Cutting it close: NASA just detected two asteroids headed towards the Earth… with two more right behind

CNEOS is tasked with watching the skies for any potentially hazardous asteroids, but given the vastness of space, that’s a lot of sky to check which may explain why two of the four asteroids were only spotted yesterday.  2020 AC, with a diameter of roughly 89 feet and traveling at approximately 13,000 miles per hour, […]

Joe Biden’s man shows the world why US policy towards Russia has completely failed

Regular readers will know of my deep scorn for “Russia Watchers”  – Westerners who, as a rule, purport to have an understanding of the country beyond their actual competence. Sadly, they are an unavoidable hazard on this beat, much as snow is to Siberia, or blazing summer sun to Krasnodar. For the most part they […]

Washington’s Unmasked Imperialism Towards Europe And Russia

Washington must think the rest of the world is as stupid as many of its own politicians are. Its passing into law – signed by President Trump this week – of sanctions to halt the Nord Stream-2 and Turk Stream gas supply projects is a naked imperialist move to bludgeon the European energy market for […]

UN Moves Towards Handing Dictatorships Power to Control the Internet

The United Nations wants to hand power to dictatorial regimes like China to control the Internet, prompting fears of a massive new free speech purge. The General Assembly has approved a resolution sponsored by China and Russia to set up a committee of “international experts” whose role would be to stop “the […]

Washington’s Unmasked Imperialism Towards Europe And Russia

Via The Strategic Culture Foundation, Washington must think the rest of the world is as stupid as many of its own politicians are. Its passing into law – signed by President Trump this week – of sanctions to halt the Nord Stream-2 and Turk Stream gas supply projects is a naked imperialist move to bludgeon […]

MP says Rouhani administration’s view towards West a ‘strategic mistake’

MNA – Criticizing Rouhani administration’s policies, Spokesman for the Iranian Parliament’s National Security Committee Hossein Naghavi Hosseini said that problems in the country can be solved through relying on domestic capabilities not relying on Westerners. “Rouhani’s administration started the work with a view towards the West and foreign countries and I believe this was the […]

ICC moves towards full investigation into Israeli war crimes, pending ruling on jurisdiction

After years of delays into launching a full investigation into Israeli war crimes committed in the occupied Palestinian territory, Chief Prosecutor of the International Criminal Court (ICC) Fatou Bensouda announced on Friday that there is basis to investigate Israel for its actions in the West Bank and Gaza. “I am satisfied that there is a […]

IMF working towards banning cash payments

   As the Federal Government moves to ban cash transactions above $10,000, there’s a theory gaining traction that the real motive for the cash ban isn’t the so-called “black economy”, but rather, to give authorities greater control over your behaviour during recessions. This theory, put forward by economists such as John Adams — and picked […]

Coup Against Evo Morales Moves Towards Consolidation

Coup Against Evo Morales Moves Towards Consolidation Above Photo: Henry Romero You would not know it from the US corporate media, but the protests against the US-supported coup in Bolivia are growing massively despite right-wing violence. The people of Bolivia have not given up. People around the world should do all they can to stand in […]

Ukraine’s most powerful oligarch states the obvious: Ukraine has to turn back towards Russia

“You all (the West) won’t take us,” Igor Kolomoisky told The New York Times. “There’s no use in wasting time on empty talk. Whereas Russia would love to bring us into a new Warsaw Pact.”  Even the dogs on the street know Ukraine is no closer to European Union membership than it was in 2013. […]

Positive Signs That The Tide Is Turning Towards Humanity In Latin America

Positive Signs That The Tide Is Turning Towards Humanity In Latin America Above Photo: From This is a talk given by Resumen Latinoamericano – English editor Alicia Jrapko at the annual gathering of the Ecumenical Peace Institute in Berkeley California As we are gathering today, in my country Argentina, there is a very important presidential […]

Growing Nostalgia for the USSR and China’s Drift Towards Capitalism in the Post-Mao Era

Recently, polls have outlined that up to 66% of Russians “want to go back to the USSR”, almost 30 years after its disintegration. Those outside of Russia may find such realities surprising – especially considering that Vladimir Putin’s approval ratings have, at separate times this decade, been ranked among the highest in the world – […]

Global Economic Volatility. Towards a New Financial Crisis. Socio-Political Reactions

Read the first part of this series here. The elements of a new international financial crisis are in place. Although we do not know when it will break out, it is unavoidable, and its impact on world economy will be as significant as the 1880s-90s, 1930s-40s and more recent 2008-09 meltdowns. Worse, far fewer of […]

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