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‘Operation Stolen Innocence’: More Than 170 Charged in Fla. Child Sex Trafficking Network

TALLAHASSEE, Fla. (Yahoo News) – A two-year investigation by the Tallahassee Police Department into the horrific sexual exploitation of a teenage girl netted a staggering amount of arrests, with more than 170 people charged over recent months. On Tuesday, Tallahassee police chief Lawrence Revell and state and federal officials announced results of Operation Stolen Innocence, […]

Hunter Biden & Finger Lakes Child Trafficking (& Disappearances)

 fanofootball3 days ago McATV: Finger Lakes System – A submarine base is located at Senaca Lake and there is a tunnel system there as well.  The Political Elite’s fav holiday destination because it is secluded & affluent. McATV: Finger Lakes is the birthplace of Hunter Biden’s mother Neilia.  Sonnenburg Mansion in the area was once the home of the founder […]

45 Missing Children ‘Rescued From Evil’ in Human Trafficking Bust in Ohio- 179 Arrested

The largest human trafficking operation in Ohio history resulted in the recovery of 45 missing children and 179 arrests, according to authorities. The month-long operation, dubbed Autumn Hope, saw the US Marshals Service track down and recover dozens of trafficked children. In all, 109 human trafficking victims were rescued and referred to social services, the Ohio Attorney General’s […]

45 Missing Children Rescued in MASSIVE Human Trafficking Bust

A massive human trafficking bust resulted in 45 missing children being rescued and 179 arrested in Ohio on Monday. The operation, dubbed Autumn Hope, saw US Marshals Service rescue the trafficked children. One of the victims rescued was a “high-risk” 15-year-old girl from Cleveland linked to human trafficking, authorities announced. Authorities rescued twenty other children. During one […]

When you read Dope Inc, if you cross out the word ‘drugs’ and insert the word ‘kids’ – then you have a picture of the CIA child trafficking organisation that violated my human rights.

CIA Child Trafficking & MK-ULTRA Mind Control  (continued)    by FIONA BARNETT Detective James Rothstein, NYPD (Retired), now Mayor of St. Martin, Minnesota. The Australian wing of this child trafficking operation is coordinated by ASIO (Australian Security Intelligence Organisation). During the 1970s and 80s, Labour Party politician Kim Beazley Snr headed ASIO’s child trafficking operation. Under Kim Beazley’s […]

Clare Bronfman gets six years for role in cult-like trafficking ring

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Child Trafficking jewish Supremacists – MEGA, NXIVM, Bronfman, Epstein, Wexner

Is it just a “coincidence” that all these high-level jews are connected to each other and also connected to the trafficking of children for sexual abuse? Bitchute link Hits: 10

Connections Between CIA Child Trafficking, Ritual Abuse & MK-ULTRA Mind Control

125 Shares Child trafficking is run as a single, integrated world operation. This operation is coordinated by the CIA in collaboration with British and Australian intelligence services. Retired NYPD Detective James Rothstein was appointed to the first US taskforce to investigate this child trafficking operation which, he found, went all the way up to the […]

Former Sheriff’s Captain pleads guilty to gun trafficking

A former San Diego County Sheriff’s Captain pleaded guilty Tuesday to illegally trafficking nearly 100 firearms from his office in the Rancho San Diego Station and committing other corrupt acts. In addition to lying to federal investigators, the former Sheriff’s Captain also admitted to tipping off his cousin who owns part of a marijuana dispensary […]

The Big Picture Of Child Trafficking – Pizzagate and Beyond

This is a compilation of all of the child trafficking exposes we have done to date. Please share! Bitchute link Hits: 4

39 Children Rescued in Major U.S. Child Sex Trafficking Bust; Multiple Arrests Made

39 children in Georgia have been rescued during a major child sex trafficking bust, with multiple arrests made by police in a series of historic raids. The young children are now safe again, with nine criminals behind bars after an anti-sex trafficking operation by federal and state officials. The operation was conducted in August in […]

39 Children Rescued in Major U.S. Child Sex Trafficking Bust; Multiple Arrests Made

39 children in Georgia have been rescued during a major child sex trafficking bust, with multiple arrests made by police in a series of historic raids. The young children are now safe again, with nine criminals behind bars after an anti-sex trafficking operation by federal and state officials. The operation was conducted in August in […]

Arizona Rep. Paul Gosar: “Child Trafficking And The Deep State Are Real, ‘Systemic Racism’ Is A Hoax”

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17 Predators Arrested In Michigan Child Trafficking Bust After Girl Found Locked In Barn

A teenage girl has been rescued from human trafficking after Genessee County Sheriff’s Office found her locked in a Michigan barn during their search for 27 children who have been declared missing and “off the grid.“ Genesee County Sheriff’s Office conducted a sweep with the Genesee Human Oppression Strike Team, or “GHOST,” searching for 27 […]

Sex Trafficking Inside the UN With Ties to the U.S.A State Department

Sex Trafficking Inside the UN With Ties to the U.S.A State Department I want to turn your attention to a lecture given by a former Nebraska policewoman, Kathryn Bolkovac, who has also served as a U.N. peacekeeper.In the lecture, she discusses her experience with human trafficking. What makes her so interesting is that she was […]

Rabbi revealed as key suspect in alleged baby trafficking ring

Rabbi revealed as key suspect in alleged baby trafficking ring December 6th, 2019 Jesus Christ ✝ The Nazareth Magistrate’s Court on Thursday partially lifted a media gag order on naming a key suspect in a two-year investigation into a suspected baby trafficking ring in the ultra-Orthodox community. Rabbi Shmuel Puretz 44, a businessman who divides […]

Fmr Senator Murdered In Her Home After Reportedly Uncovering Gov’t Child Trafficking Ring

A former Arkansas state senator, Linda Collins-Smith was found murdered in her home last week in Pocahontas, Arkansas. According to reports, Collins-Smith was closing in on a child trafficking ring which was being run by the Arkansas government. According to police, last week, Collins-Smith was shot and killed outside of her home in Pocahontas, about […]

Journalist Who Exposed CIA Cocaine Trafficking, Would Be 65 But He ‘Shot Himself’ Twice

283 Shares For the better part of a decade, a San Francisco Bay Area drug ring sold tons of cocaine to the Crips and Bloods street gangs of Los Angeles and funneled millions in drug profits to an arm of the contra guerrillas of Nicaragua run by the Central Intelligence Agency, the San Jose Mercury […]

Snopes Shamelessly ‘Debunks’ True Story About Child Trafficking Camp

Snopes has ‘debunked’ allegations of a child trafficking camp made by veterans, despite the fact that the FBI rescued 160 children as part of their ongoing crackdown on pedophile rings.  The Democrat-run fact-checking organization labelled the discovery of an Arizona child trafficking camp as “false” – and then hid all references to it on social […]

Rothschilds, NXIVM Sex Cult Connected to Alleged Child-Trafficking Bunker Found in Tucson

By Jay Syrmopoulos Tucson, AZ — As we reported yesterday, a group of veterans known as Veterans on Patrol (VOP), which looks for homeless veterans around the area and offers them help to get them on their feet, spotted solar lights while on patrol and followed them until stumbling upon an underground bunker, that according to the group, […]

US Veterans Find Pedophile Child Trafficking Camp With Graves In Tuscon, AZ

Veterans On Patrol, a group of veterans who visit bridges and camps to assist the homeless, stumbled across what appears to be a holding encampment for pedophiles trafficking children in Tuscon, Arizona on Sunday. Live streaming the sickening discovery, Veterans On Patrol’s Lewis Arthur described finding trees with restraints, children’s toys, a cave with a dresser, […]

Former State Dept Anti-Trafficking Chief Admits Efforts Are Overly Focused On Sex Trafficking

By Brian Saady Marc P. Lagon directed the Office to Monitor and Combat Trafficking in Persons at the U.S. State Department from 2007 to 2009. During a recent meeting of the Council on Foreign Relations titled, “The Reality of Modern Slavery,” Lagon acknowledged some sobering truths about the issue of human trafficking. Debate […]

Watch: How Israel’s highest court enables human trafficking

David Sheen Rights and Accountability 24 May 2018 Since Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu first announced, then quickly denounced and withdrew from, a UN-brokered plan for Western nations to absorb thousands of the African refugees living in Israel, have the fortunes of those asylum seekers improved or deteriorated? Going forward, will Israel’s reputedly liberal high […]

WHISTLEBLOWER: Leftists have a secret plan to legalize child sex trafficking… all in the name of "love"

(Natural News) The rapid rise of anything-goes liberalism – the idea that absolutely nothing is off-limits, so long as it defies conventional norms in some way – has driven at least one self-identifying feminist to ally with the unlikeliest of bedfellows: a prominent Christian magazine. Natasha Chart, a 43-year-old board chair of […]

Billionaire-Backed Sex Trafficking Cult Partied With Richard Branson on His Private Island

By John Vibes Last week, The Free Thought Project reported that a celebrity sex cult backed by billionaires has been accused of trafficking children. The leaders of the organization, Keith Raniere and Smallville actress Allison Mack were arrested and charged with child sex trafficking and slavery. Now that Raniere is in jail and Mack is on bail and ordered […]

President Duterte’s Son Cleared of Drug Trafficking, as Extrajudicial Killings Continue

As the extrajudicial killing of people for alleged drug offences continues in the Philippines, the president’s son has been cleared of trafficking – following a formal investigation. Paolo Duterte, son of leader Rodrigo Duterte, had been accused of involvement in the attempted importation of 602kg of methamphetamine (often referred to as “shabu”) into the […]

Did Avicii’s Music Video About “Elite” Child Trafficking Get Him Murdered?

Tim Bergling, the Swedish DJ-producer known as Avicii, supposedly killed himself while vacationing in Oman on April 20. His family agrees with the official cause of death, or at least they will not publicly state any suspicions they might have. They released the following statement: He really struggled with thoughts about meaning, life, happiness. He could […]

Media Silent as Allison Mack’s Arrest Exposes Child Trafficking For Billionaire-Backed Sex Slave Ring

By John Vibes As more details emerge in the case of the elite Hollywood sex cult NXIVM, it seems that the story goes even deeper than was first reported. There is growing evidence that this alleged self-help group was just a front for a human trafficking ring. It has also been revealed that this group has […]

DJ Avicii Made A Video About Elite Child Sex Trafficking. But Did He Know Something?

Next Story DJ Avicii, age 28, was found dead last week in Oman, and it has brought a lot of attention to various aspects of mental health that plague all of us, not just stars and performers. It has also had people in the alternative media community questioning why he might have died. Although questioning […]

‘Smallville’ Star Arrested For Child Sex Trafficking Had Links To Podesta & Abramovic

‘Smallville’ actress Allison Mack has been arrested for helping to run an elite child sex cult, according to multiple reports.  The 35-year-old was found by police hiding out in a Mexican villa. According to police, the actress helped run a child sex trafficking network on behalf of D.C. and Hollywood elites, and had been obsessed […]

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