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Ukraine Airliner Tragedy: Memories of Iran Air Flight 655 Shootdown, Cubana Flight 455 Attack

On July 3, 1988 the US guided missile destroyer USS Vincennes shot down Iran Air Flight 655, an Airbus A300 flying in Iranian airspace and carrying 290 civilians from Tehran to Dubai via Bandar Abbas, killing all aboard. *** “I’ll never apologize for the United States of America, ever; I don’t care what the facts […]

Ukranian Whistleblower Reveals MH-17 Tragedy Was Orchestrated by Poroshenko and British Secret Service — The Duran

Mythology That MH-17 Downing Was Done by Donbass Volunteers Has Fallen Apart via Ukranian Whistleblower Reveals MH-17 Tragedy Was Orchestrated by Poroshenko and British Secret Service — The Duran Source Article from Hits: 16

Destroyed by appeasing his enemies: The Shakespearean tragedy of Jeremy Corbyn

There is a distinctly Shakespearean air to the political demise of UK Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn, which took place, appropriately enough, on Friday the 13th of December 2019 (or you could say 15 March would have been even more appropriate). “There is a tide in the affairs of men, which taken at the flood, leads […]

Gassed to death: Bhopal tragedy is hard for India to live down even after 35 years

There were men, women, and children, thousands of them, bursting through the gates of the Bhopal railway platform, emitting a tornado of wails, the crushing pressure dropping them over each other on the tracks, rising, grabbing, and swinging on the doors of my parked train, lunging at the iron rods of my window with a […]

Laughter Over the Left Shoulder at Russia’s Tragedy

The recent appearance in some Western media sources of insults, jokes, and unfounded accusations in response to tragedies affecting the Russian people is shocking in its coarseness and barbarity, disturbing in its lack of compassion for fellow human beings, and irresponsible in its professional ethics. Concerning the suicide bombing in the St. Petersburg metro of […]

The Switch from Comedy to Tragedy for Ukraine’s President Zelensky. Rapprochement with Putin?

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Blain: "We’re Heading Towards A Tragedy That Will Widen The Divisions Between East And West"

Blain’s Morning Porridge, submitted by Bill Blain I’m wondering if the political breakdown we’re currently seeing develop across nation states is something inevitable in terms of economic evolution – a response to new technology and the changing demands societal change creates.  It’s not necessarily a disastrous outlook… but its challenging to find the right investment […]

Video: The Malaysian Airlines MH17 Tragedy. What is Real, What is Fake? “Highly Likely” Can Mean Anything

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The Tragedy of the Moses connection to Christ.

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One year after Genoa tragedy: Are Europe’s bridges any safer?

Millions of people cross them without thought every single day, but there are tens of thousands of bridges in Europe that have been deemed unsafe or structurally deficient.  When a 656-foot stretch of the Morandi bridge collapsed last August, eyewitnesses described hearing the “roar” of the massive structure as it crumbled. Video footage captured the […]

The Malaysian Airlines MH17 Tragedy, Suppression and Tampering of the Evidence. New Documentary

A new documentary from Yana Yerlashova and Max van der Werff, the leading independent investigator of the Malaysia Airlines Flight MH17 disaster, has revealed breakthrough evidence of tampering and forging of prosecution materials;  suppression of Ukrainian Air Force radar tapes;  and lying by the Dutch, Ukrainian, US and Australian governments. An attempt by agents of the US […]

The FBI Tragedy: Elites above the Law

To answer those questions, perhaps we can turn to an analogous example of special counsel and former FBI director Robert Mueller. We are always advised something to the effect that the admirable Vietnam War veteran and career DOJ and FBI administrator Bob Mueller has a sterling reputation, and thus we were to assume that his […]

Trump, Corbyn and the tragedy of Western democracies

Gilad Atzmon writes: Both Donald Trump and Jeremy Corbyn bring to the surface what has been suppressed for decades: we are subject to foreign occupation. We, the people, are reduced to mere consumers and our so-called “elected politicians” are a bunch of detached, compromised actors. Trump and his administration have been working relentlessly to make […]

The tragedy of Marc Lamont Hill’s firing

CNN’s firing of professor/commentator Marc Lamont Hill for giving a UN speech last week saying that Palestinians have a right to resist Israeli occupation to achieve the goal of a “free Palestine, from the river to the sea” is a deeply dispiriting moment for anyone who cares about human rights and an open American press. The […]

One month after Pittsburgh tragedy, no sign that Trump intends to fight anti-Semitism

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15 dead, China bus tragedy result of fist fight between driver and female passenger

     China is still reeling from a tragic incident in which a bus swerved off a bridge, plummeting 60 meters into the icy waters of the Yangtze river, killing all 15 people on board but now shocking footage has revealed the cause. “Fifteen lives were lost in an instant – the lessons from this are […]

China bus tragedy result of fist fight between driver and female passenger (VIDEO)

“Fifteen lives were lost in an instant – the lessons from this are very painful,” police said as cited by Channel News Asia. Originally, witnesses reported seeing the bus swerve to avoid another vehicle but distressing new footage has emerged showing the real cause of the accident: a fist fight between an irate passenger and […]

Western Media Make One Death a Tragedy, Millions a Statistic

The Western media coverage devoted to the murdered Saudi journalist Jamal Khashoggi proves the cynical adage that one person’s death is a tragedy, while millions of deaths are a mere statistic.During the past four weeks since Khashoggi went missing at the Saudi consulate in Istanbul, the case has been constantly in the news cycle. Contrast […]

Saving the Holy Land – a “dead end in the tragedy of the Palestinians”…

…  and now “a land in which human beings kill each other” By Stuart Littlewood Many readers will know of Kairos from their Palestine Document of 2009. This was a bold statement by a group of Christian Palestinians which told the truth about the tragic situation in their country under Israeli occupation… “a cry of […]

New Tragedy in Yemen as Saudi Airstrike Kills Family of Beekeepers on Their Farm

SANAA, YEMEN — A family of beekeepers was killed when the Saudi-led coalition, backed by the United States, targeted their family bee farm with multiple airstrikes on Monday in a residential district of Hodeida. Local witnesses told MintPress News that airstrikes targeted Ayesh Clip’s bee farm at Deir Essa in the Bajjel district of southern […]

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