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Addressing hypertension, reducing sodium intake and avoiding trans fat could improve the heart health of 94 million people – study

(Natural News) A new study suggests that treating high blood pressure, cutting down on salt intake and eliminating trans fats from people’s diets could prevent nearly 100 million people from prematurely dying due to heart issues. This study, published in the journal Circulation, is estimating that these three interventions could significantly reduce the number of people […]

UN Orders Canada To Halt Work On Trans Mountain Pipeline

UN Orders Canada To Halt Work On Trans Mountain Pipeline Above Photo: Flickr/Jason Woodhead Blue River BC — A new United Nations report orders Canada to cease construction on the Trans Mountain Pipeline until informed consent is obtained from the Secwepemc people. “Now it is clear to the whole world every minute that Canada continues construction […]

Trans woman Debbie Hayton is accused of transphobia after expressing view that we are biologically attached to our sex at birth

Fucked up how Hayton respects her own gender less than the rest of us respect her gender. Her ideal world where trans people have no rights isn’t going to come with some Debbie Exception. A pathetically confused person. — Zinnia, adult demon female (@ZJemptv) December 23, 2019 A transgender physics teacher by the name of […]

The Indo-‘Israeli’ Trans-Arabian Corridor Will Push Russia Closer to Pakistan — Uprootedpalestinians’s Blog

By Andrew Korybko Global Research, December 19, 2019 India’s participation in “Israel’s” Trans-Arabian Corridor for connecting the Eastern Mediterranean and Afro-Asian (“Indian”) Ocean will render New Delhi’s North-South Transport Corridor (NSTC) with Iran, Azerbaijan, and Russia economically redundant, consequently pushing Russia closer to Pakistan as Moscow seeks to ensure the viability of its southern connectivity […]

There is NO trans murder epidemic. But someone IS using trans deaths for political gain in America

A dishonest cause  In early Spring, Jazzaline Ware was home alone in Memphis, Tennessee. How she spent this day no one can say for certain. In recent times she’d moved on from a previous life of petty theft, and was proud she no longer needed to steal to survive. Her existence seemed to be going […]

Trans Activist Threatens Lawsuit Because Gynecologists Won’t Examine Her C*ck and Balls

Litigious trans activist Jessica Yaniv is now complaining about gynecologists who refuse to examine her male genitalia. Yaniv, who previously lost a lawsuit against beauty salons for refusing to wax her balls, says she is furious at gynecologists who refuse to serve transgender patients. “So a gynaecologist office that I got referred to literally told […]

Elizabeth Warren: Black Trans & Non-Binary People Are ‘Backbone of Democracy’

2020 Democratic frontrunner Sen. Elizabeth Warren has declared that extreme fringe minorities, such as black transgenders and non-binary people represent the “backbone of our democracy.” “Black trans and cis women, gender-nonconforming, and nonbinary people are the backbone of our democracy,” Sen. Warren said in a statement on Thursday. Warren issued the statement after her campaign […]

Menstrual health under siege from trans community outraged that physiology isn’t inclusive

An event this past Saturday called National Period Day was meant to raise awareness for women in poverty who struggle to afford menstrual essentials, but like all things these days, the conversations surrounding it were quickly deemed exclusive.  Trans-men (biological females) screamed about how men can have periods too. A cry which over the past few […]

I am a trans woman – but I think this woke world has gone too far

From anger directed at celebrities for the rational belief that parents shouldn’t decide whether their three-year-old is trans, to a culture of outrage that freaks out at the most minor of offenses, transgender activists have become detrimental to my, and others’, very existence. Not helping matters is the fact that these people are laying bombs […]

Trans rights and state-sponsored sexual assault: How Democrats want to strip YOUR constitutional freedoms

Broadcast live from Los Angeles on Thursday, CNN’s LGBTQ town hall saw nine Democratic presidential candidates take questions from the network’s journalist and from a hand-picked crowd of “LGBTQ stakeholders and members of civic organizations.” It went exactly as you think it would have. Every candidate promised to pass the Equality Act, a bill that […]

Joy of self-identification or social contagion? Why did trans become the trend

Britain’s schools are facing a “transgender problem,” with schoolgirls at London’s elite St. Paul’s Girls’ School identifying as trans or “non-binary” just to be cool and rebellious. That’s what former principal Clarissa Farr told the Daily Mail. Discussing the “problem” with other teachers, Farr came to the conclusion that the girls were simply adhering to […]

Trans Activist Organizes Topless Swimming Session For Girls as Young as 12, Parents Not Allowed to be Present

Jessica Yaniv filed human rights complaints against fifteen female beauticians for refusing to wax her penis and balls. A trans activist who gained notoriety for attempting to force beauticians to wax their balls and penis is now arranging a swimming session for girls as young as 12 where parents will not be allowed to be […]

Canadian Trans "woman" files 16 human rights violations against immigrant women who refused to wax her male genitals

   Much of what we engage with is playing with the idea of rights when others are groaning under real pain in real prisons — when real human rights are violated What has happened to the noble concept of human rights? The concept was most firmly implanted into modern consciousness after the unspeakable cruelties and […]

Several record temperature lows in the Trans-Baikal territory, Russia

   5 July 2019 – In Char, the thermometer dropped to 1.9°C, a new absolute minimum, the previous + 2.4 was observed nineteen years ago. Mogocha saw a weak frost of -0.8°C, easily beating the previous minimum for this day of +2.3°C set in 1965. In Sretensk on July 5 a new record low of […]

Trans Woman Wins Female Track Championship

A transgender woman has won the NCAA women’s track championship over the weekend. Cece Telfer, a biological male, won the women’s 400 meter hurdles on Saturday night and beat the second place competitor by over a second. reports: The coach praised Cece Telfer for being the first student-athlete in Franklin Pierce history to collect […]

Just an ad: I am not giving Gillette’s cynical new trans promo the satisfaction of my ‘outrage’

There is actually little wrong with the minute-long spot itself, starring Canadian Samson Bonkeabantu Brown (“It’s not just me transitioning, it’s everyone around me transitioning”) and his supportive father (“Shaving is about being confident”). While the pseudo-spontaneous documentary approach is so much artifice, at least the tone is positive, even touching. It might all be […]

Trans people must surgically change sex before legal recognition – top Japanese court

The current legislation regulating the path for legally changing a person’s sex was adopted in 2003 and has strict requirements. To qualify, a person must be at least 20, unmarried, and have no underage children. He or she must also undergo surgery to reconstruct his or her genitals to match the preferred sex, which involves […]

Cher, Chelsea Manning Back UK Gamer As Session For Trans Charity Goes Viral

Cher, Chelsea Manning Back UK Gamer As Session For Trans Charity Goes Viral Above Photo: REUTERS/Hannah McKay LONDON, Jan 21 (Thomson Reuters Foundation) – U.S. singer Cher, transgender army whistleblower Chelsea Manning and U.S. congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez have backed a British YouTuber who played a video game for 58 hours to show support for a British […]

‘Trans Tyranny’: West Virginian HS teacher fired for not using student’s ‘preferred pronoun’

     The school board for West Point Public Schools voted unanimously on Thursday to approve the termination of a teacher at West Point High School who was at the center of a transgender controversy at the school. Peter Vlaming, a French teacher at the school, was put on paid administrative leave on Oct. 31 for […]

BEST OF THE WEB: Trans groups under fire for huge rise in child referrals

     At Dorothy Stringer School in Brighton, the wind of gender change is blowing hard. Hailed by Tatler magazine as the coolest state secondary in town, with a “liberal vibe” to fit its progressive catchment area, Dorothy Stringer is at the forefront of something very cool indeed. According to the school’s “equality information report” this […]

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