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Acosta, Who Cut the Deal with Epstein, Tried to Slash Anti-Trafficking Program by 80%

Daily Beast: On January 2, 2018, Labor Secretary Alexander Acosta released a statement commemorating the beginning of Human Trafficking Awareness Month, recommitting his department’s mission to “ending practices that harm individuals, families, and communities.” “We must act to end exploitation and abusive labor practices at home and abroad,” the statement said. Absent from that statement […]

Jewish extremist hiding in Israel will be tried by France

Ali Abunimah Rights and Accountability 28 June 2019 Grégory Chelli, also known as Ulcan, is a fugitive from French justice in Israel. (via Twitter) Zionist hacker Ulcan is to stand trial in France in connection with a 2014 hoax prosecutors say precipitated the death of Thierry Le Corre, the father of journalist Benoit Le Corre. […]

WikiLeaks’ Vault7 CIA leaker tried to start ‘information war’ against govt – prosecutors

Former CIA technician Joshua Schulte, who leaked documents confirming the CIA can spy on people through their “smart” appliances, along with a mind-boggling array of other sophisticated hacking tools, “smuggled contraband cellphones into the [Metropolitan Correctional Center], created encrypted email accounts and secret social media accounts, and drafted misleading ‘articles’ for public dissemination that […]

GOP congressman tried to amend tax code to report BDS supporters to IRS– and 12 Dems voted for it

During final consideration of a House bill regarding retirement savings, North Carolina Rep. Patrick McHenry offered a motion to recommit that would have required the legislation to be amended before it passed. McHenry was looking to add a section that would have required some individuals who boycott Israel to report that information to the IRS […]

USS Liberty 1967: Israel Murdered U.S. Sailors and Tried to Sink Their Ship … A Failed False Flag Attack Against the U.S.

Firs published by February 15, 2015 on Washington Blog and Global Research Fifty two years, on June 8, 1967, Israel attacked the American naval vessel USS Liberty in international waters, and tried to sink it. After checking the Liberty out for 8 hours – and making 9 overflights with Israeli jets, within 200 feet … close enough for the pilots […]

Why are the Jewish cultural marxists who tried to destroy Germany never named?

    The Jewish Pioneers of Sexual Degeneracy in 1920s Mike Walsh Russia Insider In 1919, Magnus Hirschfeld and Arthur Kronfeld, founded the “Institut für Sexualwissenschaft” (Institute for ‘Sexual Research’) in Berlin. Both were active in the German Communist Party and were prominent members of Berlin’s Jewish community. A multitude of degenerate services were offered […]

Zionists tried to bribe BNP to ignore bankster scandals and attack Islam (VIDEO)

    Source Article from Related Posts “Zionists Last” – With Respect, a Commentary on “Israel First” Article It looks bad.  Very bad. But as I wrote recently on Full Disclosure in Tehran  This is how the Neocon Zionists are attempting to start a war with Iran.     Iranian official threatens to seize […]

Nick Griffin Claims Jews Tried to Buy Off BNP to Become Pro-Zionist, Pro-Banking

In the accompanying video, Nick Griffin of the British National Party explains how Zionist Neocons offered them much-needed funding in 2007, but in return he was asked to focus on the evils of Islam and never criticize the jewish banking system: Where they couldn’t buy off established parties, they created their own, hence giving rise […]

“I Tried Every Diet & Nothing Worked” How Mucus Free Living Saved This Woman’s Life

The Facts: The National Order of Biologists made a €10,000 donation to a group that questions the safety of vaccines. The Infanrix Hexa vaccine was the first one tested, and results showed no trance of antigens and a high level of contamination. Reflect On: Why is this not big news? Why does the vaccine not […]

Elon Musk Tried to Destroy a Tesla Whistleblower

Elon Musk Tried to Destroy a Tesla Whistleblower Bloomberg Businessweek Sign InSubscribe   Tesla’s “be on the lookout” flyer alerting employees following what turned out to be a bogus warning of a mass shooter. When Elon Musk Tried to Destroy a Tesla Whistleblower It started with a Twitter meltdown and ended with a fake mass […]

I Tried CBD Oil for 30 Days: This is What Happened

Kelly Parish, Contributor Waking Times I’m Kelly, a 29-year-old Holistic Health Coach from Northern California. As a busy professional in the health field, I’ve been interested in trying cannabidiol (CBD) due to the attention it’s been getting lately. I’ve heard that it is great for stress relief, muscle aches and pains, as well as deeper […]

WaPo reporter who tried to get GoFundMe page for border wall taken down proves “mainstream” media hates America

(Natural News) Once upon a time, nearly all Americans could agree that border security and territorial integrity were integral both to public safety and the rule of law. The U.S., after all, was no different from any other country: We, too, have a right to defend our borders. In the age of […]

BEST OF THE WEB: "The Lobby – USA": Watch the film the Israel lobby has tried to suppress – UPDATE: Parts 3 & 4 released

     The Electronic Intifada has obtained a complete copy of The Lobby – USA, a four-part undercover investigation by Al Jazeera into Israel’s covert influence campaign in the United States. It is today publishing the first two episodes. The Paris-based Orient XXI has published the same episodes with French subtitles. The film was made by […]

Russian/Jewish Women claims Putin tried to poison her. UK police: We don’t regard the incident as as anything suspicious

Online researcher and columnist Staś. View all posts by Staś Source Article from Related Posts Women’s "reproductive rights" in action: At least THREE babies born alive after botched abortions were left to die in Minnesota (Natural News) A new report by the Minnesota Department of Health has How Jewish men treat […]

Don Jr. Stands Up for Ye with Tried and True Talking Point

Andrew Anglin Daily Stormer October 1, 2018 Is anyone even a little bit shocked that @kanyewest was bullied backstage for wanting to wear a #maga hat on SNL? Despite the BS they preach, the left isn’t tolerant of any view that differs even slightly from their own. You obey or you’re out. […]

Aliens Tried to Frame Space Men for Child Porn!

Andrew Anglin Daily Stormer September 20, 2018 This is the face of a child pornographer. I’m so sick of these aliens and their child pornography. Why can’t they just leave earth alone with that weird shit? RT: Despite much speculation and conspiracy theories, the reason for the mysterious closure of New Mexico’s […]

They Tried – and Failed – to Whitewash Cannibalism

From Instauration magazine (1980) The worldwide effort to depreciate Whites has always been beset by one nagging problem. What to do about cannibalism? How can non-Whites be so superior, so much more moral, so much less bestial, if so many of them indulged and a few still do — in such a despicable practice? Inevitably, an academic […]

Top Three Charges on Which John Bolton Should be Tried at the International Criminal Court (ICC)

Top Three Charges on Which John Bolton Should be Tried at the International Criminal Court (ICC) By Juan Cole Forward this article to your email lists. Crosspost on your blog site, internet forums. etc. National Security Adviser John Bolton appears to be spiraling down into the same miasma of madness that possesses other members of […]

Ellsberg: ‘Assange can’t be tried fairly under Espionage Act because he is a journalist’

In a recent online interview, Pentagon Papers whistleblower Daniel Ellsberg talks about the possibility of Julian Assange being tried in the US under the Espionage Act for publishing classified material. Joe Lauria, Editor in Chief of Consortium News, spoke to Ellsberg during an ‘online vigil’ for the WikiLeaks founder and editor organized by The online interview […]

NBC Bosses Knew About Weinstein; Muzzled Reporter Who Tried To Expose Him

NBC executives ordered reporter Ronan Farrow to cease and desist his investigation into serial rapist Harvey Weinstein before the story broke last year.  According producers and staff who worked alongside Farrow at NBC News, senior executives at the network didn’t want Weinstein’s misdeeds to become public knowledge and tried everything in their power to protect […]

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