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Disney Puts “Outdated Cultural Depictions” Trigger Warning on Old Movies

The launch of the new Disney+ service in the United States made available many classic films, but they could not be presented without the need to genuflect to political correctness. Movies including Dumbo, Lady and the Tramp, The Aristocats, Peter Pan and The Jungle Book all feature the trigger warning in their plot […]

New Study Explains How The HPV Vaccine Can Trigger “An Extremely Wide Spectrum of Autoimmune Diseases”

The Facts: Along with the science showing how the HPV vaccine can be dangerous, there are numerous examples of adverse reactions, hospitalizations and deaths that have resulted from the HPV vaccine. Reflect On: Why are the points made by vaccine safety advocates never addressed and countered by the mainstream? Why does the mainstream always respond […]

Protests against gun violence trigger a political awakening for Palestinians in Israel

A wave of demonstrations against gun violence and police negligence has inspired a renewed sense of solidarity among Palestinian citizens of Israel, according to veteran activist Fida Tabony. After years of division, ‘we’re acting like a people,’ she says. Tens of thousands of Palestinian citizens of Israel protest against gun violence and under-policing in the […]

Drone attacks trigger huge fires at Saudi Aramco oil facilities, Houthis claim responsibility

The attack was carried out by the Houthi Air Force, the spokesperson for the Yemeni rebel group, Brigadier Yahya Serai, said on Al Masirah TV, vowing to “expand the operations against the Saudi regime in the future.” The drones targeted a refinery in the city of Abqaiq in the kingdom’s oil-rich Eastern Province, which state-run […]

This could trigger civil war in America! The party of death and destruction’s hatred of whites, Christians, conservatives and Trump supporters could lead to their own annihilation

(Natural News) The Reverend Not-so-Sharpton stood with his hands extended high and wide saying, “I hate white people this much.” But Sharpton is not considered a hater. He was much sought after by 12 of the Democrat presidential candidates who made the pilgrimage to his humble abode to kiss his ring. (Article by Don Boys, Ph.D. […]

Trump’s foreign policies have caused a recession which will trigger a global depression!

    Trumpty Dumpty’s Fall from China’s Great Wall… …while the rest of the world has to pick up the pieces. Submitted by The Armchair Geopolitical Analyst State of the Nation If ever there was a presidential dunderhead, it’s Donald J. Trump. Why, pray tell, would The Donald climb up to the highest point on […]

Will the intensifying tanker wars trigger World War 3 or is it resurgent imperialism?

    Tanker Seizures and the Threat to the Global Economy from Resurgent Imperialism Craig Murray The British seizure of the Iranian tanker off Gibraltar was illegal. There is no doubt of that whatsoever. The Iranian response to the seizure of its tanker in the Strait of Gibraltar, by the seizure of a British Tanker […]

Trump’s “Proximity” to the Nuclear Weapons Trigger. Racism in America

“He has been glorified as a hero and obeyed as a ruler, but fundamentally he is always the same. His most fantastic triumphs have taken place in our own time, among people who set great store by the idea of humanity. He is not yet extinct, nor will he ever be until we have the […]

It’s All About The Maps – Trigger For War

It’s All About The Maps – Trigger For War Above Photo: From I am like a man possessed when it comes to the Ukraine story.  Not only do I suffer while watching the daily genocidal shelling by the US-backed government in Kiev of people living in the Donbass (eastern Ukraine near the Russian border) – […]

Blain: Is Boeing About To Trigger The Next Market Crash

Blain’s morning porridge, submitted by Bill Blain All eyes on what Powell tells Washington today, but a number of Porridge Readers called to tell me I’m wrong about summer risks! They think my expectation for a long worried nervous but stable summer before markets are bailed out by accommodative central banks in late Q3 is […]

‘Won’t hesitate to pull muscle-flexing trigger’ in defense: North Korea blasts US sanctions policy

The Ministry’s Wednesday statement sharply criticized the White House’s decision last Friday to extend 6 executive orders sanctioning the country over their nuclear and missile programs for another year. The wild dream of the US to bring us to our knees by means of sanctions and pressure has not changed at all but grows even […]

War against Iran to trigger ‘catastrophe’: Putin warns

MNA – Russian President Vladimir Putin says use of force against Iran would trigger a catastrophe in the region. The remarks came as tensions are building up between Iran and the US. IRGC announced on Thursday that its air defense has targeted and downed a US spy drone which had violated Iran’s territory and conducted […]

Mike Pompeo, top US official set condition that will trigger military action against Iran

Sputnik – The United States continues to amass military forces in the vicinity of Iran, following tanker incidents near the Strait of Hormuz and the alleged threat that Iran poses to US forces operating in the Middle East. US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo, one of the architects of Washington’s hard-line policy on Iran, has […]

‘One-Two’ Trade War And Fed Policy Punch May Trigger Correction

Authored by Brandon Smoth via Birch Group, Maybe you’ve seen this scenario before: A boxer gets back up after violently being knocked down, only to get knocked out shortly after. At the end of last year the Dow Jones suffered a severe correction from October 3 to December 24 (see red arrow below): After recovering, the Dow now seems […]

NSA Bolton Conspires With Israel to Trigger War with Iran Based on False Flags

  U.S. National Security Advisor, Ambassador John Bolton meets The Prime Minister of Israel Benjamin Netanyahu for dinner at the Prime Minister’s Residence, in Jerusalem, August 2018. (U.S. Embassy/public domain)   Do Iranian ‘Threats’ Signal Organized U.S.-Israel Subterfuge? The intel they’ve provided is thin, the origins murky and suspect—haven’t we heard this story before? By […]

How Israel is Providing the Pretext to Trigger US-led War on Iran

That language represents an obvious move by Bolton to create potential options for U.S. retaliation against Iran for a real or alleged attack by “proxy forces” on Israeli or Saudi forces or “interests.” Such a commitment to go to war with Iran over incidents related to Israeli or Saudi conflicts should be the subject of […]

History’s Dire Warning: Beware False-Flag Trigger for Long-Sought War with Iran

With the beat of Washington’s war drums continuing to grow, particularly following the Monday revelation of a government plan to send as many as 120,000 troops to counter Iran, the threat of an “accidental” provocation or a “false flag” is also becoming increasingly likely. As MintPress recently reported, the possibility of an “accident” leading to […]

Trump Pulls The Trigger: Begins Process Of Raising Tariffs On All Remaining $300 Billion China Imports 

In an unexpected Friday development – President Trump began the process of raising tariffs on all remaining imports from China, valued at approximately $300 billion. The move follows a Friday tariff increase on Chinese imports from 10% to 25% effective just after midnight. US Trade Representative Robert Lighthizer issued a Friday statement – after market hours of course […]

Macron Panics as Yellow Vests Plan to Trigger Bank Run

French President Emmanuel Macron has entered panic mode after Yellow Vest protestors announced plans to trigger a bank run with a nationwide coordinated cash withdrawal.  By threatening the financial system in France, the anti-globalist protestors hope to force the government to pass their reforms. “If the banks weaken, the state weakens immediately,” said Yellow Vest […]

‘Officials’ worst nightmare’: Yellow Vests hope to trigger bank run with financial protest

“If the banks weaken, the state weakens immediately,” said Yellow Vest “sympathizer” Tahz San on Facebook. “It’s elected officials’ worst nightmare.” Stop treating people like beggars or face hatred – Yellow Vests to Macron Protesters plan to empty their bank accounts on Saturday, withdrawing as much money as possible in a bid to undermine the French […]

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