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380,000 Soviet troops in East Germany were told not to interfere with bringing down the Berlin Wall – Gorbachev

Socialist East Germany, officially known as the German Democratic Republic (GDR), remained riddled with Soviet bases after the end of WWII. “There were 380,000 Soviet soldiers stationed in the GDR at the time. They obeyed orders to refrain from intervening,” Gorbachev told Der Spiegel on Friday. “My main responsibility was to rule out the possibility […]

Trump threatens to deploy troops to Mexico following murder of nine Americans, but what about the hundreds of thousands slaughtered every year by Planned Parenthood?

(Natural News) The ambush and murder of three women and six children who were living in a rural Mormon community near the Mexico-New Mexico border has prompted President Trump to threaten a military invasion if Mexico can’t get its narco-terror problem under control. But what about the countless more unborn American lives […]

China – not Iran – is the real reason US troops will never leave Iraq

Over the past few weeks, Iraq has slowly but surely begun its re-descent into chaos. According to reports, tens of thousands of people have taken to the streets to protest Iraq’s current state of governance, with over 250 already being killed in clashes with security forces. One protester even died last week, after being hit […]

Syrian War Report – November 4, 2019: ‘Withdrawing’ US Troops Setting Up New Military Bases

South Front The Syrian Army and Turkish-led forces are strengthening their positions on a contact line in northeastern Syria. A large convoy of Syrian Army reinforcements deployed in the towns of Abu Rasin and Umm Harmalah south of Ras al-Ayn. The convoy included T-72 battle tanks, BMP-1 infantry fighting vehicles, Gvozdika self-propelled 122 mm howitzer […]

US Troops Are Staying in Syria to ‘Keep the Oil’ – and Have Already Killed Hundreds Over It

Hundreds of American soldiers are remaining in Syria to occupy its oil reserves and block the Syrian government from revenue needed for reconstruction. Trump said openly, “We want to keep the oil.” *** US President Donald Trump has reassured supporters that he is “bringing soldiers home” from the “endless” war in Syria. But that is […]

IDF troops fire at suspicious vehicle on Gaza border

The Israel Defense Forces fired warning shots at a driver in a suspicious vehicle near the Gaza border on Saturday, the military said. The incident occurred near the border area with southern Gaza. According to Palestinian media reports cited by the Israeli press, the driver suffered wounds to the neck. His condition was unclear. Get […]

US Set To Send Troops & Tanks To Protect Syrian Oil Fields

US Defense Secretary Mark Esper has confirmed that US troops and tanks are being relocated to an oil rich region in Syria, in another u- turn on President Trump’s promise to “bring soldiers home”. The change in plan was confirmed by Esper on Friday when he admitted that Washington aims to send mechanized forces in Syria to defend oil […]

Brazil deploys 5,000 troops as fury mounts at inaction over worst oil spill in country’s history

Brazil has deployed 5,000 troops to its beaches amid mounting fury at the government’s inaction over the worst oil spill in the country’s history. The environmental catastrophe began in early September when large quantities of oil inexplicably washed ashore. The mysterious spill has continued and has now touched more than 1,000 […]

Trump Admits U.S. Troops Are Staying in Syria to “Keep the Oil”

Caitlin Johnstone, Guest Waking Times “Well you may throw your rock and hide your hand, workin’ in the dark against your fellow man. But as sure as God made black and white what’s down in the dark will be brought to the light.” ~ Johnny Cash/traditional, ‘God’s Gonna Cut You Down’ The Grayzone has an excellent […]

Russia says it sent hundreds of additional troops to Syria

MOSCOW (AP) — Russia has sent hundreds of additional troops to Syria to help patrol the country’s Turkey-Syria border after a deal between Moscow and Ankara, the Russian Defense Ministry said Friday. The ministry said about 300 military police have arrived in Syria to patrol the northeastern areas along the border with Turkey and oversee […]

US Troops Leaving Syria Do Not Have Permission To Stay In Iraq

Secretary of Defense Mark Esper said last week that all US troops leaving Syria would be redeployed to Western Iraq He claimed the troops there would continue to engage in anti-ISIS operations. However, Iraq’s military said on Tuesday that US troops leaving Syria do not have permission to stay in the country. Esper said he […]

Video: US Troops Remain in Syria to Protect Oil Fields from ‘Terrorists’?

The US is planning to keep control of oil fields on the eastern bank of the Euphrates despite the ongoing troops withdrawal. On October 21, US Defense Secretary Mark Esper told reporters that Washington wants to be sure that ensure oil fields do not fall into the hands of ISIS or other militants. According to […]

Transit only: US troops pulled out of Syria & moved to Iraq are now asked OUT of the country

Hundreds of military vehicles carrying American troops crossed into the Kurdistan region of northern Iraq in a long convoy on Monday. Turkey to resume assault on Kurds in Syria with ‘more determination’ if US doesn’t keep its promises – Erdogan The Iraqi statement adds more uncertainty to a vision of what will actually happen to […]

All US Troops Leaving Syria Will Head to Iraq

By Jason Ditz According to Secretary of Defense Mark Esper, the current plan is that all US troops leaving Syria will be redeployed into western Iraq. The troops there will continue to engage in anti-ISIS operations. How that’s going to work isn’t entirely clear. After all, there aren’t really any ISIS fighters in western Iraq anymore. […]

‘Come and take it’: Here’s what US troops left behind at abandoned base in Syria (PHOTOS)

Photos from the abandoned US military base in Manbij shed light on what American soldiers did to pass the time during their uninvited stay. The photographic evidence suggests that at least one soldier enjoyed reading Harry Potter. For added diversity, the discarded literature also included a Tom Clancy paperback and a Bible. Pax Americana at […]

Coming back to another warzone: US troops leaving Syria will find ‘home’ in… western Iraq

Defense Secretary Mark Esper said that US forces withdrawing from northern Syria will be relocated to western Iraq, where they will participate in ongoing operations against Islamic State (IS, formerly ISIS). Esper told reporters that he would not rule out the possibility that the American troops could conduct cross-border missions into Syria from their new […]

Why Withdrawing US Troops From Northern Syria Is Good

Why Withdrawing US Troops From Northern Syria Is Good Above Photo: From The foreign policy elite is in an uproar. They claim “we have abandoned our allies”. They question “how can America be trusted?” They say the decision to withdraw from northern Syria was a “gift”  to Russia, Iran, and Assad…. even ISIS. It is […]

Another Trump flip-flop: US troops go to Saudi Arabia

Related Posts Under President Trump Epstein went down. Right? #PrinceAndrew #Newsnight #BBC Prince Andrew BBC meltdown.Why did Royal Family let this interview take place? Source Article from Stocks Pop, Drop, & Pop Again On Trump China Comments The algos got a good working over early this morning as President Trump dropped some Jews Impeach […]

Syrian troops enter three towns after deal with Kurds

Press TV – Syrian army troops have entered the towns of Tabqah, Ain Issa and Tel Tamer in northeastern Syria after Damascus reached an agreement with Kurds in the region to deploy troops in the area, state media report.  The deployment to Tabqah near Raqqah on Monday restores the state’s foothold in an area that is home to a major […]

Communist China just doubled its number of military troops… is an invasion of America the next chapter in global domination?

(Natural News) Americans take it for granted that foreign troops aren’t pillaging their country, vying for military control over U.S. cities, and forcing compliance to a communist government. Neither China nor Russia has attempted such a bold invasion, but their core communist belief systems continue to drive them toward global domination. Taking […]

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