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Meet The Futuristic, Fully-Autonomous Concept Truck Without A Cab

Swedish manufacturer Scania has introduced a brand new “futuristic fully autonomous concept truck without a cab” called AXL, according to Tuvie. The vehicle is described as a “heavy-duty self-driving vehicle” and was designed by a group of Scania experts from different fields. It features the company’s modular system at the core of its design and could […]

Merkel’s Germany: Syrian Migrant Truck Attack Designated An ‘Act Of Terror’

A Syrian migrant shouting in Arabic about Allah ploughed a stolen truck into traffic in the German city of Limburg, injuring 9 people. The suspect, a male Syrian national in his 30s, dragged the driver of a white Mercedes truck from his vehicle before accelerating into other cars at a traffic light. Witnesses told local media […]

Trucking Recession: Heavy-Duty Truck Orders Collapse, Production Slashed, Cancellation Orders Soar

New reports from the trucking industry show the transportation recession continues to gain momentum through the end of summer, likely to continue through 2019 into 1H20. The US trucking industry had a blockbuster year in 2018, as high demand for freight allowed transportation companies to expand fleets. But since freight demand was artificial, sparked by […]

Wyatt Detention Captain Resigns After Driving Truck Into Protesters

Wyatt Detention Captain Resigns After Driving Truck Into Protesters Above: Shut down Wyatt from the FANG Collective Captain Thomas Woodworth has resigned from his position at the Donald W. Wyatt Detention Facility — after driving his pick-up truck into protesters outside the facility this week.  The incident, which occurred on August 14, remains under active […]

Watch: Tesla On Autopilot In Moscow Slams Into Tow Truck, Explodes Into Flames

Just days after we reported that Tesla could be on the verge of a formal investigation by the NHTSA, a father and his two kids in Moscow both suffered serious injuries after their Tesla Model S on Autopilot slammed into a tow truck before bursting into flames, according to RT.  Shocking video footage from a vehicle […]

See Naples and die? Garbage truck falls into gigantic sinkhole in Italian city

   A garbage truck plunged into a massive sinkhole in the Italian city of Naples on Monday, sparking the evacuations of several homes nearby. The truck was traveling down the Casoria area of the southern Italian city when the ground beneath it opened up. Much of the vehicle was left buried under dirt and rubble […]

Truck crashes into Jerusalem mall bridge

A truck collided with an overpass that is part of a mall in Jerusalem on Sunday, prompting police to block off the area over fears the structure could collapse. There were no injuries in the crash at the Ramot mall. Police cordoned off the area and were redirecting traffic from Golda Meir Boulevard, a major […]

Tesla Model X Reportedly On Autopilot Slams Into Construction Truck, Killing Driver, In Ukraine

Another day, yet another fatality in a Tesla where Autopilot may have played a role.  A fatal accident involving a Tesla Model X reportedly on Autopilot occurred on the Kyiv-Zhytomyr highway in Ukraine on Friday June, 7, 2019, according to Autogeek.  The Model X reportedly drove under a tanker truck (where have we heard that before?) that was […]

Can these truck-sized nuclear reactors power U.S. military basecamps in remote locations?

(Natural News) The United States military could very soon be getting a major field upgrade, as military heads are in the process of test-running a new type of nuclear mini-reactor that they say will have the capacity to power troops in otherwise hard-to-reach places of the world, such as hillside camps located […]

US: Man inspired by Islamic State planned truck attack near Washington

WASHINGTON (AP) — A Maryland man inspired by the Islamic State group plotted to ram a stolen U-Haul truck into as many pedestrians as possible at a popular convention and tourist destination just outside the nation’s capital, federal prosecutors said Monday. The allegation was made in a court filing as prosecutors in Maryland urged a […]

Chefs and Truck Drivers Beware: AI Is Coming for Your Jobs

Chefs and Truck Drivers Beware: AI Is Coming for Your Jobs January 24th, 2019 Via: Newsweek / AP: Robots aren’t replacing everyone, but a quarter of U.S. jobs will be severely disrupted as artificial intelligence accelerates the automation of existing work, according to a […]

Rivian R1T All-Electric Pickup Truck

Rivian R1T All-Electric Pickup Truck November 29th, 2018 I’ve mostly stopped posting about future electric vehicles (you can’t even shake a stick at all the announcements), but the Rivian R1T is particularly interesting. Days before the Rivian R1T was officially announced, Elon Musk said […]

Sinkhole swallows truck in central Taipei, Taiwan

     A sinkhole suddenly opened up and swallowed a blue construction crew truck as it turned the corner in front of a park in central Taipei’s Zhongshan District yesterday afternoon (Nov. 28). At 3 p.m. yesterday afternoon, as a blue truck driven by a construction engineer started to make a turn at the corner of […]

Kiev: Fire truck on the way to an emergency falls into a sinkhole

     Kiev’s infrastructure woes were highlighted on Sunday when a fire engine responding to an emergency failed to reach its destination because it fell into a sinkhole on the road. Kyiv Operative, a news outlet specializing in crime, fires and other emergencies in the Ukrainian capital, published footage showing the aftermath of the incident on […]

A Jewish Truck Carrying Caravaners to Promised Land of Welfare

Andrew Anglin Daily Stormer October 20, 2018 Okay so that is a Jewish truck carrying these caravan people to America. Check it. Sometimes it’s really just like: wow, is there anything happening that Jews are not responsible for? I don’t think there is. It’s not hard to understand why so many people […]

Violent Liberals Set Truck on Fire After Spotting ‘Trump 2020’ Bumper Sticker

A Washington state man was horrified to learn that his truck had been set ablaze during the early morning hours on Monday by violent liberals whose sensibilities were “offended” by two bumper stickers on the vehicle. The truck, sporting several bumper stickers in support of President Trump, was vandalized and set ablaze in Vancouver, Washington […]

Volvo Unveils All-Electric and Autonomous Truck Without a Cab

Volvo Unveils All-Electric and Autonomous Truck Without a Cab September 13th, 2018 Via: Electrek: If your truck is completely autonomous, why would you need a cab? Volvo Trucks believes that you don’t and that’s why they built a new all-electric and autonomous truck without […]

US judge orders Iran to pay $104.7m for 1996 Saudi truck bombing

A federal US judge has ordered Iran to pay $104.7 million to victims of a 1996 truck bombing in Saudi Arabia which killed 19 US military personnel. The Washington judge, Chief Judge Beryl Howell, ruled against the Islamic Republic and the country’s Revolutionary Guards. No representative from Tehran was present during the case […]

7 killed, dozens injured in crash involving two buses and truck in India

A total of seven passengers, including two women, were killed and more than 40 injured on Saturday in a major traffic accident in south India. Around 1am local time, a bus traveling from the city of Salem in India’s Tamil Nandu state crashed into a stationary truck. One of the truck’s tires was punctured, so […]

‘Oh my god’: Truck debris smashes through windscreen narrowly missing driver & child (VIDEO)

Kahla Euphemia Butler was driving on Melbourne’s Monash freeway last Thursday when disaster almost struck in the form of a metal rod. Video footage of the terrifying incident shows how the debris fell from the underside of a large truck transporting logged trees, before it flicked up off the tarmac directly into the passenger side […]

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