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I’ve signed death certificates during Covid-19. Here’s why you can’t trust any of the statistics on the number of victims

I suppose most people would be somewhat surprised to know that the cause of death, as written on death certificates, is often little more than an educated guess. Most people die when they are old, often over eighty. There is very rarely going to be a post-mortem carried out, which means that, as a doctor, […]

China Says ‘We Trust the Jewish Friends’ After Pompeo Warns Israel About Investments

The Chinese love Jews and want to be Jews because gooks believe Jews are rich and want to emulate Jewish greed. Haaretz: The Chinese Embassy in Israel on Friday responded to criticism voiced by U.S. Secretary of State Mike Pompeo during his visit to Israel this week, calling his remarks that China had concealed information about […]

An NHS trust is hiring a climate-change manager amid a pandemic – so should we clap for Greta too?

Since the start of the Covid-19 pandemic, Britain has been in turmoil. Accusations and rebuttals have flown back and forth across the political and media spectrum. The one uniting factor was everyone backing the NHS. Indeed, the nation pauses to clap for its staff every Thursday night at 8pm.Now, some are questioning that support, after […]

RFK, Jr. Joins EM Radiation Research Trust in Calling Upon UK Prime Minister to Halt 5G Deployment

Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. and Dafna Tachover, Director of 5G and Wireless Harms Project of Children’s Health Defense (CHD), signed onto the UK EM Radiation Research Trust  (RRT) letter calling on UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson and political leaders to protect the public from the proven harms of wireless radiation and 5G. The Open Letter […]

Stockholm Syndrome: Study Claims People Trust Their Leaders Even MORE After COVID-19 Lockdown

According to the results of a study done in 15 European countries and released by the University of Louvain in Belgium, the Coronavirus (Covid-19) scam-demic™ has not adversely affected people’s inexplicable trust in their leaders and politicians: …The survey was done throughout the month of March, coinciding with 31 days during which Europe and the […]

AI healthcare shouldn’t get more trust than self-driving car; it’s useful amid pandemic emergency, but speed is not always good

The Covid-19 pandemic has turned into a gateway for the adoption of AI in healthcare. Staff shortages and overwhelming patient loads have fast-tracked promising new technologies, particularly AI tools that can speed triage. But this accelerated process contains dangers: regulatory oversight, which has hampered innovation in healthcare over the years, nevertheless remains critical. We are […]

Here Are 10 Reasons Why You Should “Never Trust” a German Shepherd

German Shepherds are the cutest, but those who own one know they can’t be fully trusted. Why, you may wonder. Because they are too friendly and too playful to be ignored and want all your attention at all times. #1 They are not fond of makeup It seems they love their owners wearing their natural […]

Nobody knows anything: West doesn’t trust China’s Covid-19 figures, but are its own numbers any more meaningful?

It did not take long for a war of information to break out over the true extent of Covid-19. Every morning, we wake up to the freshest figures for our own country. Another few hundred or thousand new cases, depending on where you live, and a fraction as many deaths. Every day, the colour-coded curves […]

WHO can we trust? Just when coronavirus gave the World Health Organization its moment to shine, it bottled it

The WHO has predictably become much more prominent this year. As the coronavirus pandemic continues its stranglehold on world affairs, updates from the organization have become a fixture of news updates. Its director, Dr Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus, is now recognizable to a global audience, having previously only been known as the answer to a particularly […]

Coronavirus Epidemic in America? Can We Trust the Data? How Much Does it Cost to Get a COVID-19 Test?

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Yoga for Couples: 7 Poses for Building Intimacy and Trust

March 13th, 2020 By Vivek Roy Contributing Writer for Wake Up World Love feels the very best when you spot soul mate tendencies, in your special someone. That’s the exact time when you want more than the cutesy stuff, the shared happiness, and the sweet nothings. You want a bond that holds you together, even […]

Bloomberg Flops, Biden Bounces—Don’t Trust the Neo-liberals When It Comes to Your Future! — The Duran

Review of crisis points, Coronavirus and Turkey’s flirting with war with Russia, and trying to bait NATO into supporting them. More on 2020 elections and candidates. Trump isn’t just up against a bunch of senile Democrats, these senile Democrats are backed by the coup plotters, green fascist billionaires, and intel community. We still have a […]

‘Minsk pact needs to be implemented to build trust’ – PM of Albania & OSCE chair

   Albanian prime minister and OSCE chairperson-in-office Edi Rama has said that the Minsk agreements on the Ukraine conflict “need to be implemented” in their current form in order to “build trust” before they can be reviewed. Speaking to RT, Rama said the Ukraine crisis was the main security challenge for the continent and that […]

Bill Gates Linked To Lucis (Lucifer) Trust, Jewish Theosophist Founder Helena Blavatsky and Antichrist “Maitreya”

“In the third World War we shall unleash the nihilist and the atheists and we shall provoke a formidable social catechism which in all its horror will show clearly to the nations the effect of absolute atheism, origin of savagery and of the most bloody turmoil then everywhere the citizens obliged to defend themselves against […]

The Richmond Rally Is a Perfect Example of Why You Can’t Trust the Media to Provide Reliable Intelligence – Activist Post

By Terry Trahan If you’ve been watching the news in the last few days, you are sure to be aware of the Gun Rights Rally held in Richmond, VA. And, depending on which news you watch, your ideas of what happened, who attended, what the rally was about, and how it proceeded could […]

Man Cries “I Gained His Trust. Now I’m Backstabbing Him” by Letting Him Go

Two stray Pit Bulls were wandering around the neighborhood of a very kind man who always made sure to give them some food and water. The animals gained his trust and enjoyed his company. He fell in love with them, but keeping them wasn’t really an option as he already had a tiny dog on […]

Don’t Trust Politicians: Advice from the Founding Fathers

January 10, 2020 By Michael Boldin While this should be totally obvious by now, a lot of people seem to only distrust politicians they don’t like. That’s easy. But where the Constitution and liberty faces great danger is through the millions of people who blindly trust politicians from their own team. SHOW LINKS: JOIN TAC […]

Why I Don’t Trust Trump on Iran

The neocons, are, of course almost 100 per cent. Jewish — the key factor in understanding why they (and their neoliberal “opponents”) have so much blood on their hands. — Ed. by Ron Paul PRESIDENT TRUMP and his Secretary of State Mike Pompeo told us the US had to assassinate Maj. Gen. Qassim Soleimani last […]

‘Trust Exercise’ author Susan Choi hasn’t written about her Jewish roots — yet

NEW YORK (JTA) — On the day she found out she was being considered for the National Book Awards, Susan Choi was swimming laps at her gym, trying to busy herself. “Early in my career, I just learned to close my ears to awards season,” she said. “I think it’s distracting and really stressful.” When […]

Netanyahoo, Indicted For Bribery, Fraud And Breach Of Trust, Becomes More Dangerous

The Attorney General of Israel just indicted Prime Minister Bibi Netanyahoo in three cases. The announcement comes at a time of political stalemate. It might help to resolve it.  Israel had two parliament elections this year which both ended in a political stalemate. Neither Prime Minister Netanyahoo of the Likud Party […]

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