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Israeli navy stops boats of wounded Palestinians trying to break siege on Gaza

Gaza Israel intercepts Palestinian boats trying to break siege Middle East Eye 29 May by Hind Khoudary — Aboard a boat off the Gaza City shore – Two vessels carrying 17 student activists and Palestinians injured during the recent Great March of Return protests attempted to break Israel’s siege on the Gaza Strip on Tuesday, before the Israeli military intervened. […]

Kremlin: Putin trying to reduce US withdrawal consequences

IRNA – Press Secretary for the President of Russia Dmitry Peskov announced that President Vladimir Putin together with European partners are trying to decrease the negative impacts of US walkaway from JCOPA and North Korea Leader visit cancellation. Peskov made the remarks in an interview held on the sidelines of the International Economic Forum in […]

‘Rather than trying to hide the occupation from the world – end the occupation’: Israeli orgs respond to gov’t deporting Human Rights Watch director

Editor’s Note: On Tuesday, Israel revoked the work permit of Human Rights Watch’s Israel and Palestine Director, Omar Shakir. Tamara Nasser reported for Electronic Intifada that “Israel’s strategic affairs ministry said the decision was based on Shakir’s support for the boycott, divestment and sanctions (BDS) movement, but Shakir said the ‘real aim is to muzzle dissent.’” Human Rights Groups […]

A Financial Elite Who Left The Globalist System and is Now Trying To Destroy It [Video]

Jeff Berwick has has a great conversation with Mads Palsvig, who was a highly-paid bond trader in Denmark for years before he realized how money is created. Then, he saw how the IMF and the World Bank are scams that exist for the sole purpose of destabilizing countries so that their assets can […]

John Bolton Trying To Derail Korean Peace Process

The Deep State and US Congress are attempting to undermine President Trump’s efforts to establish peace on the Korean peninsula, according to American political analyst Professor Dennis Etler. Etler claims that the new US National Security Adviser John Bolton is among the key players in the US war party opposing the peace process between South […]

After criminalizing the Bible and medical choice, California is now trying to outlaw home schooling

(Natural News) If democrats had their way, every single young person in the country would have no choice but to go through the public education system, during which time they would all be indoctrinated with left wing, anti-conservative propaganda. They strongly believe in the idea that the state – not parents, but […]

8 Recent Kanye West Tweets That Suggest He’s Trying To Wake People Up

Next Story Kanye has been bringing forth a multitude of reactions around the internet as his latest tweets have been political, reflective and controversial. In normal order, many of us have been responding emotionally and irrationally, while some are taking a moment to step back and think about what he is saying, regardless of why […]

Robert F. Kennedy Jr. Explains The Real Reason The West Is Trying To Destabilize Syria

Next Story “The statesmen will invent cheap lies, putting the blame upon the nation that is attacked, and every man will be glad of those conscience-soothing falsities, and will diligently study them, and refuse to examine any refutations of them; and thus he will by and by convince himself the war is just, and will […]

Biotech industry trying to eliminate all FDA regulation of genetically edited ranch animals by shifting authority to the USDA, which has totally sold out to Monsanto

(Natural News) Biotech companies that can genetically engineer farm animals to have “designer” characteristics – like cows without horns (yes, cows really are supposed to have horns) – can make a whole lot of money selling these animals to farmers. Unfortunately for them, farm animals are regulated by the Food and Drug […]

Here’s Why Mainstream Media Is Trying To Convince You Our World Is Becoming More Violent

Next Story Ancient Ayurvedic wisdom suggests, ‘What you see, you become.’ It is a doctrine that suggests what we experience in the physical world will naturally impact our physical and emotional state of being. This state of being in turn goes on to inform what we experience. There is some support for this idea in […]


The Centers for Disease Control is saying that “nightmare bacteria” are attempting to spread themselves across the United States. These new bacteria allegedly have the power to resist antibiotics and the media is hyping up the fear rhetoric. Antibiotic-resistant germs kill about 23,000 Americans every year, however, Federal health officials have said […]

Moscow to West: Remember fate of Goliath when trying to cling to power

Sergey Naryskin, the head of the Russian Foreign Intelligence Service (SVR), delivered the strongly-worded message at an international security conference in Moscow on Wednesday. He accused the West and the United States in particular of failing to acknowledge that they can no longer dictate their will to the rest of the world. NATO crossed ‘red […]

Lao Tzu and Others on Why You Must Fix Your Anger Before Trying to Fix the World

Dylan Charles, Editor Waking Times “The best fighter is never angry.” ~Lao Tzu There are so many different social movements coming into the media spotlight every year, each of them working towards a different agenda, and each of them working against other social movements. It is chaos. But in this chaos there is one […]

Why US is Trying to Deprive Europe of Cheap Russian Natural Gas

After Donald Trump’s win, Washington has started viewing Europe not as a partner but as a competitor, Sputnik contributor Dmitry Lekukh writes, adding that the best way to pull the rug out from under the EU economy is to deprive it of cheap pipeline gas. “From an economic point of view, the ‘old’ industrialized continental Europe is now seen more as a competitor rather […]

Is Your MultiVitamin Trying to Kill You?

What comes to mind when you think of toxic waste disposal? Biohazard suits, lead-lined vaults, and burial deep underground? You might be shocked to learn that a dumping ground for these chemicals is a product that many people consume daily to ensure good health – and it may be in your medicine cabinet. When it […]

Rand Paul: ‘Deep State Is Trying To Bring Trump Down’

Rand Paul: ‘Deep State Is Trying To Bring Trump Down’ “The deep state is the intelligence agencies that do not have oversight” Steve WatsonPrison March 22, 2018 During an appearance on The Laura Ingraham Show this week, Senator Rand Paul warned that Absolutely, there is a deep state” and that it is actively working […]

Nation Trying To Figure Out Gun Violence To Hold Military Parade Glorifying War

Nation Trying To Figure Out Gun Violence To Hold Military Parade Glorifying War Above Photo:  Creative Commons Every time a mass shooting rocks the United States, Americans demand their government do something. Whether it’s confiscating guns, arming teachers, or turning schools into prisons, neither politicians or the public can agree upon a solution to the ongoing violence, […]

Senior cleric: Enemies trying to hatch new plots

FNA- Tehran’s provisional Friday Prayers Leader Ayatollah Mohammad Emami Kashani warned against enemies’ plots against the Islamic Republic of Iran, and called on senior Iranian officials to beware of such threats. Addressing a large and fervent congregation of the people in Tehran on Friday, Ayatollah Emami Kashani said, “The enemies are trying to fuel tension […]

Iran, Turkey, Russia trying to guarantee peace in Syria

IRNA – The Astana trilateral meeting with the attendance of Iran, Russia and Turkey urged in a joint statement establishing peace in Syria. The full text of the final statement of the conference is as follows: The Ministers of Foreign Affairs of the Islamic Republic of Iran, the Russian Federation and the Republic of Turkey, […]

Israel Is Trying To Drag U.S. Into World War 3 Retired US Army Colonel Warns

A retired US colonel has warned that Israel is trying to suck the United Stated into a war with Iran that could destroy what’s left of the Middle East and ignite world war. Col. Lawrence Wilkerson, former chief of staff to Secretary of State Colin Powell, made his remarks as the Israel lobby group AIPAC […]

Brave SWAT Cops Suspended For Refusing to Stand Down and Trying to Stop Parkland Shooter

March 10, 2018 By John Vibes In the aftermath of the recent Parkland school shooting, the cowardice of many of the police who responded to the shooting has created an ongoing conversation in the media about the role of individual officers in life-threatening situations. As we reported last month, 4 officers […]

Militants kill 4 civilians trying to escape E. Ghouta – media

The four civilians were trying to pass through a recently opened humanitarian corridor from Jisrein to Mlekha during the twelfth humanitarian pause, SANA reported citing its journalist on the ground on Saturday.  First group of militants surrender arms & leave East Ghouta after Russia-brokered talks The same area saw an increased number of confrontations between […]

israel is trying to ‘suck America into’ Iranian war that could lead to world war —

A war with Iran, he said, could “perhaps terminate the experiment that is Israel and do irreparable damage to the empire that America has become.” But Israeli leaders want a war, and they are pushing one with the support of their American political friends, including Democrats like Sen. Chris Coons of Delaware, whose overheated rhetoric […]

Israel is trying to ‘suck America into’ Iranian war that could lead to world war — Lawrence Wilkerson

Israel is trying to “suck America into” a war with Iran that could destabilize the Middle East and lead to a world war in much the way that the imperial rivalries in 1914 led to the First World War, Lawrence Wilkerson, former chief of staff to Secretary of State Colin Powell, warned in Washington last […]

Heads UP! Congress is Trying to Pass Bill H.R.1856 that Removes Protections of Website Owners for What Their Users Post

Link to the bill itself This enables one troll or spammer with CP to effectively kill any website they don’t like for any petty reason. Smaller sites don’t have the resources or manpower to maintain surveillance over their websites unlike Reddit. This will kill smaller content creators internet wide and lose tons […]

How We Got To The Point That Hollywood Is Trying To Attack The Internet Via NAFTA

Last week we announced our new site, featuring stories from many different creators of music, books, movies and more about how important the internet and fair use have been to their creations. As we noted, the reason for the site is that the legacy copyright gatekeepers at the MPAA and the RIAA have been using the Trump-requested NAFTA […]

US regulators fine Deutsche Bank $70mn for trying ‘to rig benchmark rate’

US regulators have fined Deutsche Bank, Germany’s largest lender, $70 million for attempted manipulation of a global benchmark for interest-rate derivatives and other financial instruments, AFP reports. The Commodity Futures Trading Commission (CFTC) said late on Thursday that the German bank’s subsidiary, Deutsche Bank Securities, “made false reports and through the acts of […]

‘They’re trying to punish us through our children’: A report from Nabi Saleh on Ahed Tamimi’s 17th birthday

Driving into the village of Nabi Saleh, north of Ramallah in the West Bank, the Israeli Defense Force (IDF) have already closed the main gate of entrance. It’s nearly dark and a handful of the village’s youth are still clashing with soldiers in the field beyond the gate. As the soldiers turn their back to […]

Countries Around The World Are Trying To Reduce Cryptocurrency Access

Cryptocurrency use is growing tremendously around the world. Although Bitcoin gets most of the press, there are a wide range of virtual currencies that are now being bought and sold on a regular basis. Cryptocurrencies offer their users something that traditional transactions do not: privacy. For example, when a user […]

Woman detained at airport trying to smuggle diamonds worth $142,000 out of Russia

The detainee, a 53-year-old resident of the Moscow Region, is now facing charges of illegal trafficking in natural gems and smuggling      Police and air security officers on duty at Moscow’s Domodedovo Airport have detained a Russian national ttrying to smuggle diamonds worth eight million rubles (over $142,000) to Israel, Russian Interior Ministry Spokesperson Irina […]

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