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Mummified Bishop Reveals the Ancient Origins Of Tuberculosis

The ancient origins of tuberculosis have finally been identified after a team of scientists followed a trail of molecular breadcrumbs through the lung of a Danish mummified bishop. Peder Pedersen Winstrup (1605-1679 AD) was born in Copenhagen, Denmark, and this larger than life man became an accomplished architect, scientist and book-printer. He was then appointed […]

TB vaccine SCAM: Scientists gave 1,400 babies a new vaccine for tuberculosis despite FAILED safety trials

(Natural News) An investigation by the British Medical Journal has exposed a horrifying vaccine scam that took place in the same place that many unethical vaccine stories come from – Africa. There, babies were used as guinea pigs to test out a vaccine after the monkeys it was tested on died. According […]

Totally hijacked by Big Food: Organic Trade Association turns against GMO labeling

(NaturalNews) A number of farmer and consumer advocacy groups are breaking ties with the influential Organic Trade Association (OTA), after it was discovered that the membership-based organization, which represents the entire organic industry in both Canada and the United States, sold out to Big Agribusiness by extending its support to the Stabenow-Roberts Bill, […]

Medical professor diagnosed with multiple sclerosis miraculously cures debilitating disease through dietary and lifestyle changes

(NaturalNews) When emergency medicine professor George Jelinek was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis (MS) at age 45, he was told the disease was progressive and incurable. He had reason to believe it; he had seen his own mother suffer from the disease until she needed a wheelchair to get around, until, eventually, she took […]

Pharma propaganda on parade: Most ‘science’ journal studies on prescriptions are written by Big Pharma’s own scientists

(NaturalNews) It is no secret that the internet is littered with misinformation, whether it’s a matter of simple ignorance or people spreading falsehoods for their own agenda. Many people consider scientific journals to be among the most credible sources available, but it turns out that they, too, fall into the latter category; they’ve […]

Religious cleric appointed new Afghan Taliban leader after Mansour’s assassination

Haibatullah Akhunzada has taken over the reins of power of the Afghan-based Taliban insurgent group four days after a US drone attack targeted and, as was confirmed by the organization, killed its leader, Mullah Akhter Mansour in Pakistan’s Balochistan province, a statement issued on Wednesday said. READ MORE: Taliban chief Mansour killed in US drone […]

South Ossetia to hold referendum to become part of Russia

     South Ossetia plans to hold a referendum on whether to become part of the Russian Federation before August, the republic’s president, Leonid Tibilov, told TASS in an interview. “We are already discussing the dates,” Tibilov said. “A specific date can’t be named yet, but it will take place in the near future, we plan […]

Obama says inequality, racism persist in US

US President Barack Obama has said America has better “race relations” now than when he graduated from university in 1983, but noted the country is still suffering from “inequality and racism.” “Race relations are better since I graduated. That’s the truth,” Obama told the graduating class of Howard University, one of the highest ranking Historically […]

China Tests World’s Most Powerful Missile, Capable Of Hitting London

China has successfully tested a weapon of mass destruction, capable of destroying London and other European cities in just 30 minutes.  The long-range nuclear ballistic missile, called the Dongfeng-41, is thought to the world’s most powerful to-date and can carry up to 10 warheads over a distance of 7,450 miles – making it capable of […]

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