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Turkey Begins East Mediterranean Oil Exploration Despite Greece, Egypt, Cyprus Outrage

Via, Turkish Energy Minister Fatih Donmez announced that his country may start exploring for oil in the eastern Mediterranean within 3 or 4 months, in accordance with the controversial maritime border agreement with the Libyan Government of National Accord (GNA). Speaking at a ceremony marking the start of the sailing of the Turkish ship […]

Al Qaeda and Turkey in Southern Idlib

SouthFront: One Turkish soldier died and another was injured in an IED attack in Syria’s southern Idlib, the Turkish Defense Ministry reported late on May 27. The incident happened while units of the Turkish Army and the Turkish-backed militant group Sham Legion were passing near Jisr al-Shughur. The killed soldier was identified as lieutenant Canbert […]

Turkey Dives Into Libyan Conflict

South Front The Tripoli-based Government of National Accord (GNA) and Syrian militants supported by the Turkish military have achieved more gains in their battle against the Libyan National Army (LNA) led by Field Marshal Khalifa Haftar. GNA forces have captured the areas of Asabiah and Mazdah from the LNA and besieged the town of Tarhuna. […]

Erdogan Warns that Turkey ‘Will Not Allow’ Israel to Annex West Bank

Turkey’s President Recep Tayyip Erdogan warned in his Eid al-Fitr address that his country would not allow Israel’s new government go ahead with its planned annexation of West Bank territory. “We are witnessing a new plan of occupation and annexation by Israel that threatens Palestinian sovereignty and is contrary to international law,” Erdogan said in a […]

Large cyber attack against Israel conducted from Gaza, Turkey, North Africa

By News Desk -2020-05-22 BEIRUT, LEBANON (11:10 A.M.) – Israeli media revealed on Thursday that the cyber attack on thousands of Israeli sites was carried out by a group of hackers from the Gaza Strip, Turkey and North Africa. Initial reports indicated that Iran was behind the attack, in light of the recent escalation against the background […]

Video: Turkey Supported GNA Confronts Libya’s LNA: Turkish Drones Destroy LNA Pantsir Systems

Over the past days, forces of the Government of National Accord (GNA) and Syrian militants supported by the Turkish military continued developing momentum against the Libyan National Army (LNA) in northern Libya. After capturing the Watiya Air Base from the LNA, the Turkish-led forces established control over all the areas surrounding it and deployed to […]

The Rift Between Turkey and al Qaeda in Idlib (South Front video)

In the second half of April and early May, the Syrian province of Idlib became the epicenter of a military political drama developing between Turkish forces and their al-Qaeda-linked allies. The escalated tensions even led to a military incident on the M4 highway, near the town of Nayrab, when the Turkish Army and militant groups […]

Video: Caliphate in Miniature: Rift Between Turkey and Al-Qaeda in Idlib

In the second half of April and early May, the Syrian province of Idlib became the epicenter of a military political drama developing between Turkish forces and their al-Qaeda-linked allies. The escalated tensions even led to a military incident on the M4 highway, near the town of Nayrab, when the Turkish Army and militant groups […]

Iran says test kits sent to Turkey, though with delay, despite Turkish denial of delivery

Press TV – Iran reiterates that a consignment of 40,000 Iranian-made COVID-19 test kits has been sent to Turkey, although with a delay caused by transportation restrictions amid the pandemic, days after Turkish sources denied that the delivery had been made. Iranian Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif said in a tweet on Friday, May 8, […]

Turkey fires back at 5 countries, ‘we ruined your

By News Desk -2020-05-12 BEIRUT, LEBANON (4:15 P.M.) – The Turkish Foreign Ministry considered the statement from the UAE, Egypt, France, Greece and Cyprus on Turkey’s activities in the Mediterranean as evidence of “double standards”. Turkey responds to Egypt, France and other countries: “We have ruined your sabotage accounts to stabilize the region,” the Foreign Ministry said, […]

Greece’s Renewed Relations with Syria Further Isolates Turkey in the Eastern Mediterranean

By Paul Antonopoulos Global Research, May 08, 2020 On Tuesday, the Greek Foreign Ministry finally announced a restoration of relations between Greece and Syria and assigned former ambassador to Syria and Russia, Tasia Athanassiou, as a Special Envoy of Greece’s Foreign Ministry for Syria. Greek Foreign Minister Nikos Dendias confirmed this from his Twitter. The appointment of Athanassiou is extremely strategic as […]

Iran to offer Turkey health protocol on border reopening, trade resumption

Tasnim – An Iranian deputy interior minister said Tehran is going to provide Ankara with a draft proposal for the health protocols on the reopening of the common border crossings which have been shut after the coronavirus outbreak, and on the resumption of bilateral trade exchanges. In a telephone conversation on Thursday, Iranian Deputy Interior […]

Turkey: Brutal Skank Dies a Brutal Death as a Result of the Lockdown Being Lifted

Olesya Suspitsyna: The alabaster of her beauty will stay in our hearts until the dusk of eternity. They told us lifting the lockdown would result in death. We should have listened. If only we’d listened. News Chain: A woman has plunged 115ft to her death after falling from a cliff in Turkey […]

Syria: Turkey behind protests on Idlib’s M4 Road

By Ahmad Al-Khalad for VT Syria The situation in the area of M4 highway (Aleppo-Latakia) of Idlib province remains tense in relation to the activities of terrorist groups. Particularly, Hayat Tahrir al-Sham members held another protest near al-Nayrab village on April 13, which is aimed to prevent conducting the joint Russian-Turkish patrol. Demonstrators took to […]

Turkey’s Erdogan Tangled in his own web of Deceit

TBy Ahmed Al Khaled for VT Damascus Turkey’s foreign policy centered around Recep Erdogan’s ambitions has been devised as a giant web weaved all across Middle East, Northern Africa and Europe. Now the Turkish leader may fall prey to his own schemes. “Zero problems with neighbors” – this was the catchy motto selected by then […]


South Front In the second half of the week the military situation in Syria’s western Aleppo escalated. On April 22, Turkish forces shelled positions of the Syrian Army in western Aleppo. Pro-Turkish sources claimed that this shelling was a response to Syrian Army strikes on positions of Hayat Tahrir al-Sham and other al-Qaeda-linked groups near […]

Iran eyes enhancement of parliamentary ties with Turkey

Tasnim – Iranian Parliament Speaker Ali Larijani congratulated Turkey on its parliament’s centenary, expressing Tehran’s readiness to broaden parliamentary ties with the neighboring state. Larijani on Tuesday sent a message to Speaker of the Grand National Assembly of Turkey Mustafa Sentop to offer his congratulations on the 100th anniversary of formation of the Turkish legislature. […]

In Turkey, Officials Ensure That Stray and Shelter Animals Get Food and Water Despite Lockdown

(TMU) — While lockdown and shelter-in-place orders across the world have been something of a boon to wildlife and the environment as a whole, some animals have actually suffered as people have disappeared from the streets. As the Mind Unleashed reported last month, creatures such as deer in Japan and monkeys in Thailand that once relied […]

Report: Turkey Plans to Send Fresh Wave of Corona-Infected Migrants to Europe

“Greek forces are on heightened alert as reports have surfaced that Turkey is preparing to push through a fresh wave of migrants to Europe. Officials in Athens say, they fear that refugees infected with the coronavirus may be among the new wave of asylum seekers,” reports VOA. Intelligence has been produced showing […]

Syrian Army Pounding ISIS Cells In Homs Desert. Turkey Fortifies Positions Near Saraqib

South Front The military situation in northwestern Syria is steadily escalating. On April 10 and April 11, the Turkish Army and its proxies shelled positions of Kurdish armed groups in northern Aleppo. The most intense shelling took place near the areas of Tell Rifaat, Sheikh Hilal, Bosoufane, al-Malikiyah, Maraanaz, Kaft Anoun, Kasht’ar, al-Irshadiyah and Menagh […]

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