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Randy Turner

Luteinizing hormone (LH) is produced and released in the anterior pituitary gland. combined with Glutamate antagonists which block memories from forming in most cases. Many of you may think my claims of being used as a MKULTRA since the age of 11 are BS but you will soon find out I have been telling the […]

‘The stakes in this race are high’: pro-Israel lobbying group attacks Nina Turner for not condemning BDS

Democratic Majority for Israel (DMFI) has endorsed Shontel Brown in Ohio’s 11th district congressional race. This week they sent an email out to their supporters, attacking candidate Nina Turner for being a critic of Israel. Today, DMFI PAC is proud to endorse @ShontelMBrown for congress in the OH-11 special election. Councilwoman Brown is an effective […]

Hal Turner Radio Show – Priest who volunteered for COVID vaccine – dies suddenly — Pregnant Women Spontaneously Abort Babies; become INFERTILE

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Insider & MKUltra Slave Randy Turner Whistleblows On Crime Syndicate of U.S. Gov’t

Randy Turner How I videotaped the skinny bob alien film footage at base El Toro in 1991 and what took place before, during and after the film footage had been copied onto video.Prior to getting the video footage from base El Toro I had exposed the planes being used to transport drugs into the US […]

Randy Turner MKUltra Tells of His Experience With Aliens

[embedded content] 1 watching now•Premiered 35 minutes ago10SHARESAVERandal Turner823 subscribersSUBSCRIBEThe video is part of my life story as a CIA MKULTRA, it describes how I obtained the skinny bob alien footage and described a meeting between me and the Aliens as well as an animated recreation of what I was shown on a screen inside […]


Matthew Paul Turner has been doing work for WORLD VISION. He has travelled widely. What do we know about World Vision?  WORLD VISION AND SEX. Matthew Paul Turner. Nashville-based Matthew Paul Turner spent 30 years in the evangelical church. He is the author of bestselling Christian children’s books. He is a father of three children. He is […]

British Patriot Jez Turner faces a prison sentence for criticizing Jews

Sourced from the Jewish website Campaign Against Antisemitism NEO-NAZI LEADER JEREMY BEDFORD-TURNER CONVICTED OF INCITEMENT TO RACIAL HATRED OVER “LET’S FREE ENGLAND FROM JEWISH CONTROL” SPEECH, FOLLOWING LANDMARK LEGAL VICTORY WON BY CAA Moments ago, neo-Nazi leader Jeremy Bedford-Turner was unanimously convicted by a jury of incitement to racial hatred over a speech he gave […]

Jez Turner — ‘Whites Won’t Survive Without White Nationalism’ (includes 12-minute video)

Hello Jez, I thought I’d write to say ‘hello’ to you and all the others, and to say that almost seven months into my sentence, I can still say that taking up the nationalist cause was the best choice of my life! Being an active nationalist is like living in a different world to the decadent […]

The Trial of Jez Turner: A Jewish Witch Hunt

By ANDREW JOYCE, PhD Abridged by Lasha Darkmoon from an article in The Occidental Observer, with additional notes and comments by LD. (A recent speech given by Jez Turner at the London Forum follows in a 27-minute video)  JEZ TURNER, British patriot and founder of the London Forum . . . is to go on […]

How Long Until Drones Are Unleashed on American Streets?

They claim they had to do it. They claim they finally decided they had no choice. I don’t care if they sent in a tinker toy from 1952. This is nothing but another baby step. An incremental push for the acclimation to and acceptance of mechanized warfare in American streets. Youtube link: Source Article […]

Las Vegas Police Jailed Paraplegic for Two Weeks; Accused of Robbery Where Suspect Ran Away

On May 21st, Antwine Hunter was assaulted by an officer from the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department and slammed onto the ground outside a pizza place near downtown Las Vegas. Not long after, he found himself inside a cell at the Clark County Detention Center with the leg braces he had worn since being paralyzed […]

Michel Chossudovsky: US-NATO war games target Russia only indirectly; main target is Middle East

     Anakonda 2016, NATO’s large-scale military exercises underway in Poland, is meant to kill two birds with one stone – intimidate Russia, but more importantly help Washington to “wage wars” across the globe, particularly in the Middle East, Canadian economist and author Michel Chossudovsky told PressTV. The war games, launched on Monday, will run until […]

The Jewish-Israeli navel-gazers

The latest outrage, a video recording of an Israeli army medic (!) casually executing a Palestinian man, has been seized upon by people who are sympathetic to Israel. They quickly began to write things like: What have we become? What about our values? This fight is about the battle over the soul of the “Jewish state.” […]

Dov Yermiya, who said, ‘I renounce my belief in Zionism which has failed,’ dies at 101

I, a 95 year old Sabra (native born Israeli Jew), who has plowed its fields, planted trees, built a house and fathered sons, grandsons and great-grandsons, and also shed his blood in the battle for the founding of the State of Israel, Declare herewith that I renounce my belief in the Zionism which has failed, […]

Selected Articles: Geopolitical Update. Japan, China, Russia, Yemen, West Papua…

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Human Rights Trump Oppression: Over 800 New Yorkers stand in solidarity with refugees and Muslims

The following press release was sent out by the Middle East North Africa (MENA) Solidarity Network: On Thursday Dec 10, 2015 over 800 members from the Arab community, Muslim community and human rights activists of New York City came together in solidarity for Syrian and Iraqi refugees to say no to the harmful racism, Islamophobia, Arabphobia, […]

Freak-Out Over Weird Armored Trucks Motorcade Stuffed with Cash In Argentina

The trucks reportedly arrived empty to the local airport Piloto Fernández, where they were loaded up with an estimated AR$1.3 billion in cash. Three of the five trucks delivered their load to banks in the city of Río Gallegos, while the other two continued on likely to Tierra del Fuego further south. Local news organization OPI Santa […]

The War On White Americans Takes Many Forms

The Weaponization Of Slurs And Rebuttals It has only been fairly recently that white Americans have begun to notice the stunning level of name-calling in the media, college texts, entertainment, and politics. One newspaper on the West Coast over the past two decades expressed these names and labels for us in captions, headlines, quotes, […]

‘There is no co-existence with cancer’: Right-wing Israelis demand gov’t give military ‘free hand’ to fight Palestinians

Brandishing their typical black and yellow flags and Hebrew signs boasting “Kahane was Right” and “There is no co-existence with cancer,” hundreds of right-wing activists took to the streets of Jerusalem Thursday night in a growing phenomenon of public demonstrations led by the country’s leading fascist groups such as Lahava and La Familia.  Despite negligible […]

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