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‘Blue City’ That Voted for Obama Twice Just Kicked 3 Democrats Out of Office

A “blue city” that voted for Barack Obama twice, and voted for Hillary Clinton, just kicked three Democrats out of office and is now controlled by Republicans. According to the mainstream media, Joe Biden is surging in the polls and the 2020 presidential race is all but over. But as usual, what is happening on […]

The Wuhan coronavirus has now killed TWICE as many Americans as two full years of the regular flu; fatality rate in Michigan approaches 10%

(Natural News) In the last flu season, the regular (influenza) flu killed a little over 34,000 Americans, according to CDC statistics. As of today, the coronavirus has now killed over 69,000 Americans — more than double the deaths from the seasonal flu for an entire year. That means the coronavirus has killed […]

Kid dies twice, in two different countries, with 2 different names, and from two different news sources

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Badcop: Man Hired as a Cop AFTER He Was Arrested TWICE for Smashing His Wife’s Face In

(Support Free Thought) – Prichard, AL — In the United States, all citizens are guaranteed due process and are all presumed innocent until proven guilty. This is a fundamental right that is crucial to maintaining a fair and just society. That being said, if a person is accused of bashing their wife’s face […]

Incoming! Five asteroids flew past Earth Friday – one twice as big as Empire State Building

   Five asteroids will skim past Earth today and one of them is bigger than the tallest building in the world. Asteroid 1998 HL1 is so big that some astronomers think it will be possible to see from Earth. The Virtual Telescope Project will be live streaming the colossal asteroid’s flypast, which you’ll be able […]

Trump Campaign BEGS Twice Failed Candidate Hillary To Enter 2020 Race: ‘We Would Love It’

As rumors swirl that twice failed presidential candidate Hillary Clinton is considering a 2020 rematch with Donald Trump, the president’s campaign spokeswoman Kayleigh McEnany has begged her to enter the race. Speaking on “Fox & Friends,” McEnany insisted that neither Hillary Clinton nor Michelle Obama pose a real threat to President Trump’s reelection chances. Then […]

Aste-RISK! NASA warns space rock twice the size of Eiffel Tower is bearing down on Earth

Affectionately dubbed ‘481394 (2006 SF6),’ the asteroid is traveling at a speed of roughly 17,780mph (27,360kph) and will make what NASA dubs a ‘close approach’ shortly after midnight (GMT) in mid-November at a distance of 2.6 million miles (4.2 million kilometers) away, or approximately eleven times as far away as the Moon.  The Apollo-class space […]

#Israel #Syria #InternationalLaw Israel Attacks Syria Twice In 24hrs & It’s Hypocritically Ignored While MSM Talks About Saudi Arabia sept.19th 2019

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Heart surgery is twice as risky for women; aortic surgery outcomes have higher risk of complications, stroke compared to men

(Natural News) A new study warned that women experience greater danger during surgical operations to repair the aorta than men. Female patients who undergo aortic surgery have higher risks of developing health complications, suffering strokes, and death. The largest blood vessel in the body, the aorta, delivers oxygenated blood from the heart to the farthest reaches […]

Trump Got It Wrong, Twice

Christopher Jon Bjerknes US President Donald Trump boldly declared that Jews who vote for Democrats are disloyal, because according to Trump all Jews ought to be loyal to Israel and the Democrats oppose Israel. It is not worth rebutting Trump’s patently false claim that the Democrats, including Israel-firsters like Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer, are […]

20-Year-Old Sells Blood Plasma Twice A Week To Fund Her Shopping Addiction

Carisa Barker, a 20-year-old self-described “shopaholic”, has made more than $3,000 by “donating” blood plasma, which she does twice a week. She uses the money from donating selling her blood to fund her shopping addiction, according to the NY Post.  She has spent a year visiting a donation clinic twice a week to donate plasma in […]

Colorado Shooter’s Father Is an Illegal Alien, Twice Deported Serial Felon

The father of one of the Colorado school shooting suspects is a twice deported illegal alien and serial felon. Suspect Maya “Alex” McKinney was identified as one of two suspects in the STEM Highlands Ranch shooting last week, which left one dead and eight injured. Records obtained by the Daily Mail reveals that McKinney’s father […]

Richard Nixon Twice Had Mideast Peace in His Grasp

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Democrat Activists Caught Teaching Illegals How To Vote Twice

Democrat activists have been caught red-handed issuing Spanish-language instructions to illegal aliens regarding how to vote not once, but twice, in the midterm elections, while assuring them they will get away with voting Democrat twice because “no ID is required.”  The illegal text messages targeting Spanish-speaking illegal aliens across many states are also spreading fear-based […]

Journalist Who Exposed CIA Cocaine Trafficking, Would Be 63 y/o, But He ‘Shot Himself’ TWICE in the Head

The corporate media and the government worked together to silence Gary Webb after he helped expose their crimes to the American people. by Johnny Liberty For the better part of a decade, a San Francisco Bay Area drug ring sold tons of cocaine to the Crips and Bloods street gangs of Los Angeles and funneled […]

Jacksonville Madden NFL game tournament shooter was twice treated for mental illness with psych drugs

(Natural News) The Madden NFL gamer who shot and killed three people in Jacksonville, Fla., on Sunday and wounded nearly a dozen others before turning his gun on himself was an “all-business” introvert who was twice treated for mental illness. The Associated Press reported that according to divorce filings involving the parents of David […]

The Gray Lady Thinks Twice About Assange’s Prosecution

Though The New York Times itself has not reported it, it’s No. 2 lawyer told a group of judges that the prosecution of Julian Assange could have dire consequences for the Times itself, explains Ray McGovern. Well, lordy be. A lawyer for The New York Times has figured out that prosecuting WikiLeaks publisher Julian Assange might gore the […]

US has intervened in twice as many elections as Russia

Although I’m disturbed by the constantly lengthening procession of neocons trotting out to pretend the USA somehow, rather exceptionally, doesn’t routinely disturb the political routines of many other countries – most notably and recently in Honduras and Nicaragua – I’m more disturbed about an issue that hasn’t gotten the attention I think it deserves: possible […]

‘Cataclysmic collision’: Uranus hit mystery star twice the size of Earth 4bn yrs ago

The seventh planet from the sun, which spins bizarrely on its side, is the only celestial world in the Solar System with such a pronounced tilt. Largely made up of hydrogen and helium gas, the almost-rolling planet has no solid surface and temperatures within its atmosphere are as low as -216 degrees celsius. READ MORE: […]

The Great Pacific Garbage Patch #GBGP, Is Now Twice the Size of Texas

The Great Pacific Garbage Patch #GBGP, Is Now Twice the Size of Texas By Jennifer Earl at Fox News A “floating” island of trash dubbed the Great Pacific Garbage Patch (GPGP) now stretches 600,000 square miles.  (AP Photo/NOAA Pacific Islands Fisheries Science Center) The Pacific Ocean is being treated like a giant dumpster — and it’s […]

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