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Video: Liberals Triggered over Engagement Proposal With Special MAGA Twist

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A House with a Twist: The Crooked House of Windsor’s Colorful History

The Crooked House of Windsor, also known as the Market Cross House, is a 16th century building located in the market town of Windsor, in the southeastern English county of Berkshire. As its name suggests, this building is bent at a rather awkward angle that seems to defy gravity. Still, this building had not always been […]

Leftists twist the truth about everything, denouncing "forced childbirth" but celebrating "mandatory immunizations" that deny women’s choice

(Natural News) Many members of the lunatic left seem to almost have an infatuation with murdering unborn babies still in the womb – so much so that they are now referring to pro-life advocates and anyone else who opposes abortion on demand for any reason at all as being in favor of “forced childbirth.” This […]

Netherlands Cover-up? A New Twist in the MH17 Investigation

It’s been said that truth is always the first casualty in war. The mystery of the downing of Malaysia Airlines Flight MH17 in July 2014 continues to be an unresolved international issue. Over three years later, the two countries meant to be leading a ‘neutral’ international investigation, the Netherlands and UK, have repeatedly sidelined important […]

A New Twist in Seth Rich Murder Case

The U.S. mainstream media dismisses any link between the murder of DNC official Seth Rich and leaked DNC emails as a “conspiracy theory” – while blaming Russia instead – but a new possibility has arisen, writes Joe Lauria. By Joe Lauria With U.S.-Russia tensions as dangerously high as they’ve been since the […]

The Frightening Pro-War Twist Of The Democrats ‘Resistance’

The Resistance, a self-aggrandizing term for what amounts to a relatively small but still powerful claque of embittered Clinton surrogates, has been keeping itself busy of late, fanning the flames of McCarthyite recriminations against anyone who dares question the rather flimsy public evidence that Russia influenced the results of the 2016 election, all the while […]

The iron law of institutions versus Bernie Sanders

The New York Times publishes an op-ed by a Sanders voter (“Let’s Grow Up, Liberals,” by Kevin Baker) and he repeats exactly the same arguments as Paul Krugman or Andrew Rosenthal or virtually every NYT opinion writer in the past several months.  I haven’t seen a single NYT opinion piece from any Sanders supporter explaining […]

Life and the Secrets of Water

14th June 2016 By Dr. Edward Group Guest Writer for Wake Up World Every system in the body depends on water. [1] Enzyme production, digestion, detoxification, even the beating of your heart are all processes that require water. Water is a solvent for minerals, vitamins, and other nutrients. Water is essential for the elimination of […]

Syrian Government Forces Destroy ISIS Strongholds in Aleppo Province, Conduct Encirclement Operation North of Latakia

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Info on five million VTech customers and kids exposed in breach

The data breach affecting customers of the Ashley Madison website may be salacious, embarrassing or even ruinous for those involved. But it’s only the latest, and not the biggest, high-profile breach of customer or employee … Source Article from Hits: 0

New Tinder Algorithm: Matching On Income & Education

Susanne Posel ,Chief Editor Occupy Corporatism | Co-Founder, Legacy Bio-Naturals November 11, 2015   Tinder has become a popular dating app for Millennials looking for love. The “swipe left or right” simplicity of the app made it a hit, but now the app seeks to match users on more than superficial concepts of […]

Bouncer Attacks Man Over Bill – Police Do Nothing

This incident took place at Molly’s Bar in DeKalb, Illinois. After being rushed out the door before the bar had closed, I forgot to pay my tab. After I realized that I had forgotten, I immediately went back to the bar. The bar closes at 2am, I made it there at 2:08. I asked one of […]

Goodbye Operation Twist, Hello QE X+1

Zero Hedge Sept 29, 2011 Remember when the Chairman did a quick drive by with the much price in Operation Twist, and the market came, saw, and plunged? That was a week ago? Two? Well, as we have been predicting since December 2010, that was merely the appetizer, or as we phrased it the same […]

Operation Twist and Shout: Fed Launches Stealth Attack On Pensions

Kurt Nimmo Prison September 22, 2011 As predicted, the Federal Reserve has decided to foist QE 3 on America, but instead of naming it after its dismal failure siblings, the non-government agency is calling it “Operation Twist,” which is basically twisting the bond yield curve by snatching up longer dated bonds. Peter Schiff breaks […]

Stock markets tumble after Operation Twist … and doubt

Julia KolleweLondon Guardian Sept 22, 2011 The US Federal Reserve’s Operation Twist failed to bring calm to financial markets, which tumbled on Thursday as investors took fright at the US central bank’s gloomy warning about the economic outlook. The FTSE 100 index in London plunged more than 210 points to 5078, a 4% drop, with […]

Operation Twist: Fed Ready for QE3

  Kurt Nimmo September 19, 2011 Daily Forex Fundamentals, written by Danske Bank, says the FOMC will probably get QE3 rolling by the end of the year or early in 2012. “Following the continued deterioration in economic data, we expect the Fed to take action in the form of a twist in the central […]

Dead Sirte: Another Murderous Twist in NATO’s Coil of Lies

Chris FloydEmpire Burlesque Monday, August 29, 2011 I was going to write about the NATO bombing of Sirte, where in order “protect civilians” from the now non-existent regime of Moamar Gadafy, the humanitarian lords of the West are now killing civilians at the behest of the new, non-elected regime of the murky and murderous “Transitional National […]

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