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US World Cup star, the radicalized Megan Rapinoe, shows America what life will be like under liberal rule

(Natural News) In the run through the World Cup, I was originally celebrating the USA women’s team and their success as an example of American excellence as a time when I felt the country needed this kind of symbolic victory. However, the star of the team, Megan Rapinoe, has so tarnished the […]

Iranians will not ‘sit on their hands’ if they come under attack: UN envoy

Iran’s ambassador to the United Nations says the country would not hesitate to respond to any military threat from the United States. Majid Takht-e Ravanchi told the BBC in an interview released on Wednesday that Iranians would not “sit on their hands” in case of an attack against the country amid escalating tensions over […]

Torrential flooding in Spain’s Navarre leaves one dead and towns under water

   A man drowned in his car in Spain’s northern Navarre region on Friday after a huge downpour caused a local river to burst its banks and flood several nearby towns. Residents of the Navarre towns of Tafalla, Olite and Puello couldn’t believe their eyes when a sudden and gigantic downpour burst the banks of […]

Resistance report: Iran cuts is obligations under the JCPOA and Syrian ceasefire talks collapse once again

July 07, 2019 by Aram Mirzaei for The Saker Blog On Sunday morning, the Islamic Republic cut its latest obligations to the JCPOA by enriching uranium to a higher purity than 3.67%, Deputy Foreign Minister for Political Affairs Abbas Araqchi stated. He said that Iran would increase uranium enrichment to the level that fulfils the needs […]

US itself accused of breaching its commitments under JCPOA: MP

Alireza Rahimi wrote in a tweet on Sunday that 15 official reports of IAEA confirm that Iran has not deviated from the provisions of the Treaty on the Non-Proliferation of Nuclear Weapons (NPT) and JCPOA. The US complaint against Iran to the Board of Governors will bear no fruit for it, he added. The Board […]

LA News Anchor Hides Under Desk As California Quake Shakes Studio

California was hit with several earthquakes earlier this week, with the largest to hit the area on Saturday having a magnitude of 7.1. Sara Donchey and Juan Fernandez were live on the air for CBS affiliate KCAL 9′s evening broadcast when the tremors struck on Saturday Video showing Donchey, who was visibly frightened, taking cover […]

There’s a HUGE undersea war going on ‘under the radar’.

  Click on the above image once or twice to enlarge if print is too small to read.   Source Article from Related Posts 6.7-Magnitude undersea earthquake off Fiji, but no tsunami     A 6.7-magnitude earthquake struck off the coast of Fiji Monday, the United States Geological Survey ‘Here’s How to Shut Down the Internet: […]

Found: A 400 Year Old Buddha Statue, Hidden Under A Manmade Lake

The water level of Zuixian Lake, also known as Hongmen reservoir, was lowered by more than 30 feet due to a project to renovate a hydropower gate. The dramatic change in the water level has led the mysterious Buddha statue, which was carved on a cliff face, to appear. The statue seems to depict the image […]

Good luck to EU: Bundeswehr crumbled under von der Leyen, who is now to take helm of the union

The long-serving German defense chief has all of a sudden come to the forefront as a future head of the European Union’s executive branch. That might be a little unexpected, as she was not even on the list of potential candidates until recently. Yet, after marathon debates the European leaders agreed that she would be […]

Ethiopian-Israeli teen shot dead by off-duty policeman who felt under threat

Salamon Taka who was shot dead by an off-duty police officer. In the 2nd killing of an Ethiopian-Israeli in 2019, Solomon Tekah was shot by an Israeli officer who felt “in danger” when trying to break up a fight. Eyewitnesses say he was in no danger. An Ethiopian-Israeli lawmaker said Israeli police have declared “open […]

The Communist Plot to Take Over America Proceeds Unimpeded Even Under Trump

    The Greatest Psyop of the 2oth Century Enters the Final and Perilous Phase in the Third Millennium State of the Nation There’s an old adage that’s been oft-repeated throughout the East over the millennia. “You become like that which you dwell upon.” In other words, if you focus on warmongers and waging war, […]

It’s not a new problem, so why does the media only care about dead migrant children under Trump?

There is no good argument to be made that journalists should not be critical in their coverage of the Trump administration. After all, to hold the president to account, to inform the public on the consequences of his policy choices, “to comfort the afflicted and afflict the comfortable” as that famous saying goes, is all in […]

TV Star Doctors Photo To Blame Trump For ‘Torture’ That Happened Under Obama

Actress Nancy Lee Grahn doctored a photo she posted on Twitter to blame Trump for something that actually occurred during the Obama administration. Grahn, best known for her roles on “Santa Barbara” and “General Hospital,” tweeted photos of children wrapped in aluminum emergency blankets and huddled together in an immigration detention center, claiming that their […]

China’s first under-Yellow River subway line put into trial operation

China’s first subway line with some sections built under the Yellow River was put into trial operation in Lanzhou City of northwest China’s Gansu Province on Sunday, after five years of construction. The phase-I project of the subway line, which costs around 20 billion yuan, covers a distance of some 26 kilometers and has […]

Inside Canada’s Outsized and Under-Scrutinized Bid to Overthrow Maduro

OTTAWA — Canada’s foreign policy, under the auspices of Foreign Minister Chrystia Freeland, is bucking the country’s long standing tradition of generally staying out of the affairs of governments to its south in Latin America. Indeed, Canada has been one of the major players orchestrating repeated coup attempts in Venezuela since Juan Guaido declared himself […]

Boy Doing His Homework Under a Streetlight Goes Viral, and a Millionaire Takes Notice

By Matthew Green It sounds like a fairytale or maybe the plot of a Charles Dickens novel — but it’s a true story. It began when Víctor Martín Angulo Córdova, an 11-year-old boy from Moche, Perú, caught the attention of the officers monitoring the city’s security cameras. A street camera captured video of the sixth […]

Iraqi base home to US troops comes under mortar attack north of Baghdad

The Iraqi military says unknown militants have launched three mortar shells into an air base just north of the capital Baghdad, where American trainers are present. The military said in a statement that the attack on Balad Air Base, located 64 kilometers (40 miles) north of Baghdad, took place early on Saturday and caused small fires […]

LGBTQ Protest Under Fire from Zionists for Banning Pro-Israel Symbols

A “Dyke March” scheduled for Friday in Washington is under attack by Zionist groups for its ban on Israeli pride flags at the event. Dyke marches are a tradition in the U.S. that typically precede regular pride marches: they are distinguishable because they tend to engage in direct action, such as dropping banners and blocking […]

Russian Media’s Under-Discussed Zionization

By Agha Hussain Source Is an Israel-centric, Zionist-manufactured propaganda thrust taking place in Russia’s media right now? Would this make sense given the state of Russia’s foreign policy and foreign relations? Are certain propaganda themes with their roots in partisan Zionist politics and a well-documented record of being carried by pro-Israel lobbyists in foreign states […]

Pipeline Protesters Could Face up to 20 Years in Prison Under New Trump Proposal

Jake Johnson, Common Dreams Waking Times Building on efforts by multiple states to crack down on those fighting the construction of climate-destroying fossil fuel infrastructure, the Trump administration unveiled a proposal on Monday that would criminalize pipeline protests at the federal level and hit demonstrators with up to 20 years in prison. “Rather than focusing on shielding corporate polluters […]

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