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Mary Trump: ‘Delusional’ Donald Doesn’t Understand a Pardon Is an ‘Admission of Guilt’

President Donald Trump’s niece, Mary Trump, said Tuesday on CNN’s “Tonight” her uncle was “delusional” and not capable of understanding a pardon is “essentially an admission of guilt,” so he will likely attempt to pardon himself. Trump said, “We’ve heard about pardons he’s thinking of making. I have no doubt in my mind he’s going […]

‘People don’t understand the reality of the disease,’ warns MP as French COVID cases soar

Despite being in the second week of a national lockdown, France has so far failed to note any real progress in stemming the spread of the coronavirus infection. After registering almost 50 thousand infections per day over the past week, it has now reported the highest number of confirmed cases in Europe. Despite renewed hopes […]

Every Patriot Needs to Understand the Election Outcome Will Be Determined by the Courts With tempers flaring over mysterious overnight ‘ballot dumps’ and questionable pro-Biden rulings leading up to Tuesday’s election, President Trump’s campaign on Wednesday began assembling an all-star legal team to mount challenges in key states, beginning with a Court of Claims lawsuit in Michigan, according to Just the News‘ John Solomon. Trump attorney Jay Sekulow The team will […]

Mr. Trump: do you now understand the ramifications of your anti-mask policies?

I certainly hope that this president, after his body has been invaded by the deadly Covid-19 virus, has learned a valuable lesson. That his continuous dismissal of the value of masks and social distancing must now end and he must reverse his thinking.  The American people, except for Trump’s brainwashed supporters, will remember how he […]

Susan Rice: Trump ‘Has Refused to Understand the World that We Live In,’ ‘Threats We Face’

Former Obama National Security Advisor Susan Rice said on Monday’s broadcast of MSNBC’s “All In” that President Donald Trump had “refused to understand the world that we live in, the nature of the threats we face.” She cited the coronavirus pandemic. Rice said, “I think American voters who are focussed on our international standing have to […]

Joel Pollak: Defeat Is Only Language Democrats Will Understand

Only electoral defeat can stimulate political change within the Democrat Party, Breitbart News Senior Editor-at-Large Joel Pollak, author of   said Wednesday in a radio interview with Michael Berry. Pollak predicted that Democrats “will have more of a conversation” among themselves between “moderates” and “radicals” if President Donald Trump is reelected in November, with far-left Democrats calling […]

Ilhan Omar says it’s important to understand how people experience antisemitism

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When Someone You Love Lives with Depression: 4 Key Things to Understand

September 23rd, 2020 By Nikki Harper Staff Writer for Wake Up World Depression is a global problem, and with 2020 having been such a difficult year for all of us so far, the number of people suffering from depression is likely to rise. Indeed, the World Health Organisation predict that by 2030, depression will account […]

Now I understand. What you tried to say to me. And how you suffered for your sanity. And how you tried to set them free. They would not listen, they did not know how. Perhaps they’ll listen now

Now I understand. What you tried to say to me. And how you suffered for your sanity. And how you tried to set them free. They would not listen, they did not know how. Perhaps they’ll listen now – David Icke Latest Articles From our advertisers Popular Articles From our advertisers From our advertisers From […]

Black Fag Doesn’t Understand Anything

This dull black queer pretends he doesn’t understand anything. Sub my bitchute. Help out a nigga in need, yo! Hits: 8

Condoleezza Rice Doesn’t ‘Understand Why Civilians Need Military Weapons’

Condoleezza Rice thinks it time for Americans to question what the Second Amendment “means in the modern world.” The former Secretary of State says she doesn’t “understand why civilians need to have access to military weapons” in comments which seem to be at odds with her support for the 2nd Amendment. Her remarks comes amid growing debate […]

If You’re Shocked by School Shootings, You Don’t Understand America

If You’re Shocked by School Shootings, You Don’t Understand America (TFC Op-ed) – I hate to be the one to break this to the American populace, but reports of school shootings in the news should’ve stopped shocking the nation years ago. It’s old news. It’s time to move on to the next trendy news item. […]

The USA doesn’t quite understand International Law: Pentagon: US Troops to Remain in Syria

Pentagon: US Troops to Remain in Syria Deployment Will Continue ‘As Long as Necessary’ Pentagon spokesman Eric Pahon announced on Tuesday that the US intends, as a matter of policy, to keep ground troops in Syria “as long as necessary,” irrespective of the fact that ISIS, the group they were initially deployed to fight, has […]

Where the New York Times Fails to Understand War

Where the New York Times Fails to Understand War By Lets read a New York Times editorial from Monday: The United States has been at war continuously since the attacks of 9/11 and now has just over 240,000 active-duty and reserve troops in at least 172 countries and territories. While the number of men […]

In Order to Understand the World Today You Must Unlearn This One Thing

Sigmund Fraud, Staff WriterWaking Times At present, we are dangerously trending toward chaos, total world war, civil war, incivility, and a complete breakdown of civil society, and to the indoctrinated, it’s difficult to understand why exactly this is happening. As the stress of this mounts, the misinformed lash out at friends, family members and […]

As a Muslim Woman in Canada, I Understand Quebec’s Burqa Law

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These Headphones Will Allow You To Understand Any Language

Next Story Google’s Pixel 2 event in San Francisco last Wednesday had a lot of cool stuff to show off. Most of it was what you might expect: updated smartphone technology, home speakers, body cameras etc., but something else was also unveiled, something that is actually truly capable of changing the world as we know […]

Media On North Korea: Easier To Demonize Than Try To Understand

The media’s demonization of the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea, especially in the realm of American news, continues a pattern seen in years past. From Iraq to Venezuela, the corporate media’s depiction of inhabitants of foreign territories is meant to remove their autonomy and humanity, and this is exactly what’s happened in the case of […]

People Don’t Understand The Effects of Mirrors In This Viral Photo

I’m beginning to think we all spend way too much time surfing the internet, looking for the stupidest thing to argue about with someone. We all hide behind our profile picture or anonymous name as we overly defend our position on what color the dress was (blue and black for your information) or which way a […]

The Alcohol Industry Doesn’t Want You to Understand the Link Between Drinking and Cancer

Alex Pietrowski, Staff WriterWaking Times The alcohol industry doesn’t want you to understand that alcohol consumption, even in moderate degrees, is strongly linked to the development of a number of cancers. Much like the resistance put up by the tobacco industry, the alcohol lobby and powerful in industry trade groups are attempting to persuade […]

Facebook AI Invents Language that Humans Cannot Understand: System Shut Down Before it Evolves into Skynet

Facebook was forced to shut down one of its artificial intelligence systems after researchers discovered that it had started communicating in a language that they could not understand. The incident evokes images of the rise of Skynet in the iconic Terminator series. Perhaps Tesla CEO Elon Musk is right about AI being the “biggest risk we face.” Facebook had […]

Is it legal to covertly record your doctor? Make sure you understand the law before attempting it

(Natural News) In this day and age, it is possible to secretly record almost anyone, from police officers during traffic stops to professors at our colleges and universities. (Related: Google is secretly recording everything you search and say.) Small handheld devices such as the iPhone allow users to tape every single word that comes out […]

6 Spiritual Truths That Scientists are Finally Starting to Understand

For a long time, people have tried to explain why things are the way they are.  In modern times, Scientists have been trying to surpass the knowledge passed on by Priests, Prophets, Yogis and many other spiritual teachers since before we even started recording our history. Many believe Science still has a lot of catching […]



How can Bill Nye understand anything about science when he can’t even understand the U.S. Constitution?

(Natural News) Bill Nye “The Science Guy” has run one of the most successful scams in the history of the country. People really do believe his knowledge of science is beyond reproach. It’s not like he doesn’t come with credentials. A mechanical engineer by trade, he earned a bachelor of science from Cornell University in […]

Sweden: No Rape Charges for Haji Anal Rapist of 14-Year-Old Because He Didn’t Understand the Word “No”

Andrew Anglin Daily Stormer April 23, 2017 How can we expect this innocent Iraqi victim to have learned the word “no,” when he was busy being bombed by the patriachist Vladimir Putin in the brutal Syrian civil war? Infowars: Despite his 14-year-old victim repeatedly saying “no,” a Muslim migrant won’t face rape […]

America Commits Acts Of Terrorism—Why Is That So Hard To Understand?

Above Photo: Child wearing a gas mask against air pollution. xef/Shutterstock When America bombs, it’s rational; when other countries do it, we cry terrorism. A few years ago, I asked a retired Iraqi Air Force officer what it felt like to be bombed periodically by the United States in the 1990s. Whenever US President Bill Clinton felt […]

Muslim Avoids Jail For Anally Raping Teen Because He “Couldn’t Understand No”

Muslim Avoids Jail For Anally Raping Teen Because He “Couldn’t Understand No” Court also claimed forced anal sex wasn’t rape Kit DanielsPrison April 21, 2017 Despite his 14-year-old victim repeatedly saying no, a Muslim migrant wont face rape charges because the court claimed he had “difficulties in interpreting the word no. The Hovr tten […]

Florida cop charged with 29 counts of child pornography commits suicide

     A Broward County Sheriff’s sergeant, who was charged with 29 counts of child pornography, killed himself Wednesday night about 8 hours after being released from jail on a $250,000 bail. According to the Sun Sentinel, Sergeant Kreg Costa, age 43 and from Sunrise, Fla., was released from jail under the condition that he not […]

Are comparisons of South African apartheid and Israel useful?

The South African Nobel laureate J.M. Coetzee has a habit of speaking in rhetoricals. The effect, however, is that he makes his point quite clearly. This was the case recently at the Palestine Festival of Literature, which travels through Israel and the occupied Palestinian territories. Speaking on the festival’s last day, Coetzee noticed that “naturally […]

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