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By Elijah J. Magnier: @ejmalrai As promised, Iran is partially pulling out of the JCPOA nuclear deal. This can be called a “phase one withdrawal” since other phases are expected to follow in the coming months. The basis for this act is not limited to the actions of US President Donald Trump – who shredded the […]

A revolution in world economies is underway thanks to the Bank for International Settlements’ ‘Basel III’ policy

   Real revolutions are taking place not on squares, but in the quiet of offices, and that’s why nobody noticed the world revolution that took place on March 29th 2019. Only a small wave passed across the periphery of the information field, and the momentum faded away because the situation was described in terms unclear […]

The collapse of vaccine science is well underway, but people blindly cling to the status quo because they know nothing else

(Natural News) When the coolant begins to leak out of your vehicle and the temperature gauge rises, you mustn’t continue down the road, pretending like nothing is going to happen. If your vehicle shows signs of overheating, you must stop and face the problem. A coolant hose may be loose, the thermostat […]

Photos: Daffodil festival underway in Iran’s Behbahan

ILNA | Seyed Khalil Moosavi: The city of Behbahan in the east of Iran’s Khuzestan Province is known for its ancient Daffodil gardens in Iran. The daffodil garden of Behbahan, which is one of the main tourist attractions of the city during winter, has already occupied about 700 hectares. Every year, the festival of Daffodil […]

UN Expectations Low for Difficult Yemen Negotiations Now Underway in Sweden

RIMBO, SWEDEN — Among the issues under discussion in Yemen peace negotiations currently underway in Sweden — the first such talks between the Saudi-led Coalition and Ansar Allah in two years — are potential humanitarian corridors, a prisoner swap, the reopening of the defunct Sana’a International Airport, and the fate of the crucial port city […]

London: Manhunt underway for attacker who slashed woman across her buttocks

     London’s Metropolitan Police are hunting a man who sliced across a woman’s bottom with a sharp object, in a random attack, leaving her needing hospital treatment, the Evening Standard reports. Detectives have released CCTV footage of the moment the attacker follows the unsuspecting woman to the entrance of a flat on Craven Terrace, Westminster, […]

Photos: Exhibition of Iranian musical instruments underway in Tehran

ISNA | Shima Masjedi: Tehran is hosting the second exhibition of Iranian musical instruments, where the country’s instrument makers and their capabilities are introduced to the public. The opening ceremony of exhibition known as “Sazkhaneh” (House of Instruments) was held on Monday November 12. National musical instruments and innovations of instrument makers, as well as […]

Coming to a checkpoint near EU: Trials of AI lie-detector border guard underway in three EU states

Commencing from November 1, the iBorderCtrl system will be in place at four border crossing points in Hungary, Latvia and Greece with countries outside EU. It aims to facilitate faster border crossings for travelers while weeding out potential criminals or illegal crossings. Developed with €5 million in EU funding from partners across Europe, […]

Russian Nuclear-Powered Missile “Lost At Sea” – Recovery Efforts Underway, Says US Intelligence

A bombshell CNBC report says that Russia is seeking to recover an advanced nuclear-powered missile that was “lost at sea”after a failed flight test which occurred in late 2017. Unnamed US officials made the astounding claim while citing a classified intelligence report detailing the Russian operation. CNBC explains based on its intelligence sources:   Crews will attempt to recover a missile […]

Senior MP: Legal action underway to sue US for violating Iran’s rights

FNA – Chairman of the Iranian parliament’s National Security and Foreign Policy Commission Heshmatollah Falahatpisheh said that the foreign ministry has been required to pursue restoration of Iran’s rights violated by Washington through legal action. “We studied the legal cases of Iran and the US on the anniversary of the August 19 (1953) coup (by […]

France: Search underway for man who rammed car into mosque

     Police are looking for a driver who rammed his vehicle through the front doors of a mosque in a town in northern France, local media cited officials. The car “deliberately broke the entrance of Al-Wifaq mosque” in Mons-en-Barœul, 3 km from the city of Lille, at about midnight, a local prefecture said, as cited […]

Warning! Gun Control Hearings underway in Austin!

Warning! Gun Control Hearings underway in Austin! By byron_schirmbeck_tx there is one thing Texans are clear on it’s our right to keep an bear arms. Even though we have had to endure a governmental licensing and registration scheme to exercise our rights we have been moving towards better gun rights in Texas. We recently saw […]

Engine Tests Underway for DARPA ‘Phantom Express’ Spaceplane Program

Engine Tests Underway for DARPA ‘Phantom Express’ Spaceplane Program July 9th, 2018 Via: Space News: A space shuttle-era main engine is undergoing a series of daily test firings to demonstrate its suitability for use on a reusable spaceplane under development. The Aerojet Rocketdyne AR-22 […]

U.S.-China Trade War Underway

U.S.-China Trade War Underway July 6th, 2018 Via: Guardian: A long-threatened trade war between the US and China has got under way after the world’s two largest economies imposed tariffs on each other. The US implemented tariffs on $34bn in Chinese goods, to which […]

Massive manhunt underway for Pennsylvania man who threatened President Trump on social media

     An army of federal, state and local law enforcement searching for a Schuylkill County man they call a “clear and present danger”. Investigators say, 26-year-old Shawn Christy threatened the President’s life and it’s not the first time he threatened a public figure. Eyewitness News Reporter Haley Bianco has been following this developing story all […]

Pilger: ‘Is World War III Already Underway?’

Few in the west will dare speak of Bikini Island, or the fact that China has recently been elevated to a status of a ‘national security threat’ in the United States. Still, whether or not they spoken of in mainstream discourse, they are real and happening now. In this brilliant interview recorded in 2016, award-winning […]

Manhunt for Two Suspects Underway After Explosion at Toronto Restaurant Injures 15

Police across Ontario are searching for two men who detonated an “improvised explosive device” in a Mississauga restaurant on Thursday night where patrons — including young children — had come for birthday parties. The suspects immediately fled the Bombay Bhel restaurant, located in a plaza at Hurontario Street and Eglinton Avenue, after the explosion around […]

Syria’s Fall to Jordan’s King– Prophesy and Conspiracy Underway

  April 15, 2018   Until you wake up America and realize your government is enemy occupied territory, there can and will be no hope for you. Until you realize our politicians are bought and paid for by a foreign government (and I’m not talkin’ Russia) there is no hope. Until you ask your government […]

Commando op underway at crash site to trace MANPAD rocket origin – Russian MP

The Russian warplane was downed by a shoulder-fired anti-aircraft rocket, according to the Russian defense ministry. Moscow is very interested in establishing how exactly the weapon system got into the hands of the militant group responsible for attack, Russian MP Vikotor Volodarsky told RIA Novosti. No anti-aircraft weapons sent to ‘our’ Syrian rebels – Pentagon […]

Photos: Fajr Festival of Handicrafts, Traditional Arts underway in Tehran

A Look at Iranian Newspaper Front Pages on January 29 Iran Front Page- IFP has taken a look at the front pages of Iranian newspapers on Monday, January 29, and picked headlines… Source Article from Related Posts IRAN AND THE EU: DIVORCE PROCEEDINGS UNDERWAY By Elijah […]

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