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Is The Universe A Living Organism? (Documentary)

We are having a Lunar Eclipse in Cancer on January 10th  peaking at 7:10pm Universal Time which will be on the 11th in the East. It will be visible (weather permitting) wherever it will be night time when it is occuring. This includes all of Europe, Asia, Africa, Australia, and parts of New Zealand. Most […]

Until the Last Star in the Universe Ceases to Shine

by David Sims “UNTIL the last star in the universe ceases to shine.” Those words are emblematic of Brenda Lynn Jones’ promise to the Life of Earth and to her own race. It comes from an address she made, as Empress of the Solar System Empire, to the United Nations of Earth in the early […]

Host Steve Harvey gives eye roll after asking Miss Universe contestant about climate change

   Steve Harvey gave possibly the largest eye roll ever after he posed a question to one of the Miss Universe contestants about climate change at the 2019 pageant. It happened Sunday night when 62-year-old host was asking Miss South Africa, Zozibini Tunzi, if the “leaders of today” were doing enough to stop climate change, […]

Interdimensional Travel, By Realising the Universe as a Hologram of Light

November 22nd, 2019 By Open Contributing writer for Wake Up World Increasingly there is a yearning within the soul of humanity to reconnect with the true source and shape a new reality that is more harmonious, unconditionally loving, just and fair to all sentient life. After aeons of forced amnesia, Humanity is realising his/her greater place within […]

Scientists Say New Evidence of Spherical Universe is a “Cosmological Crisis”

(TMU) — The shape of the universe has been a hotly debated open question in physics and cosmology for a long time. Based on Einstein’s theory of General Relativity and measurements of the “critical density” of the universe, most scientists have maintained that the universe is essentially flat—with no curvature—expanding infinitely out into nothing. A […]

Thrown for a loop: Paradigm-shifting study claims universe is a closed ring, not flat

An international team of astronomers led by Eleonora Di Valentino of Manchester University pored over a trove of data released last year by the European Space Agency’s Planck satellite.  Contrary to the popular belief that the universe is flat, Di Valentino and her team came to the conclusion that the universe is, in fact, a […]

Researchers successfully generate electricity from "the coldness of the universe": New technology could complement alternative energy sources like solar power

Google has declared war on the independent media and has begun blocking emails from NaturalNews from getting to our readers. We recommend as a free, uncensored email receiving service, or as a free, encrypted email send and receive service. That’s okay. Continue with my Gmail address… […]

The universe is expanding too fast, admit baffled astronomers

(Natural News) American researchers made a startling discovery through NASA’s Hubble Space Telescope suggesting that the universe is expanding at a rate faster than previously thought. This new evidence, published in The Astrophysical Journal, suggests that scientists may have to reconsider what they know about the cosmos and develop new physics to better understand […]

Need Help? How to Ask the Universe in Six Simple Steps

September 11th, 2019 By Nikki Harper Contributing Writer for Wake Up World Everyone needs a helping hand now and then. Maybe you’re trying to heal a relationship, maybe your career is stuck in a rut, maybe you’re struggling to pay the bills or maybe you’re just facing a difficult decision and you’re not sure which […]

Scientists Find Dozens of ‘Invisible’ Galaxies, Changing Our Understanding of the Universe

Elias Marat, The Mind Unleashed Waking Times Using the combined power of multiple astronomical observatories across the world, astronomers have discovered a stunning set of 39 massive galaxies that had previously been invisible. The multiple discovery is the first of its kind, according to a study published on Wednesday in Nature, and is set to forever change the […]

Declassified CIA File PROVES The Law of Attraction and The Holographic Universe

  The simulation hypothesis proposes that our reality, our entire known universe, is an artificial computer-generated simulation. As we further our understanding of quantum mechanics and game theory, more and more brilliant minds of our time are beginning to gravitate towards this theory. Elon Musk describes how a more advanced civilization will have games that are of such […]

Native Elder – “I Was Told That There Are Four Violent Species In The Universe, Humans Were One of Them”

The Facts: The notion that the planet is warming at an alarming rate due to an increase in man-made CO2 emissions is not nearly as proven by real science as the politicians, lobbyists, and activists would have you believe. Reflect On: Can we recognize the patterns used in consensus-building and perception-building of global issues to […]

The Next Big Bang – Human Consciousness and the Universe’s Ultimate Secret

May 21st, 2019 By Jim Stempel Guest Writer for Wake Up World The stream of human knowledge is heading toward a non-physical reality. The universe begins to look more like a great thought than a great machine. – Sir James Jeans For at least two hundred years science has been telling us that any ideas […]

Scientists Now Believe the Universe Itself May Be Conscious

Jake Anderson, The Anti Media Waking Times You don’t have to look far to find outlandish theories on the nature of the cosmos and human consciousness. These days, notions once relegated to science fiction are finding their way into esoteric academic journals, and from there, into mainstream discourse. One example of this is the Simulation […]

VT Science: Was the Universe Solved and Super-Classified?

…by Jeff Smith, VT Science Editor [ Note:  The notes here are in response to observations tied to Keshe related projects.  VT personnel are active in working with the Keshe Foundation on the delivery of several unique technologies related to not just energy production and medical care but touch on basic physics and space flight […]

Declassified CIA File PROVES the Law Of Attraction and The Holographic Universe!

Declassified CIA File PROVES the Law Of Attraction and The Holographic Universe! Declassified CIA File PROVES the Law Of Attraction and The Holographic Universe! Declassified CIA Document: Analysis and Assessment of Gateway Process(altered states of consciousness) Source Article from Hits: 150

‘Living fossil from the early universe’: Hubble spots new galactic neighbor (PHOTO)

While analyzing stars in cluster NGC 6752, astronomers using the NASA/ESA Hubble Space Telescope encountered a tiny and faint spherical dwarf galaxy 30 million light-years away which they have nicknamed Bedin 1. At roughly a thousand times dimmer than the Milky Way, Bedin 1 is one of the most ancient parts of the known universe […]

Duterte compares newly-crowned Miss Universe 2018 with boxing hero Manny Pacquiao (PHOTOS)

The two met at Villamor Air Base in Pasay City on December 20 following Gray’s victory at the beauty pageant in held three days previously in Bangkok, Thailand, where the 24-year-old Filipino-Australian beat 93 other candidates from around the world to win the crown. “They exchanged pleasantries. He thanked her for bringing the crown. He […]

Spanish Tranny Loses Miss Universe – But This Nightmare is Just Beginning

Andrew Anglin Daily Stormer December 18, 2018 Is this not the epitome of satanism right here? The most famous contestant of this year’s Miss Universe – a transsexual abomination – did not win. In fact, despite all of the “ugly is beautiful, sexuality isn’t about being physically attractive” nonsense that has been […]

Bringing balance to the universe: New theory could explain missing 95 percent of the cosmos

     Bringing balance to the universe: New theory could explain missing 95 percent of the cosmos December 5, 2018, Scientists at the University of Oxford may have solved one of the biggest questions in modern physics, with a new paper unifying dark matter and dark energy into a single phenomenon: a fluid which possesses ‘negative […]

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