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US-Turkey Crisis: Unrealistic Ambitions and Multipolar Chaos Underlie the Latest Mideast Drama

ANKARA, TURKEY (Analysis) – The United States’ economic war on Turkey over the detention of a U.S. pastor is showing no sign of winding down any time soon. Instead, the long-brewing row between the two countries could mark a significant break in relations between Washington and Ankara, which has long played the role of a […]

Beware of Unrealistic Goals for North Korea Diplomacy

Daniel Larison writes for The American Conservative that if the U.S. and its allies aren’t prepared to make an “extraordinarily generous offer” to North Korea, it’s likely nothing good will come from the Trump and Kim summit –  a sign of unrealistic goals for diplomacy. Larison writes: The U.S. and Japan released a joint statement […]

Aussie police call out ‘Bill’ for being most annoying internet meme

The Queensland Police Service have managed to do in one post what officers the world over have failed to do for decades ‒ gain the respect of the public. Of course this is a major generalization, but you get the idea. Like all good things on the internet, what was once amusing has been shoved […]

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